Coffee, Donuts & “Latelys”

Nothing like starting your day with a homemade latte. Or cinnamon oatmeal pancakes  Or your fiance waking you up to ask you what you would like from Starbucks. I decided to try out the new Tiramisu latte. I didn’t really like it, was too sweet and tasted like a mocha. If I wanted a mocha, I’d get a mocha!I’ll stick to my iced soy lattes, thank you.And donuts anyone. They are my #1 weakness right now and sometimes breakfast. #Guilty.Baby has been pretty snack-y lately for lunches and dinners; raspberries, string cheese and Triscuits have been our thing.Or the lemon vanilla Luna bars if we are on-the-go.Sometimes good ole Kashi Go Lean comes in handy too for those nights I am nauseous.Oh and by the way, I officially have gained 5lbs during this pregnancy! Here is a before and after from week 12 to week 16 (2/17).I have been feeling pretty good overall, but the migraines are still there. 

Glad I can handle some coffee but still no greens (until it’s spinach on pizza).Life’s about balance, especially the preggo life.


MIMM #15: Marvelous Goodness

Welcome to another Marvelous in MY Monday post!

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day weekend <3

The fiancé and I enjoyed a nice night in with plenty of carbsThe snow storm started at around 5:00pm, so we had pizza and stuffed cheesy breadsticks from Dominos. Noms!Of course dessert was in order; triple layer chocolate mousse marvelousness!As I mentioned, I got myself a prenatal massage at Shanti Body Works. Sarah was amazing and she really got into every little part that I was achy! If you are in the Northshore area of Massachusetts and mention my name (Sabrina Lopez), you’ll get a 10% discount!On Valentine’s Day, Baby was craving this marvelous array of antioxidants plus a strawberry yogurt. I think they new it was Valetine’s Day and wanted in!Sunday we were snowed in AGAIN! But we enjoyed a nice relaxing day with snacks, movies and massages for me! Can’t forget post-Valentine’s Day goodies like M&M crispy. Or this delicious glazed donut; holy marvelous sprinkle overload!Don’t worry, I eat healthy things too like Triple Zero Greek Oikos yogurt by Dannon. It’s my new favorite.And because I can’t suck it in anymore, I am finally comfy with this new body and letting baby hang! Baby Gendron will be four months tomorrow and today marks an official 5lbs gain! Not too bad for four months right?Happy MIMM, thanks Katie for hosting, and hope y’all have a great week!Question: What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Are you a Domino’s fan?

Fun Finds Friday #28

The last time I did a “Fun Finds Friday” was in 2013!

I decided to resurrect FFF and bring to you a few things I found in the past week or two. Not only that, it’s a three day in a row post spree. Wow, what has gotten into me?

For one, I haven’t been much in the blogging community in a while, so I really want to get back to it. Let’s get onto the finds.

If you watch television or hear about the Superbowl, chances are you seen the commercial for the triple zero yogurt from Dannon Oikos. The “triple zero” refers to zero added sugar, far or artificial sweeteners. It has 15g of protein and to my surprise, it was really good! I definitely will get it again. I can stomach it as opposed to other Greek yogurts like Chobani and Fage, since they are thicker. This Greek yogurt has more of a “regular” yogurt consistency. If you see it, try it out!

Next is this chocolate organic soy protein shake by Svelte. I tried their cappuccino one in the past and liked it, but this one was just too thick and had a strange taste. I will stick to the coffee one.You know I use to love my Vitatops “pre-allergy” diagnosing. Each week I am trying foods from my past that I haven’t eaten to see how my stomach is handling it.

I must say since not having chicken, green beans/peas and almonds, my stomach has been super happy. I know still red sauce gives me some heart burn and too much dairy makes me bloated and gasy. Listen to your body.

Back to the Vitatops, I decided to pick some up, since they were on sale for $2.99! I got the blueberry ones and man, still good as I remembered.This isn’t really a “find” but rather a re-find. I use to buy these a lot a few summers ago (I get enough fiber) and they taste good with granola and milk! So yeah, I am going to be doing that again. Speaking of granola, I got this wonderful box in the mail from Van’s Foods! It was filled with their new gluten-free granolas and pastas and some snazzy kitchen gear. I love the wooden spoon!

I dug into the Rotini and Red Sauce right away. The gluten-free rotini is made from brown rice, red lentil flour, beet powder and tomato owder. Each serving has 12g of protein and is quite low in sodium for a prepackaged item at only 160mg. It comes with marinara sauce to mix in once the pasta is done. You can add in chicken, ground beef or eat as is. I at it with some Parmesan cheese mixed in and let me tell you, it was so darn delicious! The texture of the pasta was perfect for a gluten-free pasta (which I have found to be an issue in the past). I am not a pasta person, but this makes me want to be. The only con is there wasn’t enough sauce for my taste, so I added some tomato basil pasta sauce. If you see Van’s Rotini and Red Sauce pasta, definitely give it a try.

