“We Rise By Lifting Others”

This weekend got me thinking about support. When people work together, amazing things can happen. There is a part of my life where this does not happen.

I won’t give too much information on it but I believe when everyone supports one another, life is beautiful. Sure we are responsible for our happiness and how we handle situations, but why must those situations exist?

Why can’t people just support one another, instead of trying to bite each others heads off. I often think of the future and how Samantha will tackle this world. I want her to be strong and see the good in everyone. But if some one or some thing is just going to be toxic, it’s best to just walk away. Some things are not meant to be fixed.

It’s not about giving up, it’s about knowing when to stop hurting yourself. This can be applied to anything; surround yourself with positive people instead of trying to fit into a crowd that will just do you no good.


I hope everyone is having a marvelous start to the week. Had to hit you with the heavy stuff first before we get into marvelous deals like these. Or this cute pumpkin face who turned three months!Or how about a marvelous Whole Foods breakfast treat?Maybe some sandwich action? Times TWO.I don’t know what it is, but I have been on a serious sandwich kick and I am not a sandwich person. It’s just quick and easy, I suppose. :-D

I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in my Monday, thanks for hosting lady!Question: Are you a sandwich person? What’s YOUR favorite combo?

Work In Progress.


My life.

It’s a work in progress. As I think many of our lives are.

Things can change any day, any minute, and second! My life changed when I met Patrick almost three years ago. It also changed when Samantha was born on August 6th, 2015. Life will never be the same, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My body is a work in progress. Here is 6 weeks of progress; I am now 3 months postpartum on the left and 3 weeks postpartum on the right. I lost about four inches off my belly and five pounds. May not seem like a lot but baby steps are key to long term success.

Maybe a little coffee played a role. I use to get lattes all the time but now I down graded to iced coffee with soy milk. I still get my fix and my body [and wallet] thank me.I also don’t deprive myself. When I first began on my weight loss journey, I thought certain foods were off limits, but I soon realized, life is about an 80/20 balance; 80% on plan, 20% wiggle room. I like cookies in that room. :-DI fuel my body. Whether it’s through good food, extra vitamin/ iron supplements or Shakeology, my body is always getting the nutrition I need. After all I have a family that needs me to be healthy.I’ve slowed down. Not only because, hey being a parent and working is tiring but I am learning to enjoy every moment.

That means slowing down and spending time where it matters.And capturing those precious “first time” moments. I am linking up with Amanda this week for Thinking out LOUD Thursdays. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Question: What is YOUR current “work in progress?”

MIMM #43: Cookie, Drinks & In Between.

It’s the last week of October!

What have you been up to this month?

If you missed my post yesterday I shared some marvelous tunes that are currently on my playlists for spin and Tabata class. Check it out HERE! I got my November Citrus Lane box the other day and I have to say I am in love with all the products. How cute is this marvelous “lullaby to go?Samantha was pretty excited about it herself. It was perfect to hang in the car!I think she was also excited about her new boots too! I caved the other day and got me a pumpkin spice latte. I must say the new pumpkin sauce is “not-so-marvelous.” Sadly the artificial stuff was much better in my opinion.These marvelous oatmeal cookies from Whole Foods are going to be the death of me. #CookieMonster.Marvelous is restashing my Greenberry Shakeology goodness.If you want to know more about Shakeology, shoot me a message or check out THIS post for more info!Well that is a wrap for this Marvelous Monday post! Thanks Katie for hosting :-D

Playlist #3: October Tunes!

Can  you believe October is almost over?

And… can you believe I am almost three months postpartum?

Prebaby body is coming back little by little. I can say my legs are probably there already. Just working on that “baby pouch.” ;-)Before we depart with this month I want to share with you some of my favorite tunes jammin’ on my ipod for my spin and Tabata classes; some songs for speed, some for strength and some to cool-down!

