Self Challenge Week Two: No Meat Week!

You may ask how did no calorie counting go for me? Well it went great and I found that I was more in control of my hungry than relying on the pen and paper to tell me where my hunger level was at for the day. I know now that if I am satisfied eating while only consuming 1400 calories on a given day, I don’t need to eat more even though I have more calories to spare. It’s all about mindful eating and I have really learned a lot about that in the past week. To discuss this week’s challenge, I thought this shirt was pretty funny and quite fitting for this week.

Week two of the self challenge series begins and you know what that means. That’s right, it’s a no meat week. In my self challenge week one, I mentioned that in an older post I joined a 28 day vegetarian challenge from Vegetarian Times, but my birthday weekend is going to be filled with my mama’s cooking. It cut into the 28 days and I can’t pass up a good chicken in the oven. I miss my family so I am going to enjoy every moment of it. But for now while I am in control, it is going to be for a week until I can do the full 28 days. 

What does no meat week mean? Just as it stands…no MEAT. I like doing these challenges because it gives me the opportunity to get creative with my food and try things I don’t usually eat. I am thinking of trying tofu during this week and try to find some good recipes to incorporate it in. Who knows, I may end up liking tofu.

Do you like tofu? If so, how do you make it?


4 thoughts on “Self Challenge Week Two: No Meat Week!

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  2. My husband makes an incredible asian sesame salad topped with tofu. He buys the tofu in the supermarket and then just puts it in a frying pan with a little tiny bit of olive oil. Then he gets a spring mix of greens and puts the tofu on top then puts a little asian sesame dressing. It’s amaaaaaazing!!! :) I’m looking forward to eating a lot of that this summer!

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