I hope y’all enjoyed some fun finds and hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Question: Are you watching the Super Bowl? Pats or Seattle?

MIMM #12: What I’m Loving!

Today has been quite the Sunday;

…from a miscommunication at work to me locking myself out. I had to drive 30 minutes to get my key from the fiancé.

Luckily, there is a supermarket next to his work, which was one of my errands besides laundry and cleaning. It’s suppose to snow like crazy tomorrow. We already got a small taste on Saturday.

You bet the supermarkets were crowded! I am a glazed cake donut with sprinkles while I waited on line. It was marvelous! Here’s what it “kind of looked like.”Speaking of healthier eating, I’ve been loving the Special K original cereal. Since it lacks fiber, mixing in chia seeds is absolutely delicious and gives the cereal a nutrition boost!Also, since there are days I don’t feel good and Patrick isn’t here during the day, I’ve been relying on some quick meals like this Annie’s Homegrown microwaveable mac and cheese. It’s my favorite; not really a fan of “yellow cheddar.”My mom also got me there cute owl earrings. They are just too adorable, thanks mom!Since I will be home a little more often (and plus this snow storm), I picked up a book at Barnes and Nobles. I am a fan of mystery books with pets. I’ll let you know how it is. It seems similar to the “How to Wash a Cat” series, which I loved.And how could I forget that time I made some marvelous chocolate chip cookies and then made “mini” mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches for Patrick? Delicious!As always, thanks Katie for hosting MIMM! For those in the “storm” area, please be safe tomorrow! Stay indoors and cuddle with a book if you can :)Question: What are your favorite types of books or your favorite author?!

MIMM#10: Breakfast All Day!

What better way to start a marvelous Sunday morning then with a delicious breakfast and side of Swiss Mocha? Or enjoy a coffee date with your friend at Perfecto’s Caffe post spin; mmm gingerbread muffin and gingerbread cookie iced coffee. This week has been another busy week for me; between work, appointments and getting things done. It feels good to be productive but hopefully Tuesday I’ll be able to relax a bit… since I’m off, finally.Maybe even get to snuggle up with my new, marvelous sweater from Forever 21 and play with this little furball. Marvelous might be enjoying a nice bowl of warm oats.Or maybe pick up my favorite Cool Lime Refresher from Starbucks and an egg whites, cheese and turkey bacon sandwich.And enjoy some marvelous treats; like Skinny Cow’s new iced coffees. Or trying a different petite creme flavor.Either way, it’s going to be a nice day off and I can’t wait. Thanks Katie for hosting MIMM and hope y’all have a great week!Question: What do you typically do on your day off?

WIAW #117: This Is The Start!

It’s been since November that I posted a What I Ate Wednesday post.My eating has just been all over the place and since my cellphone camera got a “self-made filter” in the lens, I don’t take pictures too often.

I really enjoy blogging, taking the foodie pictures and creating recipes, like protein pancakes.

For 2015, I will make that a goal, along with other things such as sleep. Now that I wake up at 4:00am on most days, I need to get into the habit of falling asleep at least by 10:00pm.At the same time, I can’t put too much pressure on myself, because then I’ll just stay up! I got Bronchitis over my Christmas vacation and the Cool Lime Refresher (w/ extra lime) from Starbucks really does the trick for my throat. An inhaler helps too. Since it’s a virus, the doctor said I just have to wait it out. *Insert eye rolling movement here*


Now let’s recap some of the top posts for 2014 shall we?

Top Posts & Pages 2014

Top 2014 Recipe:

My Favorite Post:

My Favorite Recipe:

There you have it!A quick recap of 2014. I didn’t do as much blogging as I wanted too between school, moving and surgery. But 2015 will be epic, I can feel it! Thanks Jenn for hosting and look forward to posting more eats!

Question: If you’re a blogger, what was your favorite recipe you posted? Or as a reader, what was yours?

MIMM #9: Happy Holidays <3

For those who celebrate, I hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas!I had a great time in NY with the family, even with this little grinch!And the bunny, of course. Ms. Poops-A-Lot begs your pardon.I got a lot of good stuff, including copious amounts of Starbucks; 0ver $40!My favorite perfume and an iPod shuffle (for the gym) from the manfriend. And Questies from my littlest brother; think double this!I had some good city food like garlic knots and pizza. And even made some delicious protein donut treats!All and all, it was a fun and I enjoyed Christmas. It was definitely one of my favorites filled with love and joy. Thanks Katie for hosting MIMM! Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead and Happy New Year!