Fun Finds Friday #3: I Heart [Greek] Yogurt

Happy Friday! It’s my day off (yes!) and it’s another Fun Finds Friday! Did you miss the last two? Check out #1 here and #2 here. This week’s combines almonds, yogurt and coconut (duh).

Now I was going to do blueberry product reviews but since my day plans changed, I didn’t try one of the products yet. So I will be saving that post for next Friday, aka my 24th birthday!!!

I love the Kind Fruit and Nut Bar in almonds & apricots (in yogurt). It’s my second favorite in their line. My first? Almonds and Coconut. Come on, how did you not see coconut coming there? Even Allan is getting freaked out by my current coconut obsession.Back to this bar however, it’s really delicious and taste straight up like candy bar, but a healthy candy bar that is. I love that Kind bars are low in sodium and are made from natural quality ingredients. I usually get them as a splurge because they can be pretty pricey. In one market I find them for $1.50, others for $1.79. Maybe one day I’ll just buy them in bulk online. Why not right?

While searching for the Kind bar, I stumbled upon something new. Tell how I found one of the coolest bars ever! In my opinion that is because it combines two of my current favorite things; coconut and Greek yogurt. Rickland Orchard’s toasted coconut bar is amazing in the stats department. It has 5 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein. Way more in both than the Kind bar.Now how did it taste? Oh my gosh. I think I am in piña colada heaven! Although the flavor says toasted coconut, it actually has pineapple too! I had it as a mid-morning snack after a light breakfast and it definitely held me over til lunch time. I think I am in love with the bar and I can’t wait to try out their other flavors like blueberry.

Speaking of Greek yogurt, I have been on a crazy Chobani kick. I think I’m just addicted to coconut and Greek yogurt right now. I bought (which I did once in the past) this delicious Chobani Champions in Honey-nana. It’s a kids version of their delicious Greek yogurt and love that it’s an 100 calorie serving. Perfect for anytime snacking!It’s even free of all of my allergens and is absolutely delicious. Sometimes I do like to have yogurt along with my “muffin tops” for breakfast and having one of there 140-160 calorie packs with a “muffin top” can become too high calorie of a breakfast for me. This kid’s size is perfect to add because I like to keep my breakfasts under 400 calories.

To recap, the best thing on this menu is definitely tied between the Chobani and the Greek yogurt toasted coconut bar . But that Coconut Bliss bar is on my mind as #1 if I had to recap all the FFF’s.

Question: Do you like Greek yougurt? What’s your favorite brand and/or flavor?

I absolutely love Chobani because it tastes good and has no corn added. My favorite flavors is their blood orange, strawberry and apple cinnamon. Mmm, nothing by good!

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