A New Favorite Granola Bar!

Today I’ve just been busy studying for my Chemistry exam. What fun. I did manage to have some me time. I did yoga and a DAMY Health interval workout outside in the backyard. What? It was 66 degrees!

This weekend I got a few new goodies to try. Since this week is going to be very busy, I’m pretty sure there is going to be a day where I don’t have time to cook or will run out of pre-made meals. Gluten Free Lasagna? I’m a huge fan of lasagna that doesn’t have a ton of ricotta cheese. From my experience, most frozen lasagna provided that for me. Since I can’t have wheat, I can’t have them anymore and nor do I want to make it from scratch. I know, lazy Sabrina.

But I did managed to find Amy’s Gluten Free Garden Veggie Lasagna. I’m extremely excited to try it out. Especially since the last time I had lasagna was probably when I was in Florida. A year ago!

Chobani wasn’t on sale, sigh. I opted for a brand I’ve had before, Dannon Greek Yogurt. I’m in the mood for some protein pancakes. Yum!I also ran out of granola bars and these delicious things were on sale. Cascadian Farm’s Almond Butter Crunchy granola bars are pure heaven. They taste a million times better than Nature Valley bars and these have 5 grams of fiber per serving! It only has 3 grams of protein, but I can just pair one bar with a light string cheese or some almonds on the side to amp that.I’m glad I bought two boxes because I am already halfway through the first. You seriously must try these out, they are addicting. Go now!

Question: Have you tried any Amy’s or Cascadian Farm products?

3 thoughts on “A New Favorite Granola Bar!

  1. I love Amy’s products! We are peanut free for my daughter, and I know they are a peanut free factory. They have great frozen pizzas (my weakness), and, although I haven’t tried them, they do have gluten free pizza as well!

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