Baby G: Week 13 <3

The fiancé and I were snowed in AGAIN yesterday.

We pretty much took the time to relax, watch some shows (including Cut Throat Kitchen) and eating delicious food.

Today I bring to you week 13 update of Baby Gendron. Right now, I am officially 14 weeks today! Today marks the second trimester. Or last week, depending on who you talk to.I can’t belive my little pumpkin is growing in there and has fingers and toes. It’s so surreal <3

Weight Gain: So far I am still on track with the first trimester. When I think back, I probably started the pregnancy at I’d say 162lbs. Today I weighed in at 165 (and I know I have some sodium retention).

Workouts: Still instructing! teaching 3-4 spin classes a week and the Stretch/Abs and Tabata class. My PERSONAL workouts are now 2-3 times a week, one being a yoga class. I managed to get that in at home, yay!

Symptoms: Getting better!

  • Migraines: Still have a few here but at least I am not waking up with them. Still taking either one Excedrin tension headache or one fioricet if they are really bad.
  • Exhaustion: I haven’t been too tired!
  • Nausea: Still here and there after 9:00pm.
  • Others: Lots of cramping and SUPER sore breasts. I feel like they are growing again to a full and luscious D. *sigh*

Food Aversions: I can now handle coffee a bit as of 13 weeks but still green veggies, dark chocolate and protein powder I refuse!

Food Cravings: Bagel cravings are pretty much gone but we still have:

  • M&Ms
  • Donuts (Glazed Cake)
  • Pizza
  • Cheese & Crackers (Triscuits)
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Diet Soda (Cream Soda and Coke)

Maternity Clothes: Haven’t bought anything new, but once summer dresses come out, I’m buying!

Stretch Marks: None. Just my daily cocoa butter slathering.

Sleep: I can feel my belly (and breasts!) growing. With the incision that I have on my stomach, I can feel the “stretching.” The pain has been starting around 2:00am the past few days, so sleep has been rough.

Gender: Don’t know yet, but I think it’s a girl.

Baby Items Purchased: Bought a couple of pregnancy books including this “From Pea to Pumpkin” pregnancy journal.Looking Forward To: Getting bigger, finding out the sex in March!

Question: Were you snowed in again? Any pregnancy books/ material any of y’all recommend?

Don’t forget, for all things pregnancy related; click here! :)

MIMM #13: Super Bowl Weekend!

Happy [Snow Day] Marvelous in My Monday and as always, thanks Katie for hosting!It’s another snow day here in New England and a lot of places are closed yet again. I am snowed in with the fiancé since we both have the day off. I haven’t been feeling too great and took the weekend off from my workouts.

Today I plan to do some shoulders/ chest at home with the kettlebells and 10lbs weights I have after this breakfast. But let’s get back to this Marvelous weekend.

Boy was it filled with food galore and the Super Bowl. Friday night, Patrick and I went randomly to “dinner” and ended up at Denny’s. I was craving a giant plate of delicious egg whites. I doubt there are four here, so I logged in five.Some Marvelous turtle cheesecake for dessert. Mmmm <3Now I am not a fan of football, I am more of a baseball chick. But Patrick really wanted me to watch the game with him (at least part of it), so I agreed to watch a bit. That’s love right? Sunday morning, he woke up to get me some donuts. I heard of this place called Ziggy’s in Salem, MA and wanted to try them. The sprinkles and apple cinnamon glazed were my favorite. As if we didn’t have enough sweets, I wanted to make some brownies with a vanilla buttercream frosting. Was just in the mood and they came out Marvelously delicious.‘P’ was supposed to be for Patrick, but he kept say it’s for Patriots. What ever floats his boat!I tried this Power Crunch bar and I just did NOT like it. Maybe it was the white coating? Maybe the chocolate one would have been better to try? I don’t know, but I just couldn’t stomach it.Highlight of the weekend? Spending time with Patrick and these beautiful flowers he got me. Love him <3Question: Have you tried Power Crunch bars? What’s your favorite flavor?

Were you watching the Super Bowl and happy with the results?!

Are you snowed in too?

Fun Finds Friday #28

The last time I did a “Fun Finds Friday” was in 2013!

I decided to resurrect FFF and bring to you a few things I found in the past week or two. Not only that, it’s a three day in a row post spree. Wow, what has gotten into me?

For one, I haven’t been much in the blogging community in a while, so I really want to get back to it. Let’s get onto the finds.

