Groceries For The Love For Cheese!

This is the first time I go grocery shopping in a while where I  actually boughtt a lot. I got more cheese and mostly every item I got has to go with the cheese. I’ve been loving Babybel’s white cheddar cheese. For my school “dinner” I like to pair one with a light string cheese and a fruit. I got a ton of McIntosh apples for my fruit, which are my favorite apple.

To go along with the cheese and fruit for “dinner,” I got Blue Diamond’s Almond Nut-Thins with a hint of sea salt. This cracker is so delicious and is wheat and gluten-free!

Sometimes I even like to have a string cheese with some chocolate as dessert. Can’t get any better than that. I got the supermarket brand chocolate and some Ghirardelli, which was on sale. Yay! I also got some more brown rice wraps to put in a broccoli and cheese omelette. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or any time you want some breakfast!

I have been craving tostones, which I am going to pair with some quinoa, sugar snap peas and ground beef. One of my quick go to meals at the moment. I also got some more yogurt, egg whites (pictured twice lol) and oats to make TrulyJess’s protein pancakes. They are very yummy and I am going to be making more “baked” apple topping too!

And can’t forget that I also got some milk, bananas, granola, stevia, Van’s wheat and gluten-free waffles (since I still have more maple blueberry syrup), asparagus, and a little Ben and Jerry’s vanilla ice cream as a treat.

Doesn’t it feel nice when you have a kitchen full of options?


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