MIMM #28: Birthday Love

This week was all about our marvelous new place. We officially moved in Thursday night. It’s been a busy and back and forth week moving our things.Here’s a better view of my favorite room.Bun-Bun likes it too. This weekend was also the fiancé’s birthday.He had to work most of the weekend, but I still managed to squeeze in some birthday love <3And a little marvelous BBQ-ish dinner. Of course, he still to surprises me with marvelous goodies too.That’s a wrap for this week’s MIMM. Thanks to the lovely Katie for hosting and I hope everyone has a marvelous Sunday/ Monday!

Question: Did you partake in any dessert eating this week?

I think it’s safe to say I had enough for a few weekends ;)

Thinking Out Loud #10: Baby Shower, NYC & Moving

What a crazy week and a half.

Between signing the lease to our new place and our baby shower <3We celebrated our baby girl to be with a baby shower in New York this past weekend. My mom put the whole thing together, she is just too amazing!  

For the full baby shower recap and my 30 Week update, click HERE :)

{30 Weeks}

If you’ve been keeping up with the pregnancy posts, you know that the theme is giraffes/ jungle.Hopefully Samantha doesn’t hate them too much.  We also showed Pat’s parents around the city and went to the Museum of Natural History. It was super crowded but was a nice day!A little Dave and Buster’s action ain’t hurt no body ;)Fast forward to today, we still have unpacking and U-haul renting for our furniture. Should be another busy week ahead. As always, thanks Amanda for hosting thinking out loud Thursdays!

Question: What did you do this past Memorial Day weekend?

Ever been to Dave & Busters?


Baby Gendron’s Baby Shower {30 Weeks}

We are in the 30’s and in the third Trimester as of week 28  <3

{30 Weeks}

Holy moly – countdown of 10, 9, 8… begins!

Today, I am recapping weeks 28-30. What’s been going on the past couple of weeks?

{28 Weeks}

Weight Gain: 20lbs; started out at 162lbs.

Workouts: I have officially ended spin instructing last week, but will continue to workout on my own. It’s just feel very uncomfy and I have a lot of round ligament pain, even just sitting in the saddle just as I mentioned before. Currently, my personal workouts are about 4 times a week; 1-2 times of yoga (one being prenatal), 2-3 times of strength training.

If you missed my pregnancy health and fitness post, click here!



  • Migraines: Finally have been very minimal, maybe once a week and no pill needed.
  • Exhaustion: Energy is still up there. I have been managing to still get solid 30 minute workouts 4-5 times a week.
  • Nausea: Still around. I wake up nauseous every morning but it goes away quick.
  • Others: A lot more lower back/ round ligament pain and a slight waddle!

Food Aversions: I’ve finally been able to eat more greens here and there; small salad, more tomatoes, some spinach in sandwiches.

Food Cravings: For the past couple of weeks it’s been:

  • Cereal (Special K, Fiber One & Kashi)
  • Strawberries
  • Starbucks Lattes
  • Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter


Maternity Clothes: I am now just wearing my large leggings. I can tell the medium ones are about to “burst” in the hip/ thigh area.  I did purchase a dress from JCP, which is the first picture in this post.

Stretch Marks: Still with my daily cocoa butter/ coconut oil slathering, but I am noticing some “stretching” of my weight loss stretch marks, but it really doesn’t bug me since they are my skin color.

Sleep: Sleep has been a struggle to get comfy and also she has been moving quite a lot.

Gender: It’s a girl; Samantha Julia <3

Baby Items Purchased: None, because we had a baby shower this past weekend <3 The theme of the shower was “Jungle Baby,” obviously with a giraffe focus. We had the goodie bags and lolli’s for take homes.I loved all the decor and was all my possible by this lovely lady. Love you mom! Goofin’ around. Dirty Diaper Game (aka melt chocolate in a diaper and guess the chocolate).So grateful for all the gifts and creativity.We are so thankful for everyone that came to the shower and purchased practically EVERYTHING on our registry. Looking Forward To: Moving to our first official apartment together and start-up place for Samantha. Super excited to get that out of the way, it’s been a process.

