Thyme & Parsley Chicken Stir-Fry

I am oh so flattered that everyone enjoyed the sample DAMY Health menu I did. Thank you! I will definitely do more of those in the future just so everyone can have an idea of what a few typical days on a DAMY Health plan is like. Let me tell one very important thing about DAMY Health… you seriously will NEVER regret a day!

Granted there were those days where I kept thinking… ugh, another workout? But you know what I always asked myself? How am I going to feel if I skip this workout? My answer? Crappy! I set a goal for myself and I knew what I wanted to achieve. I was determined and I wasn’t going to let being pessimistic stand in my way.

Ever since I finished the Bikini Body Program back in November 2011, I have been able to maintain my 11ish lbs weight loss. The best part is, I barely fluctuate! Maybe 1lb less or 1lb more. Amazing, right? I’ve done so well with following and sticking to my “renewed”  healthy lifestyle change. I still follow the plan to this day, but like I mentioned before, I make a few modifications here and there since I am on maintainance.

Can you guess what time is it? Time for thyme! I love thyme, but I don’t use it as often as I probably should. It’s such a strong herb that you really don’t need to use too much. Today’s lunch was a yummy thyme and parsley stir-fry I made last night. Make sure to use rice that is day old for the stir-fry. For some reason, it grabs the flavor much better.

This is another meal you could eat for lunch on a DAMY Health plan. It’s clean, delicious and super simple! I love making stir fry’s like my quinoa one because it allows me to put a bunch of leftover things together I have hanging out in the fidge or freezer. Granted, as long as the ones in the fridge are not spoiled of course. Enjoy!


3 Oz. Chicken Breasts, Chopped

1/2 Cup of Cooked (DAY OLD) Brown Rice Uncooked Quinoa

1/2 Cup Sugar Snap Peas

1 Cup of Broccoli

1 Tbsp Chopped Onion (I used the one in the spice section)

1 Tbsp Olive Oil, divided

1 tsp Garlic Powder (or use fresh)

1 tsp Onion Powder

1 tsp Parsley

1/2 tsp Thyme

Dash of salt and pepper

Cook brown rice at least one day before according to package directions. Place in fridge or freezer until ready to use. Once ready to use, microwave for about 2 minutues. Place to the side.

Heat a skillet on a low-medium flame and add 1/2 Tbsp of olive oil. Sprinkle chicken with thyme, salt, pepper and 1/2 tsp each of garlic powder, onion powder and parsley. Cook in skillet until 85% cooked.

Add remaining olive oil to skillet and then combine brown rice, broccoli and sugar snap peas into skillet. Sprinkle with remaining garlic powder, onion powder and parsley. Remove from heat and plate. Garnish with a little parsley and thyme if desired. Makes 1 serving.

 Calories (Average): 340  Fat: 7.5g  Fiber: 5g  Protein: 20g

And for my blog friends in Australia who love cooking, want to learn and become an expert? Melbourne cooking classes are available in sit-down and hands-on formats, with a small classes setting. Click here for more information on the cooking classes at the Trupp Cooking School.

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