Thinking Out Loud #8: Enjoy the Silence

Thursday thoughts?

They are going to be a bit quietLet the pictures do the talking. Nature time. New Hampshire <327 Weeks!ProjectsAnd healthy snacks.
Thanks for hosting “thinking out loud” Amanda!Question: What’s your current favorite “healthy” snack?

What about the “not-so-healthy goodies?

I’ll have to say strawberries, yogurt, pretzels and peanut butter for the healthy and frozen yogurt with TONS of chocolate sprinkles for the “not-so-healthy. All in moderation right?

Thinking Out Loud #8: <3

Today’s thoughts?

Dresses {26Weeks} <3And all the Starbucks in the world!Donuts, can’t forget donuts!Fury friends… And pizza ;)I’ve been spinning more as of the past couple of weeks. I even did a double spin session on Wednesday, so a lot of carbs have been in order. #PostSpinSelfie.Thanks Amanda for hosting Thinking of Loud! Spin and donuts and lattes are on my mind this Thursday.

Question: What’s on yours?

MIMM #24: Good Vibes & Eats!

Good M[IMM]onday morning!This week was absolutely marvelous; Between getting good workouts… Hearing Samantha’s heartbeat, some good eats…And treats! Of course, marvelous snacks both sweet… and salty! Marvelous is kettlebells. Did you miss my Kettlebell Total Body torch workout from this weekend? Click here! Thanks Katie for hosting Marvelous in My MondayI hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :)

Question: What’s something marvelous from your week?

Have you tried any of the Ben & Jerry’s core ice creams?

MIMM #23: Berry Fun Weekend!

Happy Marvelous Monday :)Breakfast in the sun anyone?Did you enjoy (have) a fabulous weekend?

I went home to NYC this past week to celebrate my mom’s birthday. I had a nice time relaxing with the family, going out to dinner and enjoying fun shenanigans!Like BGR Joint burgers. Or New York pizza, mmm <3Maybe even getting an early baby shower gift. 808 wipes, we will need for sure.I love going on road trips to get me some Green Mountain Coffee. When I got back to NH, Pat took me to the Londonderry flea market. I found this cute doll for Samantha for only $1.00. It was practically brand-new. I hope everyone enjoy this week and good luck to those at the Boston Marathon today! Thanks Katie for hosting MIMM :)

Question: Do you enjoy outdoor workouts?

Sweet potato fries or regular?

“Day in The Life Of” a Day Off!

I finally had a full day off!

Just as I mentioned in this past WIAW post. It was seriously nice to just do what I wanted on my own time. No obligations! Most “full” day offs are fairly the same, between cleaning, laundry and blogging. This one, however, has a fun stop to Ben & Jerry’s.

So what did I do on my day off? 

7:10am: Pat woke me up to say goodbye, since he had to go to work early, but I fall back asleep.

7:50am: “Officially” wake up, brush my teeth and get ready to begin the day!

8:15am: I woke up starving, so I went to heat up my oats and pour some iced coffee (both prepped the day before).8:30-11:00: Work on the blog and watch hang with kitty. Now that I finally got settled at the in-laws, I can get back to more blogging and pre-writing posts.

11:30am: Grab a snack.12:30pm: Had another snack and then I headed out to activate a free 30 Day trial I found online to Gold’s Gym. I ended up doing a light cardio session with some back, bi’s and tri’s exercises.

2:00pm: #FreeConeDay! I finally got to try Spectacular Speculoos ice cream and I also got some mango sorbet. It was $1 for an extra scoop, why not?!3:00pm: Get home, finish up laundry and clean up.

4:00pm: Relax, read some blog posts and eat!My package came in and with some free goodies! They were have a sale plus 16% off for their “Sweet 16″ anniversay.6:15pm: I ended up making a smoothie using the vanilla protein plus some strawberry, banana and flax6:30pm: Head out for prenatal yoga at Banyan Tree.8:45pm: Came back home and relax with Pat for the rest of the evening.

And there you have it, my day off. Pretty productive but it was nice to be on my time. Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!

 Question: What’s one of your favorite things to do on your day off?

WIAW #123: A Day Off!

Happy Wednesday!

I was finally “off” yesterday. When I say off, I mean no obligations and I can do whatever I want. Some days off I have errands or get called in for work. That isn’t a day off to me. Now on to this food-filled post.

Breakfast: Bowl of steelcut oats, blueberries, chia seeds and a small half-caff latte. I also had egg whites and a banana shortly after, since I got hungry.Snacks #1: Fiber One honey clusters, skim milk and H20.Pre-Lunch: A few Triscuits, Stonyfield organic Greek yogurt and a reduced fat string cheese. Snack #2: #FreeConeDay! Spectacular Speculoos Cookie ice cream and mango sorbet.Lunch: Grilled porkchop w/ baked beans, half a turkey and Swiss sandwich and strawberries.Snack #3: Smoothie in recycled cup! Vanilla protein, banana, strawberries and flax. Dinner: Lean beef burger with Swiss and organic ketchup on half a whole wheat bun and mini pretzels on the side.I munched on some more pretzels after dinner and then headed to bed to relax. It was a productive, yet relaxing day off. Hope everyone has an awesome hump day. Thanks Jenn for hosting What I Ate Wednesday!

Question: Did you participate in #FreeConeDay?

Have you tried Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Butter before?

Thinking Out Loud #5: A Few Of My Favorite Things

I’ve had a couple of early shifts this week. By early I mean before dawn or crazy 5:00am workout people. I had to wake up at 3:35am. Coffee was in order (twice). The drive to work from New Hampshire is about an hour. It’s not bad since I am only doing it a 2-3 times a week. Everyone else gets to sleep while I get ready. :(At least, I “pack” my days with double work, errands or doctor appointments.

Speaking of appointments, Baby Samantha is currently 23Weeks2days! I feel so big. Literally the green shirt was “fine” when I wore it Friday.

Then after wearing it Tuesday, I felt like I had gained 10lbs. In total I have gained 12lbs, but wearing large shirts from smalls/mediums and M-L leggings from XS.I’m thinking, it must be all the ice cream ;)(Oh and did you see the owl bracelet? Cute right?)Fear not! I am eating other things besides ice cream, like these gluten-free Luna bars.…And those are a few of my favorite things; coffee, breakfast, raspberries, funky jewelry, etc. :) I am linking up with Amanda today for “Thinking out Loud.”

Hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday!

Question: Have you ever had a super early wake up time?

Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?