  1. Stiches, Shawn Mendes
  2. El Perdón, Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias
  3. Stupid Me, MAGIC!
  4. I Don’t Like It, I Love It, Flo Rida ft. Robin Thicke
  5. What Do You Mean? Justin Bieber
  6. The Light, Adam Lambert
  7. Same Old Love, Selena Gomez
  8. Ex’s & Oh’s, Elle King
  9. Can’t Feel My Face, The Weeknd
  10. Locked Away, R. City ft. Adam Levine

Question: What was your favorite workout song this month?

Other Playlists:

Thinking Out LOUD: Day of Eats!

I know my posts have been quite inconsistent but I am still getting the hang of Miss newborn. She is 10 weeks today, where did all the time go?

I think after three months that’s when things get better and more predictible. She is almost on a proper nap shedule, which is great!

I start out my day usually between 7-8am. She wakes up for her first feeding. Now, she does still wake up between 1-2 am.

We’ve gotten use to the broken sleep so I don’t wake up too tired anymore; most days ;-).Days vary with breakfast but I’ve been doing either oatmeal with frozen strawberries or grabbing one of these granola cookies with some natural peanut butter and grapes.Mid-morning snack tends to be a banana or an apple. We still have plenty of apples left from apple picking.Lunch? Turkey sandwich with swiss on whole grain bread. Sometimes I make it a Boca vegan veggie burger if I have the extra few minutes to microwave.Another coffee is in order at some point in the day. Sometimes in, sometimes out. Iced coffee and soy please! Mid-afternoon snack is Shakeology. Current mix of frozen strawberries, vanilla Shakeo and a pinch of vanilla almond milk.Dinner depends on how baby girl is behaving. From 6-8pm seems to be her “terror hours” so I try to cook before then if I can. It varies but we do pork chops, homemade pizza, pasta, wraps or breakfast if we are just too tired! Dessert? I tried out these the other night from my mom and boy are they delicious and deadly!That’s a wrap for today! I’m linking up with Amanda today for thinking out LOUD Thursdays. Thanks for hosting!Question: What’s your current favorite snack for munchin’?

MIMM #42: Breakfast Fun!

Happy Monday ya’ll. :-D

#BreafkastToGO #StrawberryShakeology.This past week was not the most fun, I was super sick but I at least I had good company. My mom and uncle came to visit on Saturday to get the little munchkin and early Christmas gift.

#ClassyLady #Peals. :-) My mom also brought me some marvelous Paleo Pumpkin muffins she made. They were actually pretty tasty.

Go give em’ a try!I had a emergency hunger/ craving kick in during one of my errands. I tried out this marvelous salted caramel brownie zone bar and it wasn’t too bad! I won’t get it on a regular basis but it was good too try out.

Workouts were pretty much non-existing this week but today I managed to pump out a marvelous Tabata session & a little PiYo core!And as I chat with you, I am refueling with a spinch & feta wrap with a marvelous iced coffee on the side. #StarbucksLover. :-DFor posts this week, I will be sharing a day of eats and my current favorite workout songs for October.

I am linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday. Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Question: What’s your favorite breakfast sandwich combo?

Friday Favorites #8: New Finds & Favorites!

It’s been a while since I last posted but baby girl needs her mama.

9 weeks postpartum! Here are a few of my new favorite things as of late:

Cookies for a snack? Yes please!

I don’t know what it is but I am in love with these granola cookies. Trying out blueberry instead of the cranberry.Mommy and me yoga: It was a little baby massaging for her and some post-natal yoga for mommy. Flatout Foldit’s: I like the original ones but I wanted to get my hands on the ancient grains one. So good and hearty at 10g of protein and 7g of fiber.Baby hoodies with ears (by Carter’s). :-DWhole Grain PB Crackers: Pat loves these to have as a snack and I was so happy to find whole grain ones with a little less calories and more fiber! Now I can keep some handy for a snack too. I use to be addicted to Sun Chips years go and now they are back!Protein Kind Bars: This was perfect after teaching a couple classes back to back to replenish protein, some carbs and good fats!Some Shakeology to refuel; this time I’ve been enjoying the vanilla flavor. I’m linking up for Friday Favorites with Heather. Thanks for hosting! :-D Question: What are some of YOUR favorite things?

Have you tried Foldit’s?