MIMM #19: Weekend Recap!

Happy MIMM from bunny to you <3Seriously, above is the cutest picture I have taken of her! 

This week seemed to drag since I feeling well, but at least there were some goodies involved like this Napoleon pastry.Or pizza. Or this Morning Star veggie burger on a baguette with laughing cow cheese wedge, tomato and the sauce below. For Friday night’s dinner, we had some delicious pasta using Bove’s pasta sauce.Bove’s is a family owned Italian restaurant in Burlington, Vermont. I remember going there in college in 2008. Seemed so long ago.I did manage to sneak in a workout; THIS ONE to be specific. Please check it out :)We went to dinner at the in-laws Saturday night. Definitely starting to look pregnant!And lastly, we went to TD Garden last night!Had some Ghirardelli ice cream on the way. And I saw my first basketball game.I am a baseball girl at heart but it was a nice way to end the weekend with Patrick. That’s a wrap for this Marvelous in My Monday. Thank you Katie for hosting and hope everyone has a great week! Question: What are you up to this week? I am off to Vermont and then a full work week ahead. :)

Lower Bod & Back Workout

If you’ve read my blog or follow me on Instagram,

You know my two favorite training days are legs and back. I don’t know why, just is! My least favorite is shoulders and that’s probably because I have a slight rotator’s cuff. Any who, since morning sickness began in pregnancy, my training suffered and I dropped down to maybe 1-2 times a week.

It was tough, after getting back into the swing of 4-5 times a week training. I got a lot of my energy back during the 11th week of pregnancy, but I used my energy wisely for when I taught classes.

I didn’t want to exhaust myself with personal workouts and let my classes suffer. The last workout I posted was a lower body and abs Tabata routine, which you can check out here!

Lately, I’ve been mixing workout days. I used to do a Shoulders & Chest, Bi’s & Tri’s, Lower Body and a Back day. Now I tend to mix shoulders, chest and tri’s and mix lower body with back and bi’s.Today’s workout, however, doesn’t have bi’s mixed, but feel free to throw in some bicep curls instead of the one handed dumbbell rows. I used 10lbs weights for all exercises except the flyes, I used 5lbs. Let’s get down to today’s workout, shall we?


Warm-Up: 10 minutes (moderate intensity) on your favorite cardio equipment ( I usually do treadmill)!

Exercises; Each 3-4 Sets of 10 Reps

  • Pull-down
  • Upright Row
  • Bent-Over Row
  • One Handed Dumbbell Row
  • Alternating Lateral to Medial Flyes
  • Sumo Squat
  • Weighted Plié “Squat”
  • Sumo Deadlift

Cool-Down: 10-15 minutes, steady pace on your favorite cardio equipment [or do a yoga segment!]


This workout should take you about 45-60mins to complete. Of course, if you do that yoga segment I linked to you, it will take about 65-75 minutes to complete. I like to save that for the days I have extra time.

If you’re short on time you can just do 2-3 sets of the exercises. Either way, you’ll get a nice lower bod and back workout that you’ll surely feel the next day or two. Be sure to hydrate replenish your body after!Question: Do you mix you separate your muscle groups or do more total body workouts?

Thinking Out Loud #3: Furbaby & Baby Girl

My furbaby girl. She is just adorable and likes to be quite mischievous. She follows me everywhere and never lets me pee in peace.I wonder if my baby girl will be the same. Probably so, I tend to have little tails.I had another ultrasound done on Tuesday, just to check on Samantha’s heart since they couldn’t see it too clear at 18 weeks. Verdict? Super healthy pumping heart <3My healthy and weight are also in check; I must thank my fitness instructing and the yoga. Of course, fueling myself right helps develop a healthy baby.I found these steel cut oat packets by Oat Revolution! The reason why I look for packaged oats is because it’s fortified with iron. Sometimes iron pills just make me nauseous.I also found a couple of Starbucks’s mocha light frappuccino’s at Big Lots. I love when they have random things that you just so happen to need and at a great price.That’s a wrap for the random thoughts on my head today. Thanks Amanda for hosting Thinking  Out Loud :)

Question: Ever shop at Big Lots? Have you tried Oat Revolution oat packets?

WIAW #121: St.Paddy’s [Sick] Day

It’s been a while since my last What I Ate Wednesday.

