Vega One (All-In-One) Nutrition Shake Review

Since I was craving a protein pancake this morning, I decided to make one using the Vega One (All-In One) Nutrition Shake in Vanilla Chai I bought last week. It has some pretty amazing stats.Look at all it has! My favorite is the 50% Vitamin B12 (aka, for my current vegetarian self) and the 6 grams of fiber. I should probably like the protein count too, right?

I like that it is a plant-based shake and is perfect for Vegans. I also love that it has no corn or wheat since that has been an issue in me finding a protein powder I actually like. Here is the fabulous pumpkin spice protein pancake. Since I usually add 1-2 Tbsps of flour in the recipe, I added half of the Vega One powder instead. The result?It was quite yummy! I could have done without the Stevia but the spices did match well with the “pumpkin” theme. The powder was very sweet, even thought it didn’t smell like it from the pouch. Would I buy it again? Definitely! I would love to try chocolate for a chocolate protein pancake or maybe their actual protein powders.

Question: Have you ever tried Vega One? Did you like it?

What’s your favorite protein powder Brand (I need ideas!)?

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