Getting Back On The Moderation Wagon

Happy Monday! Firstly, I want to start by saying the next few days is some serious detoxing. I had way too much sugar the past couple of days and I can sense my body is craving it like mad. For breakfast yesterday I had a bowl of granola with a sliced up banana and soymilk (sorry for the darkness).

As my snack I had a McIntosh apple and a light Babybel cheese. I love the light cheese.

Lunch was leftover turkey with red beans, broccoli and rice. Turkey is done, which is good because I was getting a little turkey-ed out.

For last night’s dinner I made myself a chicken, broccoli, black bean and mozzarella cheese wrap.

I made two so I could save one for lunch for today. Delicious!

I made these very strange pumpkin muffins because I wanted something sweet after dinner last night, but I didn’t want to grab chocolates or ice cream. I was first trying to make these as breakfast but they didn’t come out great in terms of texture but they were amazingly tasty. Must tweak this recipe!

On Friday night, Allan and I found so many sweets on sale. He got me this Brazilian chocolate box and I found these new dark chocolate squares. I tried about 5 total pieces of chocolate, which were delicious. The sugar addiction can really take a hold on you.

For the next few days it will be only clean, wholesome food. Allan got me this little Chococat notepad, which I can use to track for the next few days. I think I over thought things during Thanksgiving. 

On Wednesday evening though since it is Allan’s birthday I will have the dessert I am making him, but I will make it a small portion. All in moderation… must get use to it again.

4 thoughts on “Getting Back On The Moderation Wagon

  1. Hi Sabrina, I’m still pigging out on turkey and all the fixin’s :0 it’s hard not to with all the leftovers in the house! my weight loss goals took a little bit of a hit. oh well…i like granola but never tried with banana and soy milk will give that a try..

    • It really is hard! Your body starts to crave it more and more. Just try to get back on track and find healthy ideas for your leftovers! And it really ia good as cereal, just have to watch portions :)

  2. Hey Sabrina, post thanksgiving and pre-christmas feasting is underway! I love your post about moderation, as it is key to keeping weight off for good! I wanted to know your thoughts about HCG weight loss as it is a hot issue for las vegas weight loss. Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

    • Thanks! I haven’t really don’t know much about that diet, but I think it’s a bit too extreme for me with the calorie restriction. I’m much more into cleaning up your diet and getting in a good workout routine for weight loss. That’s how I did it and it worked for me :)

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