[LATE] WIAW #94: Java Anyone?

Happy [LATE] WIAW!

My bad, I got sidetracked, whoops! Any who, I must admit I think I have a coffee problem?Maybe? I mean I even have a protein mocha “post” workout. All decaf, no worries.I do have other things like some Steaz during overnights. Or this electrolyte berry packet from Vega for hot yoga. To be honest, I love Vega, but I did not like the taste of this product at all. Was so “medicine” like. I liked the hydrating effect but maybe I’ll mix in some light cranberry juice next time.But then I have some Greek with some coffee on the side.Question: Java anyone?

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WIAW #93: Banana-Mocha Protein “Ice Cream”

Happy [early] WIAW everyone!

This week I show you some goodies and a few products I tried this past week. And also, yep you guessed it; a recipe! Thanks Jen for hosting this awesome food party, enjoy!

Celsius; Have you ever heard of them? “Celsius, burn more.” I wanted to see what the hype was about with this drink and surprisingly, it did nothing for me (even with 200mg of caffeine). But I do like that it has some vitamins plus tastes pretty good. I had one before my a.m yoga and it was a nice “pick me up” but nothing more.Post yoga, I had yogurt goodness; plain Greek with vanilla protein powder, chia, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. I also had an orange and some almonds on the side.Since I was super eager to try them out, I ended up having two of the new Luna [GF] protein bars in one day. Whoops! First up is the lemon vanilla. Now my favorite is the cherry almond. I have to say it was pretty good as I didn’t think I was going to like the “white coating” but it had a nice lemon flavor with a hint of vanilla.But of the two, the chocolate coconut almond was my favorite. It reminded me of the Balance dark chocolate coconut bar and I would definitely buy it again. The reason I like the Luna’s is because they have a good source of B12 and iron. I need all the iron I can get!Onto an actual meal, my brother and I went to Friendly’s last Friday. They actually revamped their menu and I ended up getting their burger salad minus the cheese and bacon. I enjoyed it, but wished the burger was bigger. Then we ended at Orange Leaf for some froyo goodness; I had peanut butter, pistachio and classic tart with raspberries, granola, walnuts and a peanut butter drizzle. Mmmm!I had my one double last week and got to meal prepping; oats with vanilla protein and chia seeds, chicken with broccoli and green beans, Chobani’s simply 100 vanilla (my fav!), apples, almonds, protein mocha and my vitamins.Now, it’s a been a minute since my last recipe, but I was craving ice cream and thought I’d shared my craving with y’all! I wanted coffee, chocolate and ice cream all a the same time. I decided to just combine it all and see where it took me.

And here is where I landed; A banana and mocha infused protein “ice cream.” Yep, that is where I went and it was so good. No I didn’t have time for pictures because well, I was busy devouring it! So here is a little snap shot of it but I am sure if you blend the following together you will get the same delicious result.Banana-Mocha Protein “Ice Cream”  Ingredients (Serves One):

  • 1 Medium Banana, Chopped and Frozen
  • 1/4 cup Non-Dairy Milk
  • 2 Tbsps Chocolate Protein Powder
  • Dash of Sea Salt
  • 1 tsp Ground Coffee (I used Green Mountain Chocolate Cappuccino)
  • 1 tsp Maple Syrup (*optional)
  • 1 tsp Maple Almond Butter (*optional)

Simply mix everything into a blender and blend away. Top with chia seeds, some nuts and extra Greek yogurt or eat as is!

My serving had about 10g of protein. It depends on what you use for your protein and milk but I used Top Nutrition’s Chocolate Ice Cream protein, unsweetened soy for the milk and added the almond butter.

Question: Have you tried any of the new Luna bars or the Celsius energy drinks? Are a banana “ice cream” fan?

WIAW#92: Counting My Macros!

Hello everyone and happy What I At Wednesday courtesy of Peas and Crayons!For this week, I want to get talking on my macros; you know carbs, proteins and fats. I also like to count my fiber and sugar intake as well because I always find that I have to watch those as well. For this WIAW, I am going to show you a few of my meal/ snack combos and show you how I meet and what exactly are my macro requirements!

My goal is to lose about 10lbs, build muscles, lean out and stay healthy! Through calculating my on Bodybuilding.com and My Fitness Pal (which I just converted from Lose It), not to mention trial and error, I have found the best macros from yours truly;

Calories: Goal=1790
Fat: Goal=50g
Carbs: Goal=170
Protein: Goal=[140]-160g

For my breakfasts now, I like to use about 1/3 of my daily carb intake. I usually make a double (or 1.5) serving of protein pancakes to keep me full for the morning with a smidge of almond butter and sugar-free maple.Here are two samples of “meals 4,5 and 6″ that I take for work;And another; under the Chobani above is oats w/ chia seeds.Here is one of my “lower carb” days.Always on top of my meal prepping.My mom came to visit this past weekend and there were some dine outs, but I stayed on top of my game. At Olive Garden I got their Rosemary Chicken and swapped the mash potatoes for broccoli. No Excuses!Question: Do you count your macros? Do you use a food/ exercise tracker like My Fitness Pal or Lose It?

WIAW #91: Nutritiously Sweet Finds & Buys!

Happy [early] What I Ate Wednesday y’all!

