A Day In Vermont

Good morning and happy Easter weekend!

Now that lent is over we are back to our regularly scheduled program. To celebrate my commitment to no specialty coffee, doing yoga or meditating once a week and taking a social media [semi hiatus], I got a soy latte with toffee nut and added some sugar in the raw. So good, but pricey. It was nice to save money (and extra added sugar) and make my own protein mochas. So, where were we for this week? Why yes, my mom came to visit as it was her birthday.I took her on a day[cation] trip to Vermont.

Of course, Green Mountain coffee was involved for sure.
And lots of Cabot Cheese. For her lunch/ dinner we went to Vermont Pub and Brewery, which is her favorite place.Of course we ordered some samplers that included Forbidden Fruit and a Maple lager. We always get the angus brew burger. I got mines bunless with Swiss cheese. Mmmm!Lots of homework is all in order this week. My midterms are coming (my semesters are weird), yay me.I hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend (if you celebrate) and happy birthday again to my moms.

May you stay youthful and beautiful as you always are. Xo.

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WIAW#92: Counting My Macros!

Hello everyone and happy What I At Wednesday courtesy of Peas and Crayons!For this week, I want to get talking on my macros; you know carbs, proteins and fats. I also like to count my fiber and sugar intake as well because I always find that I have to watch those as well. For this WIAW, I am going to show you a few of my meal/ snack combos and show you how I meet and what exactly are my macro requirements!

My goal is to lose about 10lbs, build muscles, lean out and stay healthy! Through calculating my on Bodybuilding.com and My Fitness Pal (which I just converted from Lose It), not to mention trial and error, I have found the best macros from yours truly;

Calories: Goal=1790
Fat: Goal=50g
Carbs: Goal=170
Protein: Goal=[140]-160g

For my breakfasts now, I like to use about 1/3 of my daily carb intake. I usually make a double (or 1.5) serving of protein pancakes to keep me full for the morning with a smidge of almond butter and sugar-free maple.Here are two samples of “meals 4,5 and 6″ that I take for work;And another; under the Chobani above is oats w/ chia seeds.Here is one of my “lower carb” days.Always on top of my meal prepping.My mom came to visit this past weekend and there were some dine outs, but I stayed on top of my game. At Olive Garden I got their Rosemary Chicken and swapped the mash potatoes for broccoli. No Excuses!Question: Do you count your macros? Do you use a food/ exercise tracker like My Fitness Pal or Lose It?

Coffee… Will You Be My Valentine’s? [Plus A HIIT Workout!]

I treated myself this Valentine’s Day and I enjoyed every second.

I was up for 35hours and I will do my best to never do that again. I never felt so disoriented in my life, you would have thought I was drunk and I have never gotten drunk! They say not sleeping is the same impairment, if not worse. But don’t go out drinking and doing stuff while your drunk okay? It is never okay! Anywho, off the seriousness, after my overnight shift I went to yoga. I know I needed it and I am glad I did go. I then went to have coffee at my favorite spot and got a s’mores latte (1/2 sugar-free flavors). It was good but nothing beats the honey and cinnamon one. I did most of my paper and then headed to Salem with my brother and ran some errands. And then this happened:I made us some Valentine’s Day pizza for lunch using Bob’s Red Mill crust thanks to my moms. I ate half that pizza, I was totally starving. Then I had some Chobani w/ nuts, seeds, almond butter and chia!Later that evening I noshed on this awesomeness; a vanilla/ caramel protein cake (sans PB but w/ cinnamonw/ an dark chocolate almond butter protein truffle stuffed inside. Seriously the best dessert I have made this year.Since I had a paper due, I made a bit of decaf protein mocha and had another yogurt. I was feeling “snacky” most of the days and it’s probably due to my not sleeping.I didn’t workout, just clearly wasn’t feeling it but I will get back into it tomorrow. Sometimes resting is just as important as the workout itself. Til next time weights. Howver, today I am going to share with you one of my personal favorite high intensity interval training workouts that I whipped up. What is HIIT? According to this from a Daily Burn article

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. “A high-intensity workout increases the body’s need for oxygen during the effort and creates an oxygen shortage, causing your body to ask for more oxygen during recovery,”

This HIIT workout is a nice sweaty and quick 30 minutes that gets your heart rate going.