Fear not, for I am here with an updated post on my daily eats. Now that my appetite is 95% back to normal as of 15 Weeks, you will see healthier options. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Brunch: I woke up late yesterday, I wasn’t feeling too great. I made my usual steel cut oats w/ peanut butter and side of orange juice (x’s 2). This time I added blueberries instead of raspberries. #PartyAnimal.Mid-Morning Snack #1: I was trying to figure out if maybe I had a little caffeine withdrawal, so I got a soy latte w/ one pump of toffee nut. It didn’t really help, but it was still delicious.Mid-Morning Snack #2: I went to do a little grocery shopping to pick up more orange juice and fruit. I got a little hungry and munched on this Lemon Vanilla Luna bar. At the store, I spotted some goodies to bring to Patrick for St. Paddy’s Days. Mmmm. Lunch, Part #1: I normally don’t do lunch these days, I’ll have a couple rounds of snacks. First up was a Kind bar and a serving of Skoop‘s A-Game mixed with orange juice. Lunch, Part #2: Then a bowl of fresh strawberries and a vanilla Yoplait Greek whips.I had to go into work for a few hours before my awesome co-worker came in to relieve me. When I came home, Patrick had brought me some “get well” goodies. He sure knows how to make a pregnant sick lady feel better <3The box was a package from his sister that had a few items for Sam that she knitted herself. They were absolutely adorable!Dinner: I was just going to have some toast and eggs but Patrick really wanted stuffed crust from Pizza Hut. I had two small slices with a garlic and herb Laughing Cow cheese wedge on the side.After dinner, I called it a night and went to bed. This morning, I feel a bit better, but I am going to the doc’s later today to see if it’s anything. As always, thanks Jenn for hosting WIAW and I hope everyone has a great rest of your week/ weekend!

Question: Did you go out for St.Patrick’s Day? Domino’s or Pizza Hut? I prefer Domino’s if I had to choose, but Uno’s is my favorite “fast food” pizza joint.

Halfway There: Baby Gendron 20 Weeks!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day my lovely friends!

It’s Tuesday, which means my part-Irish Baby Samantha is 20 Weeks. We are officially halfway there and boy is the time is flying. Let’s recap how the past couple of weeks have been shall we?

Weight Gain: 9lbs and officially in the 170s! I was on track with the first trimester, gaining a total of about 3lbs (1-5lbs being average). From now til birth, it’s going to be about a pound gained per week.Workouts: Now teaching about 2-3 spin classes as of this week. My PERSONAL workouts are maybe 2-3 times a week, one being yoga and the others being strength training. If you missed my pregnancy health and fitness post, click here!


  • Migraines: A bit more again 2-3x’s a week. Still taking either one Excedrin tension headache or one fioricet.
  • Exhaustion: For the most part, my energy levels are back and I need a nap maybe once a week.
  • Nausea: A bit more again too, maybe 2-3x’s per week.
  • Others: A lot more back pain the past couple weeks. Breasts are still growing and super sore.

Food Aversions: Eating has gone back to “normal” for the most part with the exception of eating veggies plus a few cravings here and there. Still have the gag reflex for them greens but Skoop A-Game helps me make up for it.Food Cravings: For the past couple of weeks we have:

  • Steel Cut Oatmeal/ Raspberries
  • Yoplait Whips
  • Quest Bars
  • LOTS o’ Orange Juice (apparently that’s common!)
  • Iced teas
  • Salt-y & Carb-y Meals
  • Lollipops (or other random candies)

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new yet, but I really need to get some long workout tops. They are getting “shorter” and snug.

Stretch Marks: None. Just my daily cocoa butter/ coconut oil slathering.

Sleep: Sleep isn’t too bad, but I have had a lot of cramping in the middle of the night and the having to pee 24/7! :(

Gender: It’s a girl; Samantha Julia Gendron <3

Baby Items Purchased: Lots of girly and giraffe loot <3  There is so much on sale (50-75% off) that we are taking advantage and getting all sizes 0-12Ms.Everything shown, was about 50$ total. Not bad right?
And other things from Pat’s friends and coworkers! Looking Forward To: Baby shower in May to see all the family I haven’t seen in months or years!

Question: Any plans for St. Patrick’s Day? Me? Just working and no drinking. Maybe just Starbucks drinking. It’s green right? ;)

For all things pregnancy related; click here!

MIMM #18: Marvelous Eats & Treats

Happy, happy Monday.We are almost halfway done with March, can you believe it?

