I’m Still Here!

I know it has been a few days since I posted but my cold or flu thing got very severe. I don’t know what was wrong with me. I was dizzy,  hyperventilating, sore, nauseous, had body pains, was sneezing and coughing, had no appetite… ugh!

But as of about 6:00pm today, I was feeling much better. My appetite came back out of no where and my body pains were wearing off. Hopefully once I take some medicine tonight, I will be much more better in the morning.


Happy Easter! I was not craving the usual hot “muffin-top” for breakfast. Say it ain’t so! Oh yes, you know I am sick when I’m not craving one of those. I didn’t have much of an appeitie but since it was almost 11:00am, I knew I needed to eat something. I had coconut almond granola with soymilk and a banana. The cold milk was great for my sore throat.Lunch was non-existing. I had a cup of soymilk and three of these little puppies Allan brought. Toblerone assorted mini chocolates in white, dark, milk and white/ milk combo!My mom loved the combo one and my dad liked the white one. I tried the milk before but didn’t like it so I tried out the dark one. It was really good. Love the honey and almond flavor mixed with dark chocolate.Oh and how could I forget these pretty things Allan brought me as my Easter / get well gift. Isn’t he the sweetest? It’s nice to know he really listens because all week I was saying how I see beautiful flowers everywhere in stores because of Spring! Now I have my own.My mom also gave me a little gift (I gave her some sweets); I got some dark chocolate and this cute piggy spatula for when I make my cupcakes! I just love baking so any cute kitchen utensil makes my day!While waiting for Easter dinner, Allan and I watched two movies; The Women In Black and Seeking Justice. Both movies were really good. If you haven’t seen them, check it out! Great for suspense and mystery lovers.Now believe me, I did want to take a picture of the nice table with all the food and plates but I totally forgot! But this is what we had; pork, yellow rice and peas, tostones and plantains and your choice veggie. I had broccoli on the side. All was very delicious. Thanks mom for the great meal!Monday

My mom and I did some shopping today and we bought a lot of awesome things! It was nice to be out because I was pretty much in bed the whole time for the past 3 days. I was sleeping at around 10:00pm and waking up at 9:00am. That is so not me. I am excited to get back to my usual 7:00 ish wake up time.

We even went to the Whole Foods that Allan and I went to a few weeks ago. I cannot wait to show you all my purchases and give you a review on a few of the products which include a gluten-free veggie burger and a granola! However, I will not tell you about that until tomorrow. I am way too tired and I think this post will do for now. Until tomorrow!

Question: How did you spend your Easter weekend? Mines? Very relaxing with my parents and Allan and a box of tissues and cough drops, but enjoyable!

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