WIAW #119: Cravings!

Good morning y’all!

11 Weeks {1/13}

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

This one is going to be a fun one because it’s all about cravings. Last week it was all about bagels, butter and eggs. This past week it’s all about donuts, french toast and canoli’s.It’s funny how I went from cravings a ton of salty things, to back to my sweet tooth. Though, unfortunately, they are NOT Nutritiously Sweet ;).

Any who, let’s get going with this food show, shall we?

I must say, at least I managed to get some nutritious breakfast to kick start my day, like this “muffin tops” (with protein powder added). I’ve been craving bananas in the morning too for some reason. They bother my stomach, so it’s not a food I want to have too often, especially with bloating.I’ve been trying to get better about protein, more fruit and veggies. I tried out this Jamba Juice smoothie mix and it wasn’t too bad. I mixed it with almond milk instead of apple juice as recommended and added a little protein powder. Protein powder is still making me nauseaus, so I’d nix protein next time I make this.I also tried out the new Luna bar in chocolate cupcake. Now let me tell you the top layer tasted like legit chocolate frosting, but the bottom layer was just like your regular Luna bar. It was pretty good overall, but I think I’ll stick to their protein line.Speaking of chocolate, check out this holy canoli! It was half chocolate dipped with chocolate sprinkles and half plain with almonds. Probably one of the best canoli’s I’ve had, and I had a couple this week. Shhh ;)And lastly, what day isn’t complete with a nice big, fat, grilled hot dog loaded with ketchup? When you put it that way, doesn’t really sound appetizing. But trust me it was the BOMB!And craving diet soda too. I haven’t drank soda since like 2007. I guess that’s what pregnancy does to you, makes you crave things you never ate, haven’t eating in a long time or would never eat! As always, thanks Jenn for hosting!

Friday Feels

It’s Friday and I have some ‘feels.’

Each day this week was something different, emotionally and physically. Good and/or bad. I’m going to do something a bit different today and recap this week by day.

Monday: I was not feeling well at all the whole weekend. I literally wanted to never wake up from the massive migraine that I had. I knew I had to check with the OB and they did blood work and wanted to do an ultrasound to double check I wasn’t having twins. Can you imagine? I had to wait two hours for my ultrasound appointment. Luckily, there is only one healthy baby Gendron who enjoys doing back flips. Guess that explains one reason for my all-day nausea! They are going to be just like me; active! <3Tuesday: I had the morning off from work and Patrick was off too. It was nice to have a [semi] day off together and be able to whip up breakfast.And get a little pretty. We ended up at Pizzeria Uno’s for lunch. We started off with some bruscetta for an appetizer. I had a Mediterranean flatbread (minus olives, plus chicken). And a white chocoalte chip macadamia baked cookie sundae for dessert. Yes, yes, YES!Wednesday: I came to the realization that some places aren’t for me. I’ve been working my ass off post surgery to progress and get opportunity. I have found a few places that are truly willing to give you the tools in order to grow.

My goal by the end of last year was to have three spin classes (and now I really need them due to pregnancy). Bunny wanna spin?But guess what? I managed to get FOUR plus I’m covering one about every two weeks. Spin is my passion; I love giving people a great bike sesh and getting a good workout! Plus with donut cravings, I could use all the calorie burn.

Thursday: I felt I got a lot of my strength back, both mentally and physically. It’s hasn’t been easy not being able to work out. See everyone’s posts, New Year’s goals, clean eating and working at a gym.

It was overwhelming, especially when all you want to eat is donuts!Most of the nausea has subsided and the medication they gave me is helping. It’s been easier to get more nutritious meals in, which I am happy about. Granted I still have a little headache but I’ll take that versus a massive migraine that knocks me down of my feet.At least to end the crazy week, Patrick was super sweet and got my flowers “just because.” It’s the little things to me that make a difference. <3Question: How was everyone’s week?

Anything out of the ordinary happen?

MIMM#10: Breakfast All Day!

What better way to start a marvelous Sunday morning then with a delicious breakfast and side of Swiss Mocha? Or enjoy a coffee date with your friend at Perfecto’s Caffe post spin; mmm gingerbread muffin and gingerbread cookie iced coffee. This week has been another busy week for me; between work, appointments and getting things done. It feels good to be productive but hopefully Tuesday I’ll be able to relax a bit… since I’m off, finally.Maybe even get to snuggle up with my new, marvelous sweater from Forever 21 and play with this little furball. Marvelous might be enjoying a nice bowl of warm oats.Or maybe pick up my favorite Cool Lime Refresher from Starbucks and an egg whites, cheese and turkey bacon sandwich.And enjoy some marvelous treats; like Skinny Cow’s new iced coffees. Or trying a different petite creme flavor.Either way, it’s going to be a nice day off and I can’t wait. Thanks Katie for hosting MIMM and hope y’all have a great week!Question: What do you typically do on your day off?

WIAW #117: This Is The Start!

It’s been since November that I posted a What I Ate Wednesday post.My eating has just been all over the place and since my cellphone camera got a “self-made filter” in the lens, I don’t take pictures too often.

