Keeping Healthy Challenge: Recap & Giveaway!

Happy New Year’s everyone!I know I am a bit late but I have been enjoying a little time away from social media. Between family, them visiting me, New Year’s Eve dinner, work… I have been busy.Dessert;  can’t forget that. Eggnog cheesecake, anyone?Even though, I spent from 10pm to midnight of my New Year’s Eve at work, I enjoyed a sauna session to detox for the new year.But this post is about recapping the challenge. How did it go? Overall it went very well. I feel leaner, stronger and my healthiest I have ever been.
I was working out about 4-5 times a week and doing yoga at least twice a week. I find the yoga combined with weight lifting helps tone me up very well. Cardio, doesn’t do much for me unless its power yoga. Even though I only lost a few pounds, I slimmed down a lot and my old “150lbs” clothing fit well again!

Okay guys now it’s your turn!

  • Tell me about how you did during the holidays?!
  • What did you do to stay healthy?
  • Did you workout?
  • Did you just enjoy food and family fun?

Please enter your response and you will have until Monday January 6th to post a comment below. I will announce the winner on the 8th! Good luck :)

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3 responses to “Keeping Healthy Challenge: Recap & Giveaway!

  • Adrienne D'

    Good day! Happy New Year…you look great and I love hearing about your positive results! I had revamped the way I ate recently, tried to cut out some unnecessary carbs and sugars…and some of my stomach issues have gone away! I am definitely less bloated.I also try to space out my eating a little more and not eat so much in one sitting. I’m so pleased with how this is going ..I’ve been eating more nuts too…my skin feels amazing I am going to give the good fats in nuts the props for that!..definitely going to keep it up….thanks for the continued inspiration on your blog! Cheers from Winthrop, Adrienne

    • Sabrina @ Nutritiously Sweet

      Wow Adrienne!!! This is awesome. Keep up the good work :) I notice too that certain foods are better for my skin as well. I’ve been cutting “excess carbs” too for past couple of months and I feel way better, stomach wise, especially with acid/bile reflux. Happy New Years and you are in MA!!!

  • alexvegginout

    You have made great progress girl! You should be proud! I’m hoping to work on building some muscle this year. It’s hard for me to do because I have fairly long, lean muscles due to genetics, but I think that with enough work, I can build them up a bit!
    I tried to balance yummy holiday treats with greens and other healthy foods and not go to one extreme or the other. I also tried to squeeze in a run or workout when possible but didn’t stress if I didn’t have the time or wanted to spend time doing something with my family instead! :)
    I hope you have a great New Year!!! <3

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