When I have more time, I do four rounds but three is good enough for a quick sweat sesh. This workout focuses on every part of the body; legs, glutes, abs, chest, tri’s shoulders; you name it. Enjoy!

Cardio Burst Set:

  • Squat Hold (20 secs)
  • Rapid Squat – 10
  • Lunges – 5 on each side
  • Jumping Jacks – 10
  • WoodChoppers (Standing Ab Twist) – 5 on each side w/ light weight

The Workout (3 Rounds):

  • Lateral Pulldown
  • Bicep Curls
  • Bentover Row
  • 21′s
  • Tricep Kickback
  • Hammer Curls
  • Knee-In’s
  • Russian Twist (w/ weight)

Alright, back to resting then gym. I hope everyone has a good weekend and had a good Valentine’s Day. Xo!

Recipe: Is There Such Thing As Too Much Coffee?


I think I have a love affair when it comes to coffee and protein truffles, which by the way are perfect for Valentine’s Day, which is today in case you were unaware.One of my favorite things to do is to drink me some protein mocha (using decaf Nescafe or Green Mountain Coffee) and doing my homework.

Sabrina’s Protein Mocha Coffee (Serves 1)

1 Cup [Hot or Cold] Coffee (6oz usually for me)

1/4 Cup of Vanilla Soymilk (or your choice)

1-2 Tbsps Sun Warrior Chocolate (or any) Protein Powder

2 tsps Cocoa Powder (or no sugar added hot cocoa mix)

1 Packet Stevia

Mix and drink!

Or maybe drinking some as a pre-workout.Maybe even having some post workout too? #CoffeeAddict.Or making sure I have some ready to go for work.Maybe even stopping at Starbucks after work and getting a free coffee?Even though it was crazy snowing. #NoExcuses when it comes to coffee.No worries, I still buy other things, but mostly coffee! Again, don’t worry I only drink 1-2 cups a day. I’m not that crazy… okay maybe I am just a smidge anyway.Question: Do you ever had your protein powder in a “non-shake” way? I guess a protein mocha is still a shake, but it’s mostly for my coffee fix.I also love to make protein truffles, but y’all already know that.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Xo.

Two Months of Progress (Nov 13′- Jan 14′)

Happy Sunday and February 2nd!

Can you believe it’s already February? Me neither! I come to you to show you some progress, February goals and share with you some more body building things. And stay tuned for what I ate Wednesday where I will actually show you a whole day of food versus just showing you random eats throughout the week.

Some goals that I have in mind for February?

  • Do yoga at least 2x’s a week.
  • Sauna at least 2x’s a week or one hour total.
  • Increase my cardio sessions by 5 minutes.
  • Get under 155lbs.
  • Reduce my sugar intake and have any form of chocolate “goodies” only 2′s per week.

In mid-November I began to get more serious about training; seeing a personal trainer and gaining my own knowledge for my coaching plan.I have lost several inches around my waist, not to mention a little ab flattening action. My legs and arms are leaning out and my *ehem* chest has gone down. It’s only been two months and I am quite proud even though it’s only been about a 6.2lb loss. Hey I’ll take it, but I got to make sure to work on this back of mine. Here is a day 11 shot of back and legs (I started bodybuilding on January 22). I am proud however of my legs; look at those quads growing!My brother is even joining in on some body building workouts. I am seriously proud of him and he’s even been eating healthier. It’s all about progress not perfection and everything in moderation.I still have my Green Mountain coffee; usually consists of stevia/ raw sugar, cocoa powder and skim or soy milk. Sometimes I will even mix in a tablespoon or two or protein powder if I drink it post workout. So good!Live, laugh and lift <3

WIAW# 74: Nothing But Sweet

It’s that time again where we drool over delicious eats.

Oh, boy do I have some awesome ones.  As you can see from my lack of posts, I have been dealing with some personal things, so just bear with me on my little hiatus. Oh and if you are new to the food party, head on over to Peas and Crayons for the deets!Breakfast I’ve been keeping to the apple and nuts combo.Since I am back at the gym nice and early.Enjoying some post workout goodness.A little bit of waffles for brunch.Maybe a little Brazilian for lunch?Walking it off with a sweet view in downtown Newburyport, MA.Having a great dinner with a friend.And froyo with my dad and brother!Question: Every have one of those days where it seems like everything you eat is sweet?!

WIAW #73: Cleaning Up Those Eats!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday my friends!