It also means I am almost halfway there til we meet baby Samantha! To “celebrate,” I did a marvelous post this past Saturday recapping my health and fitness from pre-pregnancy up until now and bought her these cute items last week.Marvelous is steel cut oats <3And lots o’ fruit! I am seriously loving these steel cut oats from Quaker, along with these other items for breakfasts.Kathleen’s Quick Oats saved me during my long-ass Saturday. I was up at 6:00am. I don’t remember the last time I woke up that early for work. Maybe January?On my late work day this week, I came home to a little Quest surprise from Patrick. He gets me ;)On one of the sunny day’s last week, I took a little walk through my neighborhood. The sound of the water, the sun and the birds chirping, means Spring is coming soon.I replenished after with some Skoop aka my new favorite “supplement” addition to my diet.And that was my week <3 It was busy but really nice with the sunny weather. Hope everyone has a wonderful week, Happy St. Patrick’s Day and of course, thanks Katie for hosting Marvelous in My Monday :-)

Question: What’s your current go-to breakfast? Have you tried Kathleen’s Quick Oats?

Pregnancy Health & Fitness

Happy Saturday y’all!Today’s post is health and fitness related and I am going to talk about my health and fitness so far during my pregnancy. Most of my information I have gathered for advice was through Baby Center or from hearing tips from veteran mamas. Once baby Samantha is born, I will recap third trimester into postpartum.


First Trimester (til 6-8Weeks) I didn’t find out I was pregnant until almost two months. At that time, I was finally back into the swing of bodybuilding (maybe 3-4 Weeks into it post surgery) and counting macros.

  • Macros: My average macros “pre-pregnancy” were around 180Carbs, 120Protein and 65Fat.
  • Workouts: I was lifting four times a week dividing back, bi’s, tri’s, shoulders, chest, abs and lower body. I also reserved two days for rest and one day for just cardio (usually spin). I also did cardio on one of the arm days, usually was on shoulders.
  • Instructing: I was teaching spin about 4 times a week, plus two Tabata/HIIT classes and one Stretch&Abs class. It wasn’t until til 7th week I began to get very nauseous.


First Trimester (8-13Weeks)I was just super nauseous and tired to teach all my classes. I ended up giving up a Tabata and spin class to have more rest.

  • Macros: Man did my protein plummet. I was a tad worried but I knew what was most important was keeping at least some food in my system. I mostly ate bagels, cereal, eggs and iced tea. Macros mostly came from carbs: 280-320Carbs, 55-70Protein, 50Fat.
  • Workouts: If I wasn’t an instructor, I probably would have been in bed all day. I dropped down to doing spin 2-3 times a week and 1 weight training day (mostly legs).
  • Instructing: I dropped down to teaching spin about 2-3 times a week (usually asked for coverage), one Tabata/HIIT class and the one Stretch&Abs class.


Second Trimester 13Weeks to Now (20Wks)


At about 11-12 Weeks, I began to get my energy back and eating a bit more protein. I was able to handle some Quest bars, yogurt, meats and cheese.

  • Macros: They got much better. Still about 55% of them came from carbs, which is okay with me. They average 290-340Carbs, 85-100Protein and 65-70Fat. Calorie wise, I am eating about 2100-2400. I eat when I am hungry and if I go over one day, I don’t stress out because there are maybe a day or two in the week I’m a bit under. I also made sure to get in more water, because the first two months was all sugary iced tea.
  • Workouts: For lent, I decided to up my yoga, so I must do at least 20-45mins of yoga twice a week. I am also still doing spin, but only 2-3 times a week plus 1-2 weight training days (usually arms and a lower body).


  • Instructing: Now only teaching spin 2-3 times a week. I dropped another spin, plus the Tabata/Hitt and Stretch&Abs class. I’ve been picking up spin classes and work at my yoga studio to make up for it.

The key things I try to focus on are staying active, yet making sure to rest and eating as best as I can. I tried to eat mostly whole foods now that my “normal” appetite is back. Lots of fruits, yogurts, light string cheese, turkey, whole grains and such.

I also am taking my daily prenatal, probiotics and using Skoop’s A-Game to get greens in (veggies are the only thing that are still a turn off). All I can do is take it one day at a time and be as healthy and fit as I can be for Samantha and I <3

Question to Pregnant Mamas or Veteran Moms: How do/did you stay healthy during your pregnancy? What were your go to foods or workouts?