It’s All About Progress


Tomorrow will be officially a whole week on doing a corn, peanut, and wheat free living…well except for the soy sauce incident a few days ago. Breakfast today was two delicious Van’s gluten and wheat free waffles in apple cinnamon with my “baked” apple topping, drizzle of syrup and sliced almonds.


Today is also day two of my DAMY Health Bikini Body Program and it is going great. I have started it in terms of workouts but once I go grocery shopping next week, then I will hit it hard with the nutrition plan. I am not eating bad right now but I can definitely get cleaner. Baby steps, right? For lunch I made a chicken, black bean and spinach brown rice wrap. To be quite honest I much prefer the brown rice wraps as oppose to the wheat flour ones. Isn’t that awesome?


For dessert I had two little Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares. At least I am not allergic to chocolate or else that would be fatal!


Dinner was my chicken parmesan with a multi-grain gluten-free pasta and my mini garlic toasts. The pasta is by DeBoles and is made with quinoa, amaranth and rice. It was pretty good, but not at first. I had to get use to the flavor and texture which was a bit softer but after a few bits I loved it.


I made the bread crumbs and the mini garlic toasts from the EnerG bread that I bought before. For the breadcrumbs I just pulsed a few slices and added Italian seasoning to the blender and there you have it. Instant wheat and corn free breadcrumbs. I’m sure they sell it but I didn’t have any and I wanted chicken parmesan that very moment.


Don’t ask me why but for dessert I was craving zeppoles! I can’t have the real ones but then I remembered my “faux zeppoles” and how I have the gluten-free Bisquick pancake and baking mix. I whipped that up and it was just as delicious. As an FYI for those allergic to corn and maybe don’t know, powdered sugar has corn starch in it so be sure to get organic powdered sugar as it is made with tapioca starch instead. Two points for organic!


It’s an amazing thing to have found out all these food allergies because now I have much more energy and my sickness from before now doesn’t interfere with my life. I use to be very tired and have no energy every day after about 12:00-1:00pm. I always took naps and just did nothing. Now I don’t have that issue and I feel great! I am also eating less because I don’t have to eat something to keep myself awake an energized. There is always a pro and con to everything, right?


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