Double Shots!

Oh, so in case y’all didn’t know, I had my first day at my new job!

I did a double shift and a double shot of espresso was in order for that morning/ night. I am working at a premier health club and it has everything; pool, weights, cardio, classes, boxing area, spa… everything. The people are great and I am enjoying it so far. I decided to keep a couple of overnights for the time being. It’s grown on me and I kinda like being a night owl. Anywho, me being busier means more grocery shopping and meal prepping! #NoExcuses.Plus a new mason jar for my morning coffee.And also quick on the go snacks!Of course copious amounts of dark chocolate for my cheat days. Thanks mom!Question: How do you prep for a busy week? Are you a meal prepper or planner?

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This Is Where I Belong; Thank You!

This week I have been presented with love overload via Facebook and Instagram.

A couple of family members and a friend have come to me and shared how I inspired them. This means the world to me and I know that this is where I belong. These are people I barely talk to or just met and it’s amazing that little ole me inspired them. I am beyond flattered and thankful for all their [and your] support.

1: My Cousin Rosalie: I’m kinda excited….and thought I’d share with you since you’ve inspired me!
Me: Oh yes!!! whats going on?
R: So i went to the mall today and I always go for a large or when i try them on they don’t fit well..come to surprise 3 weeks does make a big difference even though its hard to see but i actually fit in a size medium was so excited!
OH YAY!!! OH MY MY that’s totally awesome I know you must feel pretty good!
R: The last time i got in to a medium was like 4yrs ago.
Me: Sweet, well congrats and you did it all on your own chicky!
R: Well with a little help from you and your story and pictures that motivation
Me: Aww I try and I am always am here if you need anything :)

2: @nutritiouslysweet: My fit inspiration :)

3: Role model: This may come as a shock but @nutritiouslysweet is the best cousin I could have ever asked for. Seeing how far you have come in the last five years is such an inspiration for me and I couldn’t be any prouder to have you as family.

Seriously, any time that I feel that I want to give up, eat off plan or not do my workouts, I look to these posts for motivation. All of you that also support the blog or just my journey are my personal inspiration and motivation and I thank you for that!I make sure to stay on track any and everywhere!Even if it’s always snowing and I just want to eat pancakes all day.Hey at least I always get to wear my boots; my fav winter item!Happy weekend my friends and thank you again! Xo.

WIAW #86: Day In The Life of Body Builder In Training

By no means am I perfect.

I am learning and trying to rid my body of the things I “shouldn’t” eat and I emphasize those quotations. For this WIAW (thanks Jenn!), I am going to show you a day in the life of my eats as a body builder in training. I try to be very on point, but I won’t deprive myself. Remember, this is a journey, not a ending.wiawphotobutton

Breakfast: I normally start my day this; 1/2 cup of oats mixed with 1/2 cup of water, dash of cinnamon and a teaspoon or two of soynut butter. I also add some flax and bran if I am feeling extra hungry, since I prep my oats overnight. Snack #1: This will usually be an apple with 2 teaspoons of nut butter as well as sometimes a “pre-workout” snack depending when I am going to the gym.Lunch: Lunch is going to be some form of veggies and chicken. Normally it’s baked chicken and green beans (sometimes broccoli)Snack #2: Greek  yogurt with a tsp of nut butter, 1/4 of a protein bar (like Quest, Luna protein or Kind bar), and some flax/bran mixture. Again, depending if I am going to workout before, this is another good “pre-workout” meal option.

Or sometimes, if I am around the mall (like yesterday) I will grab a Quest bar. I tried the new cookies and cream flavor and it was delish!

 “Post workout:” Protein Coffee! This is my current go to “post-workout.” I try to have a two to one ratio of carbs to protein and most of the sugars will come from something fast for good ole’ muscle recovery.

It’s 1 cup of coffee, 1-2 tablespoons of protein powder (lately I have been using Sun Warrior and I quite like it!), 1-2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 1 sugar in the raw packet (or Stevia) and a 1/2 cup mixture of soy/ cow’s milk for different types of protein sources. Dinner: Same as lunch but sometimes I will add carbs soley because I work overnights and need those extra carbs to sustain myself during my shift!

