A Jog Through The [Stage Fort] Park

I think I really need to come up with another recipe. I haven’t done a recipe in quite some time. Things just have been so hectic around in my life. This isn’t a bad thing in the slightest but I would love to make something new for you guys.

I still have the strawberry oat cake recipe that needs finding. I think I am about to give up and just make it over from scratch. It might be blueberry though instead of strawberry just as a heads up. But you would be free to use strawberries, raspberries or whatever other berry you’d like.

Enough on the berry subject, how bout some jogging talk? I have been jogging here and there at Stage Fork Park here in Gloucester M.A. I came here before with Allan but now that I live here i can enjoy it a little more. There is even a beach too!

This was such a beautiful run, though I almost couldn’t finish it. It was way too sunny and I jogged in so much sun. It was about 10:30am, meaning the sun was reaching it’s peak points (Between 10:00am and 4:00pm). I will keep my runs to before 9:00am from now on.

Cannons? Hence Stage Fort Park. I just loved the view on this jog. A definite keeper for future jogs. I also want to check out Ravenswood Park, since I read there are a lot of trails. I’m not a fan of jogging through town, that’s more of a walk thing for me.

I’m glad I can jog. Because of my hip and knee surgery, it makes it hard for me to really run. But I won’t give up. Ever.

Question: Is there something you have difficulty doing, but you still keep trying?

Running is definitely on the top list for me, oh and lunges. I really do like lunges, I just can’t bring my knee all the way down!

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