It’s 80 Degrees, You Don’t Say?

Woke up this morning and made me a few mini cinnamon crunch “muffin tops” using the Nature’s Path Apple Crumble Love Crunch. Oh so delicious!After a quick breakfast I got dressed, packed some things and headed out the door. But wait? Where was I going?I was debating weather to take a jog or a hike at Orchard Beach, which is the local beach around these parts. I know they have walking trails and they have a long board walk so I was excited for either choice. What did I choose?I ended up doing a little bit of both! I first hiked for about an hour on these lovely rocks here enjoying the scenery. I just love the way the water sounds when it makes ripples. Just look at those sun rays!I then walked back to my car, dropped my bag and went for a light walk/ jog interval for about 40 minutes. I also threw in some push ups, lunges and jumping jacks into the mix.For the last five minutes, I did a few sprints and I found that I really love sprints (who even says that?)! I think I might do that for my next outdoor adventure.While writing that very sentence, I looked up sprinting and found a few workouts on this site called Bloom to Fit. There is a lot of good information on sprinting that I never even knew about or considered. I think I may have found the solution for my lack of jogging for more than three minutes straight.

It’s just too much pressure and impact on my hips and knees from my surgery, but perhaps since I do love to run (and fast) this may be better! I’m looking forward to trying out this workout tomorrow from the site:

Sprinting Workout 2 – All About Time

  • Perform warm-up and dynamic stretches (outlined in Part 1)
  • Sprint for 1:30 min, Walk for 1:30 min
  • Sprint for 1 min, Walk for 1 min
  • Sprint for 30 s, Walk for 30 s
  • Cool-down

Question: Have you ever sprinted or do you prefer jogging/ running? Any suggestions?

Me? Well I think I figured out what I want to try out!

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