Chocolate Mousse Gone Wild!

Ever since I made the peppermint mocha fudge bites, I’ve been on a mission to make the Belgium chocolate mousse my way. From my experience, Belgium mousse is a bit thicker than regular mousse. It’s like a cross between frosting and French styled mousse. French mousse is more airy and fluffy. But not Belgium chocolate mousse… It’s rich and creamy thickness melts my soul.

I wanted to recreate the recipe so that it was a bit “better for you” and for a smaller serving size. Less than 200 calories per serving! The original recipe is really delicious. It makes about 6-8 servings and had about 250 – 320 calories per serving. I don’t need that many servings and I like to keep my sweets 200 calories or less. Plus, I also wanted to experiment using different types of flavors and chocolate. I made this recipe so that it was perfect for two [people]. But of course you have them both for yourself.

My favorite is, of course, a dark chocolate mousse. Dark chocolate offers antioxidants and even has some fiber making it treat with benefits. All in moderation of course! However, you can also make into a milk or white chocolate mousse. Play around with the chocolate and even try out different flavored extracts. Orange, coconut, oh my! The possibilities are endless!

On your next romantic date, you can surprise them with delicious Belgium chocolate mousse that only takes about 10 minutes! How awesome is that? You can even serve them in fancy wine glasses to make them look fancy. Enjoy!

Belgium Chocolate Mousse


50g of 70% Dark Chocolate* (or About 8 Squares, I used Ghirardelli Twilight Delight 72%)

1 Tbsp of Butter (I used Brummel and Brown)

2 Large Egg’s Egg Whites

1 tsp of Pure Cane Sugar (or Your Choice)

Dash of Salt

1 Tbsp of Already Made Coffee (or Milk)

Break chocolate in a bowl into small pieces and add coffee. Melt either on a stove top using low heat.

Stir butter into melted chocolate. Once butter is blended in, add sugar and egg whites with a dash of salt. Using a whisk or fork, blend until chocolate mixture is nice and smooth.

Once mousse is finished, let cool for five minutes then divide into two cups. Enjoy!

Calories: 170  Fat: 13g  Fiber: 5g  Sugar: 8g

Belgium White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Mousse <3

*Feel free to substitute the dark chocolate for milk or white chocolate. White chocolate mousse will be more creamy. Nutrition info is based on dark chocolate mousse only!

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