Spinach Infused Friday

Day five of no calorie counting…I’m feeling much better about my food decisions as the week continues. I’m listening more to my body then how many calories I have left for the day or serving sizes. I’m finding that I accutally eat way less; around 200-300 calories less!

I did my morning yoga today and tried another Yoga Today segment. This one was pretty fun since it was about balancing, which I’m not too bad at.

For brunch I made something different, yay! I had scrambled egg whites with chopped spinach and one slice of low sodium bacon all on a whole wheat hotdog roll. I don’t really eat bacon too often but today I was craving a strip. I also had a banana on the side.It was way too hott today and I cannot wait for winter already. By the time I’m done with Orlando I would have experienced about 8 months of summer! Longest in my life and never again…well for now I suppose. I opened a coconut WholeFruit fruit bar that I got today. I love coconut in the summer, it’s so refreshing. I like to sprinkle some cinnamon on it since It reminds me of this coconut icee my grandma would make everytime she came to visit. Dinner today was a “hotdurger.” If you ever saw Rocket Power on Nickelodeon…you would know what I was talking about lol. I had a burger made into the shape of a hotdog since I had whole wheat hotdog buns. I know, I know it looks weird. I also infused 1/4 cup chopped spinach into the patty and cooked it on my mini griller. I think I am too obsessed with spinach lol…oh well. I decided to be a little bad and have some fries on the side. It was the perfect summer grillin’.

Today was just very spinachy


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