Guess Who Came To Surprise Me!?

Allan! Ahh, I haven’t seen him in almost a month! He has been up in Gloucester this whole time settling in while I finish up these darn classes. I cannot wait to go there already.

But enough of the happy jitters. I woke up bright and early to study on Saturday before my Anatomy and Physiology Lab final. I made myself a cinna-crunch “muffin-top” using Nature’s Path Apple Love Crunch. So, so good!

How did the exam go? It went better than I expected, which is quite good. Learning all the muscles in the body and brain sure is a huge task! But it must be done.

Allan and I had a quite afternoon after my exam. We went out to lunch at Fairway supermarket’s hot food bar. I had a weird combo of cheese, strawberries, rice and roasted veggies. Of course, delicious dark chocolate from Allan to top it off.We then hung out in Barnes & Nobles for a while and looked at some books. I really want to get this Eat Clean Diet vegetarian cookbook. It actually had a ton of awesome and simple recipes. That says a lot since I am very picky when it comes to recipe books.After, we then went to see The Raven at the movies. A lot of people said it wasn’t good but I rather enjoyed it. It was kind of like Shakespeare meets Sherlock Holmes type of movie.

Speaking of delicious chocolates, Allan’s mom lives in France and she brought me a nice box of French Godiva chocolate. They are all gone! Even my parents enjoyed some too. Okay, I ate about half the box in less than 24 hours. Mr. Hercules is shocked himself.Sorry there has been much in the blog department the past couple of days but you can understand? Tomorrow’s post is going to be exciting! Allan to me to a place I have been dying to go forever… Strala Yoga. Yes, I met Tara Stiles [cue giddy school girl giggles].

Question: Do you own any cookbooks or just get your recipes from online sources?

I only own a cookbook from Hungry Girl and one that is all about cupcakes. I do want more though!


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