Getting Back On Track

It officially makes a week that I haven’t done a planned workout. I’ve been active on most days walking or cleaning but I haven’t actually worked out. Earlier this week I did try to do some yoga but my body was way too sore for even that.

I almost cried trying to stretch but I did my best since I was in bed a lot. Today I managed to do 30 minutes of yoga and 1/3 of a weight training. A slow start is better than no start at all. I want to get back on track and in the swing of things.

My appetite, which I thought was back, is not really the same. I find that I am having to force myself to eat most of the time. When I do eat, I don’t even feel full or not full. It just had been weird for me because normally when I am sick I am starving and eat way above calories. Not this time around at all. The past few days I’ve been having a salad with a soup or a smoothie. And yes, I know that wheat and corn are present, which I’m sure didn’t help but, when I’m sick with few choices I just give in to certain things as well as cravings.For dinner tonight I tried to eat some real food, instead of just toast and eggs. I tried to have rice, Vegetarian Time’s chili and plantains but I really didn’t even finish half of it (the other was for a future meal). But some how, I managed to eat ice cream after. Hey, it was for my sore throat. Who doesn’t have extra room for ice cream?Oh and I almost forgot about this bar I tried. It’s called Perfectly Simple by Zone Perfect and it’s a clean simple ingredient toasted coconut bar. The stats? 200 calories, 10 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber. Taste? It reminded me of  the coconut cream pie Lara Bar, which may be a good thing for some but I’m not a fan of the taste of dates. Plus, the fiber is a bit to low for my taste but it’s another gluten-free bar that’s worth a try for those looking!This may not be the most exciting post but it will get back to normal soon, I promise! I’m just still trying to recover and I’m going to be studying for yet another test this week and one next week. Will it ever end?

Question: What’s been going out there in the real world? I feel like I’ve been detached from the world.

Get me back to speed, if you please lol!

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