Sweet Potato Blondies N’ Things

This week, my dad came and visited.

It was nice to just have a break and enjoy hanging out with my dad and brother. He loves crepes so I made him some for breakfast before his trip back. And guess what? I had my FINAL final on Friday. It feels so good to be done and I get a mini break until June 30th. Saturday morning I needed extra coffee; between waking up at 6:00am, my final, Friday night spin class and cleaning I needed a giant 32oz. size.I also went to a conference this week for the Northeast Section of Institute of Food Technologists. There were so many great food companies there from flavors, colors, extracts. Blue Diamond and Ocean Spray were there too. I got to eat a lot of delicious things from truffles, iced coffee samples, all natural fruit gummies and these delicious things!The ride back took almost two hours with traffic. Good think I brought this to munch on. So, so good, but dark chocolate and sea salt is still my favorite!Oh and y’all would be proud that I met my two times a week “fasted” cardio/ early works. I did spin at 6:00am one day and an early spin sesh this morning. Check out my leg muscles, they are getting pretty lean and muscular.

I’ve also been changing up my macros and making sure that I get proper nutrition! Check out this article about carbs at night. It is all a science and you have to find what works for you. What works for me, may not work for you and it depends 100% on your goals. Win, win! We are getting there; slowly but surly back on that routine grind and making sure to refuel post workout. Have a good Sunday! :)

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Routines, Goals & Weekend

Nothing like getting back into a routine.A goal of mine for this week was to do at least two “fasted workouts” (aka not eaten breakfast yet). I did yoga at 6am this morning for the first time in a while and it felt so good.I followed with a delicious bowl of oats, raspberries, chia seeds and sliced almonds. One of my favorite dinner from this past weekend was chicken burgers, broccoli and red roasted potatoes (my brother had some rice too).Although I wasn’t able to be with my mom on mother’s day, I got her bunches of coconut goodness. I’ll be seeing her soon, yay!Of course chocolate too. Oh and in honor of the lovely weather, I made a “banana-colada” protein coffee; 1 cup of coconut macaroon coffee, 1/4 cup of the vanilla almond and coconut Almond Breeze and 1/2 scoop of banana cream protein from Gold Standard. Summer in a cup!Don’t knock it until you try it! Like this; adding some almond butter to anything like eggs! Actually turned out pretty good. I got the idea from Healthy Diva. Thanks lady!I have my “final” final this week, so I am off to study after work and then work again later. I hope y’all have a happy Tuesday!


I’m Addicted To Spin [+ Quick Bike HIIT]

I confess I have become addicted to spin class. If you are in the Northshore area of MA, definitely try to take a spin class from Rich at Workout World in Peabody or at the Peabody YMCA. He is amazing and gives you a kick butt (literally) and leg workout! I also just love to do the bike on my own for 30 minutes. I started doing the bike to relieve the pressure in my lower back/ kidney area. But now I think I am hooked and I feel amazing after a bike sesh.And now, here is the 30 minute HIIT that I promised y’all last week. All you need is a bike (or your choice cardio), some weights (not too heavy, but not to light either) and a timer!

I use the HIIT timer app on my phone. You target legs with the bike and squats, a little bit of back, shoulders, bi’s, traps and core! All you have to do is set your “bike/cardio” to 1 minutes and 15 seconds and the “weights” part to 45 seconds.

Set it for 15 rounds; bike for 1 minute and 15 seconds and do three sets EACH of the 5 exercises below as many as you can in the 45 seconds. Got that? Now here we go!

Quick Bike HIIT:
Warm-up 2-5 minutes (after warm-up begin your timer!)
Do three sets of the following FIVE exercises!

  • Lateral Pulldown
  • Upright Row
  • Chest Flies
  • Torso Rotation
  • Weighted Squat

Cool down for 5 minutes and you’re done!

After yesterday’s spin class I mixed this packet of milk chocolate Muscletech protein powder with 1/4 cup of Fage Greek and mixed in some water/milk combo until it reached a thick chocolate pudding consistany. Oh man this was like the best tasting thing ever! It has 6 sources of high quality protein and is formulated for an 8-hour release of sustained energy. I also used some to mix in my “protein coffee. Mmmm!Getting them gains back!Question: What’s your favorite group exercise classes? What about your favorite workout?