This WIAW is going to show you some of my “cleaner” eats from the week. I’ve been getting back on schedule with eating, workouts and school.

It feels great and naturally my body wants to feel good since my mind feels that way; mind, body and soul connection y’all. For more on the WIAW party, head on over to Peas and Crayons!Breakfasts is back to oats, like I mentioned last week. I’ve been recreating the pear n’ spice oats. Perfect for the fall!For snacks I’m still munching on apple and nuts or nut butter. However, sometimes I change it up and eat an orange or cheese instead of fruit. Maybe even some delicious whole grain crackers on the side. Mmmm.Lunches and dinners have been sandwiches; sometimes a veggie burgers w/ quinoa & greens on whole grain bread. Or a turkey burger with Swiss and greens in a whole grain pita.Or my favorite; turkey burger, muenster cheese, and spinach on a multi-grain bagel. Bliss! …And for those who don’t know, don’t forget to enter my giveaway ending this week!Question: What fall inspired foods/ meals are you eating this week? I must make me some pumpkin’d gnocchi. So good!

What I’m Loving This Fall

Maple Sunrise Candle? My, oh my.A little bit of Evolution Fresh super green smoothie to get me going for the day.Getting to wear scarves paired with a new off the shoulder shirt.The Spinach and Feta stuffed pretzel from Barnes and Nobles Café, just hits the spot.Snacking on my new favorite Kind bar; vanilla and mixed nuts = heaven!Feeling better after being sick for a couple of days; lots of this good stuff involved.And a little bit of that. Rocking some awesome “PF” gear for my overnight shifts.

Enjoying my new favorite “dessert;” yogurt with nut butter and hemp and/or chia seeds.Or maybe in some delicious [coconut] Chobani?
Question: What are you loving this fall? Could be anything, food or material wise! Tea, yogurt and scarves on on my top list, how about you?

WIAW #71: Almost Wordless

This is going to be my first almost wordless WIAW. I figured it would be cool… oh who am I kidding? I am so sick with a cold and don’t have the energy, but you can forgive me right? And besides, I rather you look at the beautiful pictures from Sleepy Hollow, NY as oppose to hearing my blabber. Enough said, enjoy!Hearty Morning cereal with hemp, chia, cranberries, banana and almond milk.Sleepy Hollow, NY.Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.Headless Horseman Bridge.Sip.Simple and Peaceful.Chicken, spinach, artichoke and cheese pizza.“Dessert.”Chicken dinner at Uno’s with brown rice pilaf and roasted veggies.Question: Ever been to Sleepy Hollow or are watching the show like my mom? Are you doing and Halloween inspired stuff as of late?

It’s About That Time

Monday, Monday.

This week went by pretty fast, I must say. It seems like between work, school and more work, life is just keeping me busy. I am not complaining at all but I am noticing some changes in my daily life. It’s about that time I talk to you about them;1. I wake up later: There are days that I work overnight and I sleep right after, waking up at one or two in the afternoon. It feels odd but I know my body needs the rest and I am not one of those people who is a “loser” for sleeping til noon. #Ihaveissuesasyoucantell.

2. I don’t think about, take pictures or talk much about food: I realized I haven’t been posting much about food on the blog or Instagram; more about nature and my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still love food, but I feel that for the first time since 2009 (when I started YouTube) it isn’t “consuming” my life, I feel. It’s a totally new feeling and I am just enjoying eating a more whole foods based “diet” and living life.

3. From sweet to savory: I find myself not craving sweets so much anymore. I am going more for savory or “neutral” things plain nuts and nut butters. It’s different to not crave a protein pancake with maple when I awake, but rather one with a little bit of Earth Balance, seeds and nuts. Don’t get me wrong, I still like my occasional truffles.4. I have more guy friends: I find myself having gym dates with buddies of mine and I must say I am loving every minute. Surrounding myself with people who take their health seriously and enjoy life. Not to mention bringing me some goodies at 2:00am at work. XO!
Life just seems to be coming together slowly, but then falling apart all at once. For now, I am enjoying life one day at a time, just taking a simple approach; with food, exercise, school, work and family/ friends. Life isn’t about perfection, it’s all about progress.Question: How was your weekend? I know I always come back to this, but for you 20-something year olds out there (or soon to be) how do you feel about your life? Is it a never ending roller coaster like mine or are you slowly (but surely) getting it together?!