Things I’m Loving

Chemistry test is finally over. I honestly don’t know how I did, just one of those blank moments. Sigh! But no time to dwell. I have to study for my Anatomy on that is this Saturday. Yes I only have hours to study, since I work tomorrow and pretty much just got home.

On a more happier note, look what I treated myself with for dessert! Peanut Butter “Ice Cream”, using soy nut butter and 1/2 chocolate mousse. I really needed this. It hit the spot and I think I am ready to tackle some tissues and skin structure learning. Not the most flattering of pictures but I assure you, it was heaven.I love Chocolate Covered Katie‘s “Ice Cream” Recipes. I feel no guilt what so ever and I can basically make what ever flavor I want. And since I use soy milk sometimes, it’s a extra protein boost!

Here are some other things I am currently loving; My Tomato Basil Soup! It’s just delicious and filling. I love having it with a melted mozzarella sandwich and an apple. Perfect quick lunch.Speaking of apples, I’m loving those little tiny Gala apples I found. They are quite adorable and yummy. I like that I can fit it anywhere. They are just that small!I always love Mr. Hercules. Check him out trying to go through my Whole Foods lunch box. Crazy little kitty. Well, I shouldn’t say little, he is going to be “legal” this year, aka 3 years old.Chobani is my new yogurt love. My absolute favorite is the apple cinnamon but coming very close in second is the raspberry one. I like to eat one with a mini muffin version (1/2 serving) of the Very Raspberry “Muffin-Top“.Last but not least, these Cascadian Farm Crunchy Almond Butter granola bars are simply irresistible. They really fill me up and hold me over until dinner if I have it as my mid-day snack. Where have you been all my life?So those are a few of the things I am currently loving. My mood changes all the time. I’m sure I’ll have some new loves in a couple of weeks. Here are my day 24 eats! Only four days left, OH MY GOSH!

Day Twenty 24 Eats:

Question: So what are YOU currently loving? I’m always looking for new products to try!

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