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Muscle & Coffee Talk

Let’s talk coffee.If you’re wondering what to get me for Christmas, New England Coffee is the way to go. Especially this flavor or even some gingerbread.

I also accept anything in Starbucks form.Oh and don’t forget Quest bars! These are my current favorites.I’ve been using Six Star Pro Nutrition whey protein lately and I am in love with the results. I am very picky with my proteins and found that this one is really good, for me anyways.

I use about 2 scoops a day either in my oatmeal or for making a “protein pudding.” Just use 1 scoop of protein mixed with some water, place in fridge for 15mins and eat!It’s under $20 at Wal-Mart and I’ve also been using it for protein truffles and they have been quite delicious.

Note that I do make them vegan and dairy free too!I am lactose intolerant, in case y’all didn’t know but this protein doesn’t bother my stomach and all. I am noticing a good amount of “gains” using it.Working on that muscle seperation while focusing on quads, bi’s back and shoulder boulders.And remembering to enjoy all things in moderation.It’s another busy week for yours truly between work and truffles. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about y’all.

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Have a great week everyone!

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Love & Truffles

This week there has been a lot of truffle making. And coffee drinking…There is a new protein truffle special for the holidays. If you are ordering in person it’s 8 truffles for $5.00 and if ordering online it’s 12 truffles for $10.00 including shopping! That’s right 12 truffles, $10.00 and free shipping. Be sure to get yours here!And for holiday flavors I am introducing almond mocha and peppermint bark! Be sure to check out my protein truffles and order yours today. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

MIMM #5: Gymrat!

Happy Monday y’all!

It’s time for my 5th MIMM post and thanks Katie for hosting! It’s not surprise that most times I am a gymrat.I am learning to be more effective when it comes to my workouts. I use to aim for 5-6 workout days but now 4-5 is just right for me. Marvelous is seeing progress; whether big or small. Work keeps me busy and daily life. There isn’t a day where I don’t grab some coffee to keep me going.Marvelous is an early Christmas present from your mom. And having the manfriend put it together for you.Marvelous is gluten-free protein bars from Luna. Chocolate anything just makes me happy.Especially in the form of chocolate  protein truffle orders! This week is going to be a busy one. I do apologize for the lack of posts.

I am working on being better with pictures, I promise. It’s not the time to write it’s the pictures! My phone camera doesn’t work well so I either wait til I get home or borrow my brother’s.

One day, I promise :)

WIAW #115: Sweets & Treats!

Happy WIAW Wednesday my friends!13493-wiawfallintogoodhabitsbuttonI finally was a good little blogger and snapped some delicious food  (+coffee) pictures. Mmm gingerbread latte! I will be sharing with you some recent eats from this week as things have been meat-free since I got sick.It’s fun for me since I get to think of different things to try or add into my diet like this gluten-free honey salted peanut Luna bar. Or just simply creating new meals; I made some veggies burgers (and crumbled one up in this dish with chickpeas, quinoa, brown rice and tomatoes) using white beans instead of chickpeas. They didn’t come out too bad but I think I prefer using chickpeas.Maybe even re-making some oldies, but goodies like these vanilla and almond protein squares (hold the caramel sauce!).And just maybe making a “gourmet” flatbread; spinach, artichoke, tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. #Noms.Even my muscles are responding well. I think it’s due to the slight increase in carbs. It’s a bad habit that I fall into eating lower carbs (from time to time) then I should. I live an active lifestyle and I need to be sure to fuel properly.And no WIAW is complete without dessert; I made the manfriend his favorite treat of mine; peanut butter and chocolate protein freezer fudge. It’s so hard not to just go in the fridge right now and eat them all.As always, thanks Jenn for hosting. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

Question: What’s your favorite meat-free dish? I’m going to have to go with flatbreads/pizza.

Or does that even count? ;)

Grocery & Vegetarian Happenings

Tuesday at a little past midnight, I was sick.

Not the puke once, drink ginger ale and go back to bed sick. But the I threw up nine times from midnight to 1pm and nothing made me feel better.

Except a Quest bar and vitamin water. Must have been the prebiotics and electrolytes maybe? Anyways, I am getting back on track and on the workout wagon after taking a few days off from being so nauseous. It was a combination of food poisoning and a stomach virus that was going around. What came out of me wasn’t pretty and let’s just say I am not looking at greens, chicken and bananas for a very long time. Well unless the greens are in the form of an Aloha daily greens packet. Or the banana is in a smoothie. And perhaps maybe not too long, but I am definitely going to be eating more vegetarian. I did a vegetarian challenge and also ate vegetarian for almost a year (except on a couple of days).

My stomach/ digestive system did feel better. As I got busy, meal prep time started to decline. I would just grab pre-cooked chicken and a Green Giant’s veggie steamer and go to work. It was just easier for me and the price was right (at a place called Market Basket).

I’ve just have been quite lazy and resorting to just chicken, veggies and some starchy carb. I find that when I am eating more vegetarian, I eat a variety because I get “bored” faster and always need a new protein source. I can eat chicken and greens forever, but after Tuesday that is the last thing on my mind. That being said, I am going to challenge myself to eat vegetarian until Thanksgiving.

Not only because I am “semi-traumatized” but to add variety in my diet. No worries, Quest and thinkThin bars are still here to stay.And of course, the occasional “candy indulgence.” Yep, this was my Halloween treat from the manfriend. He thought I should have gotten some Resee’s but these are way better. At least I think so.I am on day five of a vegetarian diet. My stomach does feel better, digestion wise, but I do have to get use to the increased fiber intake.

One step at a time I suppose?

Question: Are you a meat eater? Mostly vegetarian? A little bit of both? Or just eat what ever your heart desires?

MIMM #4: Progress!

Marvelous is waking up for an early spin class and getting that calorie burn on early in the morning.And seeing some muscle seperation It’s all about progress!Marvelous is overnight oats in a jar. Note to self: DO NOT microwave a plastic nut butter jar.And make sure to use something a little more sturdy.Marvelous is eating a hodge podge for dinner; egg whites, chicken, organic Yukon fries (Alexia) and some broccoli.And trying new yogurts like Stonyfield’s Greek and chia. Pretty good, if I may say.Thanks Katie for hosting Marvelous in My Monday. If you are new to MIMM, please check out her blog at Healthy Diva Life. Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday and week ahead!

Question: Do you like early morning workouts?

Have you spotted Stonyfield’s Greek and Chia?

WIAW #112: Truffle Tuesday

This week we are talking truffles…

Truffle Tuesday that is! At my gym, we had an open house and I made truffles for “Truffle Tuesday.”The manfriend’s dad offered to take some pictures for the event. They came out awesome!I also had a Tabata/spin class. They killed it. So proud they pushed through!Post workout I had some more truffles. Two or three are great for a snack. Check out the macros here in the protein truffles section.No worries I ate other things like the spinach, egg white wrap from Starbucks along side a decaf iced coffee with soy milk. That was lunch and it was delicious!And to congratulate me,  I got some beautiful flowers!I thought I was chocolate-out but I ate some of the leftovers this morning for breakfast. They are just too good.

Be sure to check out my protein truffles and purchase yours today.13493-wiawfallintogoodhabitsbuttonAs always, thanks Jenn for hosting!


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