Snack #3: Usually varies between #1 and #2, depending if I am working, I’ll have more protein if I am not working overnight. Or if I do a double workout (which is two to three times a week).Question: Have you tried the new Quest cookies n’ cream bar? What did ya think if you did?!

WIAW #82: It’s Been A While

It feels like I haven’t done a WIAW in while.

Maybe, I think it’s because I haven’t. This What I Ate Wednesday is going to show you a few of my eats as well as announce the winner of the giveaway! If you are new to the party, head on over to Peas and Crayons for all the dets. Enjoy!wiawphotobuttonFor  my breakfasts still been keeping to the protein pancakes w/ almond butter & vanilla protein drizzle (mixed with soymilk). Totally delicious! I know I am a creature of habit. Not to worry, I think I am going to eat regular oats now.School started this week and coffee has been my main go to. Especially my favorite honey and cinnamon latte from Pleasant Street Tea Company in downtown Gloucester, MA.And also my truffles have been a quick staple. I made em’ with more flax and mixed chopped almonds inside. Don’t mind the unpolished nails, I fixed em’ up!I even went on a movie date to see Wolf on Wall Street. It was actually quite good, dragged a bit but pretty good. Well done Leo!A sick Sabrina always needs some froyo therapy. #Cantstopwontstop!And the winner is… Diane from Life of Di! Please email me at so I can mail out your package this Friday! And to Cindy for winner the free week of yoga from Excel Yoga in Bronx, NY!Question: How is everyone’s week been? Anyone else taking winter courses?

Update #5: Sometimes, You Can’t Have It All

Sometimes you can’t have it all…

I am stronger, leaner and healthy. But I am no where near my “goal” weight. But I am near my goal “body (as in my clothes fit the way I desire).” How do you say? Well I wanted to look the way I did in certain clothes at around 155lbs. But I realized that even though I haven’t moved much and my weight has been fluctuating between 159-161lbs, my clothes fit better and look as if I was 5lbs less. I know… it’s the inches. I probably should have measured them right? But I honestly am very bad at keeping track of inches, so it’s something I don’t do. But what I am doing is eating very well for once.And practicing moderation.And keeping up with my coffee addition; caramel latte from #DD.And an espresso… Definitely keeping up; skinny cinnamon dolce latte.I’m craving some yoga, so I may go later. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Question: Where all my coffee addicts at? Starbucks or DD?!

WIAW#81: Happy Christmas!

Hope everyone had a happy, happy Christmas to those who celebrated! I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying time with family, friends and loved ones. This WIAW, I am going to show you some of my Christmas and some random eats from my travels to NYC. You know #travelinggnome status?! If you are new to the WIAW party, head on over to Peas and Crayons for the details. Enjoy!

wiawphotobuttonGuess what I had the other day? A protein pancake, but since I ran out of syrup I added some raspberry jam on top. Not to shabby, but I will stick to my maple drizzle.And some coffee for the road.I still managed to workout at home after my road trip. No excuses for this chick. Some of my gifts; they know me so well. I made some delicious cupcakes for post Christmas dinner.Would you believe I didn’t event take a picture of the actual dinner? I was too busy eating and enjoying family time. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and the weekend to come!

Let Me Begin By…

…Apologizing for my crazy venting rant from the other day.

I think we all have those moments of frustration. Especially this time of year. The holidays coming and before that it’s finals and getting work projects/ quota completed. I am happy that that time is almost over. I feel much better tonight.  Plenty of yoga has helped as well. I have one more day of work then I have a little vacation until Sunday.

That’s when my brother comes with me and I am really excited. Maybe the espresso has to do with some of that excitement? Kidding, love you Matt!Oh speaking of exiting things… I tried kombucha for the first time the other day. It wasn’t bad at all and it actually tasted like raspberry beer. I think next time I’ll try it without the chia seeds; strange texture.