I really enjoy blogging, taking the foodie pictures and creating recipes, like protein pancakes.

For 2015, I will make that a goal, along with other things such as sleep. Now that I wake up at 4:00am on most days, I need to get into the habit of falling asleep at least by 10:00pm.At the same time, I can’t put too much pressure on myself, because then I’ll just stay up! I got Bronchitis over my Christmas vacation and the Cool Lime Refresher (w/ extra lime) from Starbucks really does the trick for my throat. An inhaler helps too. Since it’s a virus, the doctor said I just have to wait it out. *Insert eye rolling movement here*


Now let’s recap some of the top posts for 2014 shall we?

Top Posts & Pages 2014

Top 2014 Recipe:

My Favorite Post:

My Favorite Recipe:

There you have it!A quick recap of 2014. I didn’t do as much blogging as I wanted too between school, moving and surgery. But 2015 will be epic, I can feel it! Thanks Jenn for hosting and look forward to posting more eats!

Question: If you’re a blogger, what was your favorite recipe you posted? Or as a reader, what was yours?

Grocery & Vegetarian Happenings

Tuesday at a little past midnight, I was sick.

Not the puke once, drink ginger ale and go back to bed sick. But the I threw up nine times from midnight to 1pm and nothing made me feel better.

Except a Quest bar and vitamin water. Must have been the prebiotics and electrolytes maybe? Anyways, I am getting back on track and on the workout wagon after taking a few days off from being so nauseous. It was a combination of food poisoning and a stomach virus that was going around. What came out of me wasn’t pretty and let’s just say I am not looking at greens, chicken and bananas for a very long time. Well unless the greens are in the form of an Aloha daily greens packet. Or the banana is in a smoothie. And perhaps maybe not too long, but I am definitely going to be eating more vegetarian. I did a vegetarian challenge and also ate vegetarian for almost a year (except on a couple of days).

My stomach/ digestive system did feel better. As I got busy, meal prep time started to decline. I would just grab pre-cooked chicken and a Green Giant’s veggie steamer and go to work. It was just easier for me and the price was right (at a place called Market Basket).

I’ve just have been quite lazy and resorting to just chicken, veggies and some starchy carb. I find that when I am eating more vegetarian, I eat a variety because I get “bored” faster and always need a new protein source. I can eat chicken and greens forever, but after Tuesday that is the last thing on my mind. That being said, I am going to challenge myself to eat vegetarian until Thanksgiving.

Not only because I am “semi-traumatized” but to add variety in my diet. No worries, Quest and thinkThin bars are still here to stay.And of course, the occasional “candy indulgence.” Yep, this was my Halloween treat from the manfriend. He thought I should have gotten some Resee’s but these are way better. At least I think so.I am on day five of a vegetarian diet. My stomach does feel better, digestion wise, but I do have to get use to the increased fiber intake.

One step at a time I suppose?

Question: Are you a meat eater? Mostly vegetarian? A little bit of both? Or just eat what ever your heart desires?

MIMM #4: Progress!

Marvelous is waking up for an early spin class and getting that calorie burn on early in the morning.And seeing some muscle seperation It’s all about progress!Marvelous is overnight oats in a jar. Note to self: DO NOT microwave a plastic nut butter jar.And make sure to use something a little more sturdy.Marvelous is eating a hodge podge for dinner; egg whites, chicken, organic Yukon fries (Alexia) and some broccoli.And trying new yogurts like Stonyfield’s Greek and chia. Pretty good, if I may say.Thanks Katie for hosting Marvelous in My Monday. If you are new to MIMM, please check out her blog at Healthy Diva Life. Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday and week ahead!

Question: Do you like early morning workouts?

Have you spotted Stonyfield’s Greek and Chia?

Protein, Protein and MORE Protein

I have to admit, I’ve been pretty good with getting my protein in.

But pretty bad when it comes to carbs. I find that when my protein is on point, my carbs are too low and vice versa. The past couple of days have been better and I am quite proud of myself.  

Speaking of protein, did you see my two new protein truffle flavors for the fall? Go check them out asap!Any who, I went to North Shore Nutrition Corner this week and picked up some Quest goodies and got a few free samples from Metabolic Nutrition.

Yesterday morning I tried out the butter pecan cookie protein in a protein pancake and wow it was amazing. I may have to get a full tub of this because it’s perfect for fall. I even mixed it into coffee this morning and it was even better.Oh and I even signed up for a free week trial from Boston North Fitness Center in Danvers. I needed a change of scenery and their gym has it all.

I’m pumped to try out their spin and yoga classes this week.Since I haven’t exactly followed my workout program to the fullest due to surgery, this week I did. I am sore in places I forgot existed.

But no excuses right? I know that a little soreness is a good thing to smile about; no pain, no gain!This weekend is going to be busy between work, training and I am going to see the Super Cross cycling race in Gloucester

Expect pictures and an exhausted Sabrina Sunday evening. Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!

Question: Have you ever seen a cycling race or other kind of race?