A New Adventure Shall Begin

Thank you so much to those that wished me well and still followed me this past week on my not so fun sick blogger week. It hasn’t been easy being a completed mindless veggie, but I think I am finally much better. Now, I’m sure you want to know what is this exciting news?

Well remember how Allan and I were in Gloucester last week? Well we went back earlier this week, not just to visit again but to look for apartments! That’s right, we wanted to move back to Massachusetts.Things haven’t really been working out here in New York, but we definitely learned a lot from our mistakes and many travels. I think (and it better) this time, will be different. We have more of a focus and know what we want to achieve in the end. Besides, my base school is after all Northeastern!

We looked in Salem, Marblehead, and Gloucester. Allan and are aren’t big on the city life, so we wanted something that was a bit more slow paced and when we visited Gloucester the first time, we just fell in love. Don’t get me wrong, Salem is great, but I think I know that Gloucester is the place we are totally meant to be right now and it worked out because we found a great deal on an apartment! It’s just up this block here!We are even near this awesome natural food store called Common Crow, which is basically a mini Whole Foods. The best part is that it is within walking distance and it has a ton of gluten-free products and sweets that I love and the pricing is pretty reasonable. Take that!

Alrighties now, here is the apartment. There isn’t much furniture since Allan just began moving in stuff and I have things in my garage here at home. This is the entrance way and upon entering the apartment The bedroom is there on the right.What you see in front is the living room and here is a closer view of the bedroom. I love the lighting, which means perfect sunny summer days inside and out!This is the living room itself. It’s a bit smaller than the Salem apartment one, but I prefer that. I’m all about being in the kitchen lol.Here is the bathroom. You know I had to keep the froggy curtain thing going on. I love anything green, especially if it’s frogs!Now on to my favorite place, which is the kitchen! You enter from the living room and this is the view from that angle. Again, notice the awesome lighting!This is the view from the window. There are many cabinets and tons of space in the closet. I can’t wait to start buying kitchen things. I’m a sucker for kitchen appliances.That’s our little apartment in Gloucester! I assure you it will look much better once I am up there and when we have all the furniture settled in together. I am so excited to embark on this new or new old journey (what ever you want to call it).

Question: What do you think of the new place? Is there anywhere you are looking to move to? Anyone in the North-shore area of Massachusetts?

I would love to meet people. Okay too many questions lol!

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