And speaking of “strange” things, I had eggs for the first time in a while for breakfast with a banana. The change from the pear, dried fruit and nuts was heartbreaking… but I’m over it.I’ve been trying my Greek yogurt with chia, flax, nut butter and 1/2 of a Kind bar mixed in. It is quite delicious and a great snack post workout or late night when I work.I’m back on my dark chocolate grind. Can’t resist me some Ghirardelli.Question: What are you doing for the holidays? 

Alright time to get back to work! 

WIAW #80: Never Fails!

I don’t know what it is;

But the past couple of days, weeks, whatever, I have been on a coffee overload. No idea why, but it never fails me!

For this WIAW, I bring to you some yummy eats while sticking to my Keeping Healthy Challenge til 2014. Head on over to Peas and Crayons if you are new to the WIAW party. Enjoy!wiawphotobuttonI usually have fruit and nuts for breakfast now. But on occasion, I will have my favorite protein pancake. It seriously never fails.Snacks also may consist of fruit, but I sometimes I have cheese, dried fruit and nuts (and maybe a smidge of le nut butter). Never fails to be delish!Or maybe some Greek yogurt with a mess of goodness?What about the typical protein and veggie combo? #Neverfails.Or even not having time to cook and still grabbing protein and veggies on the go?And the biggest thing that never fails? Coffee… buzz, buzz :)Question: What’s a food/ thing that never fails you? I would have to say almonds and coffee are at my top!

WIAW #79: Protein Goodness!

I really couldn’t think of a title for this WIAW.

But all these meals are protein and healthy deliciousness. Except for the sweets; maybe. If you are new to the WIAW party, head on over to Peas and Crayons for the deets. Enjoy!Even though it’s technically still fall… it doesn’t feel like it. But I love the little brrr in the downtown Gloucester air. And technically eating at 3:00am has to count as breakfast right? I had me some pear Chobani, a string cheese and some almonds. Protein goodness! But on the occasion that I do have a real breakfast, I do the protein pancake with mostly flax seeds. So delicious and filling. I am still obsessed with my chicken and veggies. Sometimes it’s sugar snap peas and sugar snap pears. Or maybe it’s sugar snap peas and roasted red potatoes. Clearly I am not a fan of making changes. But I do use difference herbs and spices so it may not look different but it sure does taste so.I had this delicious honey cinnamon coffee. Oh my gosh, it was to die for! For my cheat days (two), I usually have some sugar-free pecan crowns from Russell Stover. They are so good with some almond butter! Or one of the days, I made a trail mix at Whole Foods and also got a Lake Champlain dark chocolate caramel candy. Man, I was in h-eaven!Or I this day when I had pure fig bliss. I know, I know… I am ADDICTED! I also dyed my hair a smidge lighter this weekend to brighten it up. It probably isn’t too noticeable, but I can tell it brightens up my face and I love having a hint of glowy-ness.Excuse the awkward hand position. Any who question for ya… what’s your favorite brand of chocolates or types of chocolate or do you even LIKE chocolate at all?!

WIAW# 78: Gobble Gobble!

Happy “Gobble Gobble” WIAW! Okay, well I am pretty sure it is obviously that this What I Ate Wednesday is all about Thanksgiving! If you are new to the WIAW party, head on over to Peas and Crayons for the details. Okay, shall we?For breakfast? The usual protein pancakes of course, with a side of kiwi’s! And maybe perhaps I over did it with the syrup. Oh well, #noshame. I munched on some almonds, protein truffles and “turtles” with Greek yogurt throughout the day. Probably not the best idea, but breakfast kept me full! Some cranberry juice with whipped cream vodka from Smirnoff! For dinner I had turkey (duh) with roasted potatoes, plantains, rice, green beans (hey, I like em’ burnt). It was so delicious! Thanks mom :-)Desserts, I made bunches but here is some salted caramel mousse I had. #Bliss!There was also a quick stop the what us “Bronx peeps” know as the Christmas Doll House. This family every year decorates their front yard with dolls (dresses made by the mother) and the money that people throw inside goes to charity!Question: How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? What are you most thankful for this year? I must say despite me being super sick this year, I am thankful that my body is still kickin’! #ItsTheLittleThings