23 Days Down, 5 To Go!

I only have five more days left to the Vegetarian Times 28 Day Challenge! Isn’t that something? Today was yet another day of waking up early to study Chemistry. My test is tomorrow and I hope all this studying pays off. At one point, I had a tiny Gala apple as a snack. I found them at this fruit market near my house. It was just too cute to pass up.Did I mention it was 70 degrees again? I decided to do another DAMY Health interval workout outside in my yard. The sun beaming, sweat on my face… just makes it much more worth it. It was all about the lower bod. Speaking of lower body, my thighs have been getting a bit more toned since I have been combining the interval workouts and yoga. That makes me very happy. Study break time! Allan came to visit and it was so nice out that I was able to wear another summer dress. With a little sweater, of course. Ahh, wearing dresses and feeling good in them just makes me even more happy.We walked around my neighborhood and then went to Panera so he and I could get some work done. I definitely got my daily 20 minutes (and then some) of needed Vitamin D. After Panera, we headed back home to cook for the family. One the menu? Quesadillas!I had mines sans chicken with a little salad (I ate one pre-picture). I know there are a few tortilla strips (aka corn) but I couldn’t resist. So far I feel fine, which is good. For dessert? I had a lovely chocolate mousse combo: 1/2 of my Belgium and 1/2 of Chocolate Covered Katie’s chocolate mousse. Need I say more?Here is a mini recap of today’s (day 23) eats!

Question: What makes your happy? Warm weather? A Good Workout? Chocolate? What!

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