Monday, Monday

How I do not like thee! Back to work today after such a nice weekend relaxing. I rarely get to relax, so it was nice to be able to for once. Breakfast today was two of my pumpkin oatmeal breakfast squares with a banana. Oh, Sabrina…of course some kind of pumpkin and a banana for breakfast again!

I did a Bikini Body workout, which was nice since I’ve been a bit behind due to my being sick for the past couple of weeks. Time to get back on the exercise wagon for me! For lunch, I had one of the pizza’s that I made over the weekend before heading to work. And who says there is no healthy pizza? Well I suppose minus the pepperoni, plus more veggies would make it healthier!

I packed a quick snack for work which was a yogurt and a s’mores Cliff Kid’s bar. My absolute favorite. It actually doesn’t really taste like s’mores but it taste so good that who cares if it doesn’t.

I had my dinner at work today. I have dinner at work Mondays, Tuesday and Thursday since I get out at 8:00pm and by the time I get home sometimes it could be between 8:30 and 9:30pm. Way too late to be eating. I had a quinoa bowl mixed with ground meat, black beans and sugar snap peas.

 I did have some left over so maybe I’ll use it for lunch or dinner tomorrow. I just probably will add some more peas and rice. Maybe even some tostones! When I got home from work, I wanted a little treat. I had a little bit of the pumpkin gelato that Allan bought me plus a pumpkin oatmeal breakfast square on the bottom. All topped with some cinnamon toasted coconut and almonds.

Kinda tasted like a healthy and delicious faux pumpkin pie type thing! One tasty way to end the night.


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