April Workout Routine & Pre-Workout Snacks!

It’s a new month, meaning it’s that time again to shake up my last workout routine. The DAMY Health workouts below come from the members only section on their website. Since I am on maintainance, they have a workouts that you can do. Each month there is a new workout to choose from.

I, of course, mix and match because I want to include yoga as well. The yoga workouts come from either Yoga Today or the 15 Minute Results Yoga DVD. Yoga helps me to stretch out from the workouts but also helps for de-stressing, which I seriously need!

Since I missed DAMY’s March excersise program, I am going to be incorporating it for this month. Should you choose DAMY Health, I only recommend doing this once you have a true understanding of your body’s needs and have completed a DAMY program as well as learned about maintainance from Amy.

If you are on a specific DAMY Health workout plan, you must stick to it! If you have an questions or need modifications, you can always email Amy. Here is my improved workout schedule for April:

  • Monday: DAMY Chest & Abs Workout + Abs Yoga
  • Tuesday: Yoga Today Workout (30 Minutes)
  • Wednesday: DAMY Shoulder Workout + Upper Body Yoga
  • Thursday: DAMY Lower Body & Back Workout + Lower Body Yoga
  • Friday: Active Rest Day
  • Saturday: Rest Day
  • Sunday: Total Body Yoga (Abs, Upper & Lower Body)

Sometimes I get questions as to what can I eat before a workout? Everyone’s body is different in terms of what and how much they can handle.

I like to keep my pre-workout snacks 100 -150 calories and mostly carbs. Post workout you can include carbs and mostly protein to help with muscle recovery. Here are a few of my current favorite pre-workout snacks!

4 0z. yogurt (or Greek yogurt) w/ a small handful of almonds1  Cascadian Farm’s almond butter crunchy granola bar w/ 1 tsp of extra almond butterSmall handful of cashews1  Banana: Plain and Simple!Question: What are some of your favorite pre-workout snacks? How does your April workout schedule look? Do you even pre-plan your workouts?

I find it easier to pre-plan my workouts because it helps me organize the week better!

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