WIAW #98: Feeding My Cravings

Happy Wednesday y’all!

I was in the hospital all last night. Turns out I had something that is common among diabetics. Hmmm? I suppose a trip to the doctor is in order, but I know I have always had problems with my blood sugar. Any who, I am feeling much better and thanks to those who posted on FB and IG! Be sure to head on over to Peas and Crayons for more WIAW goodness!wiawphotobuttonBreakfast? Nothing like a warm bowl of cinnamony oats with pb and almonds.Or a nice bowl of oats with raspberries! For lunches I’ve been stickin’ to chicken and greens. Add an egg for extra protein! I  also made some chicken w/ stewed tomatoes, green beans and beans. It’s been a while since I had beans. Just had that craving for some!A thinkThin brownie crunch plus more raspberries for some snackage. I went to WholeFoods the other day, picked up a few groceries and snacked on some trail mix and So Delicious almond milk plain Greek yogurt. I love that it has 7g of fiber!I was craving fried dough after the BoSox game Sunday, so I whipped up an old recipe and use powdered stevia, pb, dark chocolate and rapberries for topping. Best decision ever!Question: What do you crave when you’re at a sports game or even? Chips is definitely one of my tops!

Legs, Carbs and Fuel!

My legs are on fire; between spin class, leg day and more spinning. My legs are just sore but they feel good. The spin teacher (I also work at that gym) brought me coffee because I really wanted to take the class but totally needed caffeine, so here’s another thanks for saving my morning! I have fallen in love with spin class and even working out legs that I actually don’t like arms anymore and that’s usually my favorite day.If you have my Instagram, you can see a better picture of my legs and see my leg progress. I am making sure to fuel up with lots of carbs for my more intense workouts; some Greek yogurt, a thinkThin bar and chia seeds.Or a protein pancake with blueberries, pb and more chia seeds.Of course a smoothie is in order at times; blueberries, raspberries, banana, almond milk and vanilla protein.I am going to go and enjoy this coconut iced coffee and continue doing some homework. Happy Saturday!

WIAW #97: Drinks On Me!

With the “warm” weather approaching…

Yeah who are we kidding. It’s been cold in MA (39 degrees last night). I can’t stand it! But I am still craving drinks since my body knows it’s supposed to be warm. For this What I Ate Wednesday, I am going to show you all the yummy drinks I’ve been consuming this week. Head on over to Peas and Crayons for more food party madness!wiawphotobuttonOne morning, I had a delicious coconut almond latte. Perfecto’s is a must check out if you are in the area. I can’t wait to try their maple spice flavor next.Since I fell in love with the coconut flavor, I picked this coconut macaroon coffee up from Target. It is delicious and life changing. Okay maybe not the latter, but you get the idea! How about a spinach, banana, peach protein smoothie for lunch!Or maybe my favorite blueberry, flax, banana, spinach and almond milk protein smoothie?A light peach mango muscle milk post workout? Yes please! How about a gluten-free apple cider?Nothing beats a homemade latte with cinnamon, vanilla protein and almond milk to end the night.Question: What’s your favorite way to end an evening?

Coffee & Smoothie Talk

Literally I have been face to face with this computer all week. Thank the Starbuck’s God for iced coffee and the spinach, tomato and feta wrap, which was delicious and I would get it again if I was hungry and at Starbucks. I had a midterm research paper due and to top it off a ton of homework. I spent the first half doing the homework and the second half with the paper. Protein smoothies became my best friend for meals.Like blueberry, spinach and banana or banana, peach and spinach.Spin class became cardio days. I definitely needed a break after sitting in front of the computer for 4-6hours at a time. I seriously love spin more then ever and I did a fun HIIT, which I will share later this week!And my favorite milk sub has been on sale and seriously them protein mochas will never be the same. I really needed all the coffee I could consume this week!And the other night, even treated myself to some homemade pizza for being 80% done with the paper.But I can wake up relieved today that it’s over. I think I did pretty good on the paper, scratch that! I just check my grade and I got a 90%! It’s pretty good considering I had the flu for almost a week and had a late start.

