Berttucci’s Italian

March 14, 2018 sweet 0

At the center of every Bertucci’s, lives our brick oven. For 35 years, since our first kitchen opened in the Davis Square neighborhood of Somerville, […]

Keeping a Healthy Body Weight

December 28, 2017 sweet 0

About 70% of American adults are overweight, and more than one-third are obese. This means higher risk for many serious health problems, including heart disease, […]

Healthy Heart Tips

November 26, 2017 sweet 0

Give up smoking If you’re a smoker, quit. It’s the single best thing you can do for your heart health. Smoking is one of the main […]

Why is Exercise Important?

November 5, 2017 sweet 0

Helps Prevent Diseases Our bodies were meant to move — they actually crave exercise. Regular exercise is necessary for physical fitness and good health. It […]

How Teens Can Stay Fit

October 21, 2017 sweet 0

What can I do to get more fit? Any type of regular, physical activity can improve your fitness and your health. The most important thing […]