If you watch television or hear about the Superbowl, chances are you seen the commercial for the triple zero yogurt from Dannon Oikos. The “triple zero” refers to zero added sugar, far or artificial sweeteners. It has 15g of protein and to my surprise, it was really good! I definitely will get it again. I can stomach it as opposed to other Greek yogurts like Chobani and Fage, since they are thicker. This Greek yogurt has more of a “regular” yogurt consistency. If you see it, try it out!

Next is this chocolate organic soy protein shake by Svelte. I tried their cappuccino one in the past and liked it, but this one was just too thick and had a strange taste. I will stick to the coffee one.You know I use to love my Vitatops “pre-allergy” diagnosing. Each week I am trying foods from my past that I haven’t eaten to see how my stomach is handling it.

I must say since not having chicken, green beans/peas and almonds, my stomach has been super happy. I know still red sauce gives me some heart burn and too much dairy makes me bloated and gasy. Listen to your body.

Back to the Vitatops, I decided to pick some up, since they were on sale for $2.99! I got the blueberry ones and man, still good as I remembered.This isn’t really a “find” but rather a re-find. I use to buy these a lot a few summers ago (I get enough fiber) and they taste good with granola and milk! So yeah, I am going to be doing that again. Speaking of granola, I got this wonderful box in the mail from Van’s Foods! It was filled with their new gluten-free granolas and pastas and some snazzy kitchen gear. I love the wooden spoon!

I dug into the Rotini and Red Sauce right away. The gluten-free rotini is made from brown rice, red lentil flour, beet powder and tomato owder. Each serving has 12g of protein and is quite low in sodium for a prepackaged item at only 160mg. It comes with marinara sauce to mix in once the pasta is done. You can add in chicken, ground beef or eat as is. I at it with some Parmesan cheese mixed in and let me tell you, it was so darn delicious! The texture of the pasta was perfect for a gluten-free pasta (which I have found to be an issue in the past). I am not a pasta person, but this makes me want to be. The only con is there wasn’t enough sauce for my taste, so I added some tomato basil pasta sauce. If you see Van’s Rotini and Red Sauce pasta, definitely give it a try.

I hope y’all enjoyed some fun finds and hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Question: Are you watching the Super Bowl? Pats or Seattle?

Thinking Out Loud #1: “Body Image”

So this morning I’ve been reading a few blogs and saw this whole “thinking out loud business.”

I had no idea about this linkup! Well, came at a good time because I just have things I just want to say. So here is my first “thinking out loud” post and thank you to Amanda for hosting this link-up!Now, some may not understand the context of this post and there are those who are going to completely get it. For those who have been with me for a while, you know that in September 2009, I completed my 100lb weight loss goal that started the year before in the summer. I went from 250lbs to about 154lbs.

I still kept working out and became a “cardio bunny” because I still felt “fat.” I got down to 143lbs, then to almost 135 doing a lot of HIIT, cardio and light weights. When I got that low, I was very lethargic and went to my doctor.He told me that I probably wasn’t eating enough, but I knew I was; I was eating 1,600-1800 calories per day. I had a full-time secretary desk job and worked out 4-5 times a week. In 2011, I decided to gain back some weight and get back to 148-154lbs.

With the bodybuilding I was doing (more like a cross with powerlifting), I got up to 158lbs by May 2014 and was happy there. Between the surgery in July that caused me to gain 10lbs, finally losing it in October and then conceiving in November, my body has not been my own.

{May 2014}

My weight has fluctuated since July from 158 to 168 to 161 to now 164lbs. I know that during the first trimester, 2-5lbs is ideal to gain and then a total of 25-35lbs. I won’t lie, sometimes when I wake up, I feel fat between bloating and growing baby. I try to think positive and remember that my body is doing something wonderful – growing my pumpkin <3

{January 2015} 164lbs

Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. I’ve been trying to find things that help and here are just a few, if you are dealing with body dismorphia, pregnancy weight gain or even just trying to lose weight;