Question: Did you like the jungle baby shower theme?

Ever experienced apartment/ house searching struggles?


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Thinking Out Loud #9: Home, Sweet, Home <3

After a crazy fiasco and much stress of looking for a place for the past few months…

Patrick and I finally found our first official apartment together (there are 6 units).We couldn’t be happier with the location (for both our jobs) and I just love the kitchen.Not to mention this view!It’s nice that there is a park right across the street where I can walk and take Samantha out for a stroll.Celebratory cupcakes were in order.And Starbucks! Speaking of celebrating, I was happy to find out at my OB appointment that my glucose level was 99 (max is 130). I celebrated with a Kettlebell workout and spin! I’m feeling super strong ;)

Although thoughts of the new place are on my mind, I am happy to not have thoughts of the search stress! Now to wait til Samantha is born for “parental stress.” Of, course it’s welcomed stress. <3

Thanks Amanda for hosting Thinking Out Loud Thursdays! Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend :)

MIMM #27: Busy Bee!

I pretty much did post much last week.

This week seemed to fly by between work, projects, appointments and a million errands. On Thursday, Pat and I went to see an apartment (which was a fail) but at least lunch at Red Robin’s was marvelous.And dessert later was just as marvelous. Last week, I also participated in a marvelous photo shoot for one of the studios I work for.And had a delicious lunch after. So simple!This past weekend, my mother-in-law and I started prepping some goodies for the baby shower.Homemade lollies (also in dark and yellow-white chocolate) and bags with “It’s A Girl” Hershey kisses.Also a few personalized candy mason jars with custom M&Ms for a few special ladies in my life <3And ended with marvelous DIY tinted eos lip balm making (check YouTube for vids).This week is not too busy, but the apartment search will continue. Hope everyone has a wonderful, happy MIMM and thanks Katie for hosting!

Question: Did you have a busy week?

Any favorite DIY projects you have?

WIAW #124: Long Day!

Good morning y’all!

I am stopping by for a What I Ate Wednesday post today. I have a full day today (10am-9pm) with a couple of hours in between time. All meals were pre-prepped and packed!

I started my day off with some protein pancakes before heading to my doctor’s appointment. It’s been a while since I had em’ and they did not disappoint.  Of course coffee too.I had a thinkThin lean protein and fiber bar as a snack, just before the doctor’s. For lunch, I made a whole wheat wrap with turkey, Swiss, tomatoes and garlic infused olive oil. Mmmm :) Afternoon pick-me-up!For a second snack (at work), I packed a fruit salad, Greek yogurt and string cheese. To satisfy my sweet tooth (had two) <3 Dinner (at work) was some homemade Vermont pasta with homemade pasta sauce from this weekend.Thanks Jenn for hosting this food party!Question: Ever had one of those crazy long days where you’re home to just wake up, go and come back to sleep?

How do you tackle them?

MIMM#26: Mother’s Day <3

Happy “belated” Mother’s Day to the beautiful mamas and mamas-to-be for Samantha & I!My parents were so sweet and sent me a marvelous little package. I totally wasn’t expecting it all – I was super emotional. I had to work all day (which was fine) but it was nice to be [pre-]appreciated.

Patrick bought me flowers, cake and this card with pearls! #Hegetsme ;) I treated myself to the marvelous Frappuccino happy hour at Starbucks. Motherhood is no easy task. My mom was strong and raised three wonderful children. We wouldn’t be anywhere without our mama.

Love you mom <3

Did you see my marvelous 15 minute quick HIIT total body routine from this weekend? If not, click here. I promise, you’ll work your bodygood! I also have a new ‘Workouts’ tab where you’ll find a collection of my personal workout routines I’ve shared.

Post-workout recovery smoothie anyone?Kitty wants too ;)Thanks Katie for hosting MIMM and hope everyone had a lovely weekend!Question: Did you partake in Starbucks Frappuccino happy hour this past week?