Now I can definitely feel relieved. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and week!

Quest’d PB & Chocolate Protein “Truffles”

It’s no secret that I love truffles…

Sunnie even calls me the Queen of truffles. She is too awesome so go check out her page why doncha? Remember those Quest PB cups that my co-worker gave me? I am not a big fan of eating things the way they are so I decided to turn them into some yummy truffles that I can share with the world!Today, I will be sharing this simple recipe of turning the Quest peanut butter cups into delicious truffles. Enjoy! Quest’d PB & Chocolate Protein “Truffles” Ingredients:

  • 1 Quest Craving Peanut Butter Cup Package
  • 2 1/2 Tbsps Cocoa Powder (or use your favorite protein to amp up the protein!)
  • 1 tsp of All Natural Peanut Butter
  • 1-2 Tbsps Non-Dairy Milk (I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk)
  • 1 Packet of Stevia (optional is you like extra sweet!)

Place the ingredients all together (EXCEPT cocoa powder/ protein, save some for rolling if you’d like too) either in the microwave for about 20- 45 seconds to softened or melt on a stove top. Mix in the cocoa powder (or your favorite protein) to turn the mixture into a soft dough that can be made into a ball either using your hands or melon scooper. I just use my hands… I like to get dirty.

If too thick, add a smidge more milk. If too liquid-y, add cocoa powder (but this shouldn’t be a problem). Place “truffles” into the fridge for about 10-20 minutes and then eat! Or if you are like me and can’t wait, I put it in the fridge for a minute.

Though, not really, I used my coconut and almond butter truffles as the inspiration to make peanut butter ones. Still love my almond butter ones but love that these Quest’d up truffles have about 6 grams of protein per ball (makes four)!Question: Peanut or almond butter? Now that I can eat peanut butter again… it’s peanut butter all the way! But I still do love me some Barney’s and Justin’s almond butter any day.

A Day In Vermont

Good morning and happy Easter weekend!

Now that lent is over we are back to our regularly scheduled program. To celebrate my commitment to no specialty coffee, doing yoga or meditating once a week and taking a social media [semi hiatus], I got a soy latte with toffee nut and added some sugar in the raw. So good, but pricey. It was nice to save money (and extra added sugar) and make my own protein mochas. So, where were we for this week? Why yes, my mom came to visit as it was her birthday.I took her on a day[cation] trip to Vermont.

Of course, Green Mountain coffee was involved for sure.
And lots of Cabot Cheese. For her lunch/ dinner we went to Vermont Pub and Brewery, which is her favorite place.Of course we ordered some samplers that included Forbidden Fruit and a Maple lager. We always get the angus brew burger. I got mines bunless with Swiss cheese. Mmmm!Lots of homework is all in order this week. My midterms are coming (my semesters are weird), yay me.I hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend (if you celebrate) and happy birthday again to my moms.

May you stay youthful and beautiful as you always are. Xo.

WIAW #96: Bodybuilding + thinkThin Bars

Good [What I Ate Wednes]Day! Thanks Jenn for hosting this lovely food party.wiawphotobuttonFor this week, I show you some eats where yours truly gets back into the body building game. You know back to Greek yogurt, chicken and eggs galore!

I also got this thinkThin high protein + fiber bar which I tried in the store. Man this and the Divine line are well simply divine. I don’t think I’ll go back to the regulars again. Unless they are on sale, of course. I am still mostly doing biking as my cardio. It definitely is less pressure in the lower back/ kidney area. I took my first spin class (and using the spin bike on my own) this past Friday and I feel in love. You will see more of me and spin in the future to come.Post workout or for my go-to snackage, my go to is some Greek, hemp/pumpkin seeds and peanut butter.Or a smoothie at work; almond milk, blueberries, spinach, banana, flax and vanilla protein.Always a protein mocha (with a side of Economic and Social Aspects of Food Industries or so) for the morning.Always chicken and green beans for meals. Sometimes I may go crazy and have brown rice, hummus or broccoli. And yes, I am eating peanut butter. Know what that means? Peanut allergy be gone, whoot!Question: Anyone with food allergies have any disappear or eve get worse?