A Lovely Stroll Through The Park

Wednesday was my day off from work but I had school so I guess technically it isn’t a day off. Breakfast was some delicious protein pancakes with my “baked” apple topping, some toasted almonds and coconut flakes and a drizzle of maple syrup.

I was feeling much better too, which makes me happy since I hate feeling sick. Allan and I took a stroll in the afternoon through Forest River Park in Salem, MA.

Allan is an aspiring filmmaker/ editor and is going to school to learn all this camera and technical stuff. He needed to take some footage to learn how to edit, add music and so on.

The view from the beach of the water is so pretty at this park.

Here is a birdy relaxing on the park table.

It was such a nice day to stroll through the park!

When we came back from our stroll we had lunch and before heading to class, I had a quick snack. It was a Van’s Gluten and Wheat free waffle in buckwheat with berries topped with some of my maple blueberry syrup and fresh blueberries. I also made a mixed berry smoothie which consisted of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and a Stonyfield’s blueberry yogurt. Very berry, right?

Dinner was a quicky that I packed for school since I don’t have a fridge or microwave handy. I walk to school so it makes it hard to carry many things too on top of the fact that I only get a 15 minute break for a 4 hour class. It was the usual cheese and fruit platter, which is so yummy. I’m loving this light Babybel cheese at the moment, you should try it!

When I came back from class, I don’t think Mr. Hercules was too happy to see me. Oh well, he has no choice but to love me! I think he does deep down inside.

Oh and today September 22nd is my brother Chris’s birthday. Happy 19th birthday Bob! Hope you enjoy your little gift. Love you tons <3


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