  • Weigh yourself once a week: There are days I feel slim and days I feel huge. Usually on the slim days I’m heavy and huge days I’m light. I weight myself once a week either Monday or Sunday when I had good time to sleep and it’s after teaching 3-4 spin classes. Tuesday/Wednesday is like my “cheat” or vegg day, so I don’t weigh myself then.
  • Wear flattering clothing: This may seem like a no brainer but trust me it helps! It makes a difference when I weight a flattering shirt and I feel “bloated” versus wearing something uncomfy - it makes me even more self conscious. 
  • Limit sodium intake: Sodium = bloating! I’ve been eating more sodium then normal due to my cravings. I know for me 1800mg MAX is good for me, but lately it’s been over 2,500mg and the daily recommended is under 2,300. Drink lots of water if you are taking in a lot of sodium!
  • Don’t do things that make you feel self conscious: Now for example for me if I look at the mirror when I feel bloated, I feel self conscious.  Just don’t do it to yourself! You know you’re bloated, it’s a natural part of the process. Even if your not pregnant, it happens depending on what you ate the night before and if you drank enough water. Be easy on yourself.
  • Remember “Life is a Journey, NOT a Destination:” Just because you aren’t at your goals, doesn’t mean you won’t get there. Whether it’s to loss weight, gain muscle or maintain, it WILL happen. Fitness is my passion and part of my career and I know I will get back into it.I just have to think positive and remember come September, I can get back on track with my personal goals. For now, I have two to worry about; myself and the growing pumpkin. The need me to stay healthy and no overexert – and that’s what I must keep reminding myself. <3

Question: Did you ever go through body dismorphia or know someone who did? What helps you when you are feeling down about your body or not feeling “oh so positive?”

WIAW #120: More Cravings: BabyG Week 12!

The fiancé and I were snowed in on Tuesday.Perspective? That little table goes up to my thighs. We pretty much vegg’d, watching some moives and enjoyed time together. Even the bunny got to vegg.I also bring to you week 12 update of Baby Gendron, with lots of delicious eats! Right now, I am officially 13 weeks! Last week of the first trimester and soon into the second. 

Weight Gain: So far I am still on track with the first trimester. Since I started at a healthy weight, 25-35lbs is recommended. The doctors don’t consider muscle mass, bone density and the fact that I have metal in my leg. I know I am healthy and going to ignore the fact that the height to weight ratio says “I’m overweight.”I decided to change my OB, to someone who actually is going to listen to me instead of just say “nope, chart says your fat.” I am more comfy with males and I was happy to know they have males OB’s there. Can’t wait til February 18th!

I weighed 159lbs before pregnancy, where I want to be (maybe 154ish lbs). My “healthy range” is 135-145lbs. I looked like death when I was that weight, was sick all the time and was not healthy at all. I know my body better then anyone, so I will keep listening.Workouts: Still a fitness instructor… still teaching 3-4 spin classes now and the Stretch/Abs and Tabata class. My PERSONAL workouts are now 1-2 times a week, one being a yoga class, which I missed last week. Boo :(

Symptoms: Getting better!

  • Migraines: Thank goodness they are disappearing, although I may have a small one every 1-2 days. I am still taking either Excedrin tension headache or fioricet if they are really bad.
  • Exhaustion: Same, I haven’t been AS exhausted as the first 10 weeks. My naps are now 2-3 times a week instead of every day.
  • Nausea: Pretty much has gone away but still here and there at night.
  • Others: Mild cramping and SUPER sore breasts, not to mention an increase in cup size (C->D)!

Food Aversions: Alittle different this week; still coffee for most part, green veggies, dark chocolate, protein powder and now yogurt most days.

Food Cravings: Bagels and burger cravings have gone away but, this WIAW is brought to you by my MORE cravings;

  • M&Ms & other candies!
  • Donuts (Glazed Cake)
  • Ice cream <3
  • Cookies
  • Pizza
  • String Cheese
  • White Cheddar Mac & Cheese
  • Diet Soda (Coke Zero)
  • AND more pizza…

Maternity Clothes: Just the two maternity shirts, a few one size up workout tops and one cup up bras. Haven’t bought anything yet, but I want to get some dresses soon.

Stretch Marks: None, just my daily cocoa butter slathering.

Sleep: Since I have been napping longer in the day, my sleep is not too great at night, I’ve been waking up super groggy. Hopefully I can fix that this week.

Gender: Don’t know yet :)

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing besides the tiger gear from almost a couple of weeks ago!

Looking Forward To: Getting bigger, finding out the sex in March and my last solo birthday before motherhood! It’s sounds odd but it’s kinda cool. 2016, I’ll have my new family to share my birthday with. <3

Thanks Jenn for hosting WIAW! Hope y’all enjoyed my delicious sweets and eats!Don’t forget, for all things pregnancy related; click here! :)

Question: Were you snowed in today? Are you going to be snowed in for Wednesday? I am!

MIMM #12: What I’m Loving!

Today has been quite the Sunday;

…from a miscommunication at work to me locking myself out. I had to drive 30 minutes to get my key from the fiancé.

