A Quiet Little French Evening

My boyfriend wanted to cook a special dinner for me today, so it was off to the supermarket to get the ingredients. While he was roaming for that, I went and bought some staples I was running out of as well as getting some of the usuals.

I got some more Oikos, this time in blueberry. The strawberries are to slice on top of the greek yogurt. They were finally on sale and actually looked good. I ran out of quinoa so I found this bag with 20 servings for $7.00 and change. I’ve also been eating a lot of wraps so I found these tortilla chips that were lightly salted..a perfect balance of salt for me.

The dinner he made for me today had a theme. He created a little french dining experience on our porch. It was totally cute. He had a few slices of french bread out for appetizer and then came the main course…Cog Au Vin

Or chicken in a wine sauce for those who don’t know. He made this chicken in red wine. It was so tasty, I even got some more. He put peas instead because he knows I don’t like mushrooms and most of the Cog Au Vin recipes have mushrooms. He even bought some fancy looking plates for presentation. Ahh he is too sweet.

Of course the night isn’t over without dessert! He bought chocolate mousse from whole foods. It was to die for! I love mousse…especially if it is chocolate. It was so good that I almost forget to take a picture of it.

Remember, it’s all about moderation

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