Not So Fast There!

Today had to be one of the best and horrible days. I woke up still sore and coughing up a storm. I had to go to work today but I asked someone to cover part of my shift. I was only at work for about and hour when I started feeling really dizzy and light headed. I ran straight for the bathroom and you know the rest. Nothing wanted to stay down in my tummy.

I ended up asking my coworker to come earlier to cover. Luckily she was available because I really couldn’t make it, even for a partial shift. I went straight home had some applesauce and more of the oh so boring toast and eggs. Though now the thought of eating another slice of toast with eggs makes me want to puke!

On a good note, I did get to be with my mom for most of the day and study. I have another anatomy test tomorrow and I really hadn’t studied all week since I have been sick. Sure I “did” things but my mind was never really there to focus. I think I will be okay. I’m going to study some more after this post, but I thought I’d give myself a mini mental break.Before writing this post, I was getting ready for the morning. I was defrosting my signature “test day” breakfast, which is Chocolate Covered Katie’s Hot Apple Pie pancakes. It’s the perfect pre-exam fuel that I need, especially if I need to wake up super early.I also packed some lunch, which I hope will agree with me tomorrow. I haven’t eaten “right” this past week so I am opting for a basil and mozzarella flat bread for lunch with a mini caesar salad (I need veggies!) and an apple. For my snack I packed almonds and a Clif bar in white chocolate macadamia. This lunch seems pretty bland (minus the cheese and leafy greens), but I think I will be okay to finally get back to my normal eating.And just as a little teaser, Allan and I have some exciting news and this picture is a hint! It’s not the best picture (mind you I was sick when taking it and there is construction going on), but seeing it makes me ever so happy and I can’t wait to share the  news with you!

Until then, you’ll just have to wait til after my after my exam to find out the news. Hehe!

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