Luckily, there is a supermarket next to his work, which was one of my errands besides laundry and cleaning. It’s suppose to snow like crazy tomorrow. We already got a small taste on Saturday.

You bet the supermarkets were crowded! I am a glazed cake donut with sprinkles while I waited on line. It was marvelous! Here’s what it “kind of looked like.”Speaking of healthier eating, I’ve been loving the Special K original cereal. Since it lacks fiber, mixing in chia seeds is absolutely delicious and gives the cereal a nutrition boost!Also, since there are days I don’t feel good and Patrick isn’t here during the day, I’ve been relying on some quick meals like this Annie’s Homegrown microwaveable mac and cheese. It’s my favorite; not really a fan of “yellow cheddar.”My mom also got me there cute owl earrings. They are just too adorable, thanks mom!Since I will be home a little more often (and plus this snow storm), I picked up a book at Barnes and Nobles. I am a fan of mystery books with pets. I’ll let you know how it is. It seems similar to the “How to Wash a Cat” series, which I loved.And how could I forget that time I made some marvelous chocolate chip cookies and then made “mini” mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches for Patrick? Delicious!As always, thanks Katie for hosting MIMM! For those in the “storm” area, please be safe tomorrow! Stay indoors and cuddle with a book if you can :)Question: What are your favorite types of books or your favorite author?!

Food Alergies & Skin Testing

Remember my first food allergy test back in 2011?Since May/June of last year, my stomach wasn’t feeling right anymore. My “ehem” bowel movements were still okay but my stomach was always puffy and in some pain.

I had been bodybuilding since November 2013; eating a lot of chicken, green beans, broccoli, Greek yogurt, almonds, eggwhites, almond butter and so forth. I then stopped bodybuilding due to a back injury and switched to spin, but was still eating the same things.

Randomly, I just wasn’t feeling up to eating almond butter anymore and I tried some peanut butter, which I hadn’t eaten in years. Even though “I knew” I was allergic, I still had a small spoonful.

I didn’t experience any symptoms and it got me wondering if my intolerance/ allergies had changed. I gave in and had some wheat and I even tried some organic/ non-GMO popcorn. To my surprised, nothing. But yet my stomach was still bothering me.Then I had the surgery in late July and opted to just wait a few months since I knew my hormones were going to be off. Once my insurance was all settled, I made the appointment to see the allergist. Instead of a blood test, I had a skin prick test.

The doctor told me that this was the most reliable and instantaneous of all the food allergy tests. Here is a snipit from Food

…To diagnose a food allergy, your allergist may use a skin prick test (SPT) to measure the presence of IgE antibodies for the suspect food. SPTs are inexpensive, produce immediate results, and can be performed in the doctor’s office.

During this test, the allergist places a drop of solution containing the food allergen on your forearm or back. (When testing fruits or vegetables, fresh food may be used instead of a solution.) Using a small plastic probe or needle, the doctor gently pricks or scratches the skin to allow a tiny amount of the solution to enter just below the surface. The SPT is generally not painful and there is no bleeding. The scratching on the surface of the skin feels similar to a fingernail scratch.

Depending on your case history, you may be tested for one food or several. Results usually appear within 30 minutes. Positive results are indicated by a wheal – a raised white bump surrounded by a small circle of itchy red skin. In general, a large wheal is more likely to indicate a true food allergy, but size is not always an accurate predictor. If no wheal appears, it is unlikely that you are allergic to the test food.

After the test was completed, I ended up finding out I was allergic to all fish, which I knew, including haddock, cod, salmon, shrimp, etc. I was also allergic to chicken, almonds, green beans and green peas, which when I think about it makes sense. During my strick bodybuilding days, that literally was all I was eating.

The doctor did say that the foods combined could make the symptoms worse. To my surprise, peanut, wheat, sesame seeds, lactose, walnuts and corn did NOT appear. Now the doctor did mention that sometimes it just depends on your body. Some people can eat cooked apples but not raw.

Listen to your body!

It’s been a few days and I did cut out the chicken and noticed immediate relief. I haven’t touched the greens and almonds in a while, so I wouldn’t know with that. I do know that too much dairy makes me bloated and raw leafy greens just don’t sit well.

I think once my normal “eating” comes back and perhaps even after pregnancy, I’ll be able to test better. Right now, I’m always some kind of bloated – I’m pregnant! So that is where I am at now; taking it day by day and really listening to my body. That’s all I can do right?Question: To those with food allergies or know someone; “Have you ever noticed any symptoms coming back?” Did you ever grow out of a food allergy or even have one come back?”