Peace, Cupcakes and Tofu?

Yesterday was such a beautiful today. Today, not so much. I can’t believe tomorrow is going to be almost 80 degrees! It was nice to relax on the green at my school during my break between classes. Peace and serenity.During my lab class, I found Manganese in my unknown solution. It was pretty much the only fun I had in lab. Seeing this cool purple color appear and identifying an element in an unknown solution was a blast.This morning I wanted a “muffin top” but I also was craving Chocolate Covered Katie’s Hot Apple Pie Pancakes. I ended up combining both ideas and added the apples into the “muffin top.” Basically it was my “faux” apple pie blended together. It was delicious, but the “faux” apple pie definitely has a taste of its own.After breakfast, I did the ab segment from the 15 Minutes Solution Yoga DVD and then headed off to help my mom out with her Science Fair. I made about 90 cupcakes for her sale and they smelled amazing.It was so hard not to just gobble them up, although the kiddies helped me out in that department. They were all gone within a few hours! I even was all dressed for the part. Don’t I look cute with a lab coat?When I got back from helping my mom, I was in the mood to make “Mojo” chicken. I remembered I bought a new tofu package. Why not use the tofu to replace the chicken?I made sure to press the tofu of excess water and poured the marinade over the tofu and some sweet peas. I then let it marinate for about two hours and then cooked in on a pan drizzled with olive oil. The result? I was surprised that the taste was pretty darn close to chicken.

I will definitely make this again and now that’s one less meat recipe I won’t miss. It’s funny because I still have the pepperoni pizza in the freezer that I designated as my “March meat.” And do you know what? I really don’t care for it and I’m not craving it like mad. Amazing huh?

Question: What brings you peace? Warm weather? A lovely yoga practice? Hanging out with a loved one?

For me, if all three were combined that would be peace perfection!

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