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Remember when I bought the Amy’s Gluten-Free Lasagna? Remember how I said it was going to be for an emergency meal? Well this was an emergency! My mom made her famous baked ziti for dinner. Now you may be asking, what’s the emergency there? For one there is meat involved and two it’s made with wheat pasta. I wanted pasta drenched in cheesy and saucy goodness myself. And then it clicked! Eat the Amy’s Gluten-Free Lasagna Sabrina.

So what are the stats? I love that it has only 290 calories, 5 grams of fiber and 11 grams of protein! Although, it is quite high in sodium, 720 grams, make sure to drink plenty of water to help flush that out.

In terms of size, I was a bit skeptical before I opened the package. Usually these frozen meals appear larger in the picture and then you open them they are practically two bites! Not this lasagna. It actually was pretty much the size of the whole box. So far I was impressed. It was a bit messy to get out of the container (after I heated it for four minutes) and it kind of fell apart when I transferred it to a bowl. I had to heat it up in total for almost ten minutes, but I was expecting that because I know frozen lasagna takes forever to defrost. In my opinion, frozen meals should be less than four minutes. But that’s just my laziness talking.

Since it look like a disaster (probably due to me), I made it into a lasagna spinach salad and topped it with Sami’s Bakery croutons. The result? The top part was really delicious but as I got towards the bottom there was less and less sauce. It just tasted like cooked pasta and ricotta. I’m not really a fan of a lot of ricotta, so I did dump out a lot of it.Would I buy it again? Probably not, but if I do I’d definitely add more sauce. Maybe there is another gluten-free lasagna out there that will satisfy my pasta craving? I do, however,  highly recommend Amy’s soups as they are quite delicious! My two faves are the tomato bisque and the minestrone (not anymore due to wheat). Can’t go wrong with a good ol’ bowl of soup and sammie.

I ended dinner with the creamy goodness of Belgium chocolate mousse. I believe all pasta dishes should end with chocolate. Then again, I think every meal should end with some form of chocolate. I admit, I’m a chocoholic and damn proud to be one too!

Question: Have you every tried Amy’s Gluten-Free Lasagna?

I know my next try will be their gluten-free pizza! I’ve heard good things.

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