Almonds and Coconut All Around

Sorry that it has been a few days. I’ve been mega busy! It was nice to go to the gym the other day. I hadn’t been to a real gym since May 2010, so it was nice to have that experience again. I did the elliptical and some weight machines for an hour. I did go to the gym again today and before I went, breakfast was another delicious faux “apple pie” slice. Boo there is only one more slice left!

When I came back, I sliced up an apple since I was pretty hungry but I wanted to take a shower and prepare for school first.

For lunch I just threw a bunch of things together from the freezer. I had grilled chicken, red beans, barley, rice and sugar snap peas.

Okay, so I couldn’t resist. I had the almond and coconut Kind bar. It was not as good as the apricots and almond one but it was still okay. So far in the Kind bar family it’s just the apricots and almond on my list.

Before heading to school, Allan and I went to the movie to see In Time. It was very interesting and makes you think about the way our society functions and what living in a time like ours really means. We went to AMC theater this time instead of downtown Salem. It reminded me of downtown Disney!

You know the gluten-free pizza crust by Bob’s Red Mill? I had bought some a little while ago and I wanted to make some more pizzas to put in the freezer but I also wanted to make something different.

I decided to make  a grilled chicken flatbread for dinner. I used some olive oil, garlic, butter and basil for the base. Then I added some chopped spinach and chicken on top. And for the final touch a sprinkle of mozzarella and parmesan. I should probably put up some form of recipe, right?

It was totally delicious and I will really be making this again. I made some plain crusts just that way I can make more at some other time. This week is going to be hectic since I do have to study for my test, which is next week. It’s going to kick me in the butt! Wish me luck and hope everyone is enjoying their week!


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