Let’s Make It A Rice Week

Yesterday I made a total of nine meals for the week, which I freeze. I like to call it “Sabrina’s Healthy and Handy Frozen Meals.” I first made eight mini spinach, chickpea and tofu patties to use as my “meat.” There was more spinach in this batch, hence the green color.I then made a large pot of brown rice and cooked up some black beans as a side dish for the patties. Tons of protein and fiber going on there! I only made four of these and the other four patties I wrapped up and froze for later use.One thing that I’ve been doing lately is ordering a small Chinese fried rice and mixing into my own. My “fried rice” brown rice, sugar snap peas, carrots, broccoli, and egg whites “fried” with a little olive oil. Just mixing a few tablespoons of the Chinese fried rice really makes me feel like I am really eating a huge pile of greasy Chinese fried rice. The good thing is that it doesn’t even really bother my stomach. I know the soy sauce either has corn or wheat in it, which is why I usually stick to those meals at night to sleep off any symptoms. In this case, I haven’t hat to worry about that, yet. Knocks on wood.

And speaking of preparing meals in advanced, have you checked out the Healthy Living Tidbits section? There are tons of links to posts about different topics ranging from product reviews, grocery buys, DAMY Health, weight loss, maintainance, and much, much more!

Question: Do you prepare meals in advanced for the week?

Every week I usually make the “fried rice” because everything is already mixed in; carbs, protein and veggies. I don’t have to do anything extra. Just heat and eat!

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