Last/ this week I have been focusing on reducing my sugar. On a good day I consume 80g of sugar, including fruit. I’d like to keep it at 60g and I have manged to get it under 70 at least! Head on over to Peas and Crayons if you are new to the WIAW party, head on over to Peas and Crayons for all the food goodness!This week’s breakfasts have been fruit and nut type platters; this one is Chobani Simply 100 (7g of sugar), drop of sugar-free maple, hardboiled egg, almonds and an apple.Snacks? Sometimes a bit more Greek and trail mix. But a protein mocha to get me up! I got this Top Secret chocolate ice cream protein powder from BodyBuilding.com. Between the sale, a promo code I had and shipping, I paid around $18.00! It’s tastes amazing, is low in sugar, has some fiber and I love that it has digestive enzymes as well. I need those.My package also came with a 1.M.R Vortex in fruit punch pre-workout sample. I have to say I am not a fan of most pre-workouts, except for Jack3d, but this one gave me a nice little bit of energy and tasted delicious. I will keep it in the back of my mind for the future.One of my quick grocery pick ups; got chicken breasts on super sale, green beans, eggs, Greek yogurt (I’ve been doing plain more often now and adding a bit of Stevia or sugarfree maple), oranges, apples. Ya know the “usual suspects.”Check this out, I only paid $0.70 reduced price for this almond and cashew hazelnut biscotti coffee creamer by MimicCreme. A Tbsp is 25 calories and 3g of sugar. This thing is sweet and makes my coffee taste like heaven. It’s gluten-free, vegan and uses natural ingredients!And another quickie.Mmmm. Almond buttah! Dinners and lunches? Well you know they are always the same; I am still in a Mrs. Dash garlic and herb on chicken and green beans kick. It’s just so delicious and simple. I am sure I will get tired of it soon. Or not… Maybe.For desserts? If I have a nasty chocolate craving, I will go for a Kind dark chocolate and sea salt. Hits the spot every time. And you remember the AAAI/ISMA conference I went to last summer? I signed up to be one of the few to try out ASICS new line of training sneakers and guess what? I was one of the few to try out the Ayami Intent. These kicks are super comfy and awesome. Definitely go check them out! Thank you so much ASICS!Question: What are some of YOUR favorites in terms of one or more of the following; protein powders, almonds butters, bar or sneakers/ workout gear?!

WIAW #89: Mama Sweets Visits!

Happy, happy [early] WIAW!

This What I Ate Wednesday is going to show you some delicious eats from when my mom came to visit last week. I hadn’t seen here in over a month, so it was nice of her to visit during her winter break. Thanks Jenn for hosting this awesome food party. Enjoy!wiawphotobuttonBreakfast: I made her my original protein pancake but I was feeling very snacky that morning so I had some Greek yogurt, egg whites, bluberries and such. I think I may add this combo to my week once or twice!Speaking of snacks, I picked up a few things including a new water bottle (32 whole ounce one, whoa!) this garlic and herb Mrs. Dash.

 I am I in love with it!The first night she came, we went to dinner at the Franklin Cafe. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in Gloucester.I always get the burger with Vermont cheddar cheese and green beans. Delish!We also went to a Chinese buffet for lunch one of the days in Salem. I still managed to eat on plan with lots of protein and veggies; just needed to chug extra water but it was done!I munched on this new dark chocolate by Ghiradelli, which let me tell you this is definitely my new favorite chocolate. It tasted like pure dark chocolate and cherry almond goodness. I don’t know I am just hooked! Of course froyo is always in order when my mom visits; I had peanut butter fro yo with raspberries, granola, pecans and a bit of pb drizzle.Question: Any chocolate bar recommendations? What’s your favorite? I love trying new brands and flavors, so hook a girl up ;)

WIAW #88: Tis A Special Number

It was on June 22, 1988 that yours truly was born!

That really is all that the the title of this WIAW means…

Clearly I am running out of titles, but I am sure you will forgive me because y’all are just so awesome. For this WIAW (thanks Jenn for hosting!) I am going to show you some body building eats, a date night and some sweets. Enjoy!wiawphotobuttonBreakfasts: Of course protein pancakes are in order. ‘Nuff said.For post workout and pre-work, I have my protein mocha. So good.I went to school Monday to take care of things, brought half of my lunch. Bought some tomato bisque since it was chilly and I am coming down with a cold. Boo.I then went to pick up some sweets; pecan pie coffee (uhhhh yes, thank you Target), Chobani, thinkThin and gala apples. I always have to have gala apples on hand.I did some meal prepping yesterday. It was snowing again, so what else am I to do? And, so I went out on another date. This time we went to Ninety-Nine and I had me their bruschetta chicken with broccoli instead of rice. See, you can still go out and stay on plan.Dessert? I really don’t do dessert anymore. Most of the time, I go with some Chobani and almonds but for on a serious craving sweets day, a little big of dark chocolate. Mmmm.Question: Any fellow 80′s baby?

Did anyone stop shopping at Target because of the credit card thing? My mom did but funny thing is I go more now because there are so many specials I just bring cash.

Confession: My Training and Some Truth

Happy Monday y’all!

Let’s get down to business shall we? Many of you follow my Instagram or Facebook page or even my personal Facebook. I am sure you are probably wondering “what is this “training” you speak of? No it’s not a batch of revamped protein pancakes.Well today is day seven of training and let me explain; bodybuilding training. Now I am not talking about crazy bikini competition body building training because well y’all know I love my chocolate, Starbucks and specialty lattes way too much. But I have decided to find my own middle ground and I am further developing MY personal health and fitness plan.Little by little, I am putting a plan together for healthy body building. For those that have my plan, you know I am all about balance and moderation. I don’t like extreme diets or workouts. I like a plan that is fun, effect and suitable for all.Because after all, whatever you did to LOSE the weight, is what you will have to do to keep it off! You don’t want to do some crazy insanity type stuff everyday forever, do you? If you do, that’s cool too!

If you are looking for a new fitness routine or tips/ meal plans to tweak your current diet, I totally urge you to check out my coaching program here. It’s only $39.99 and for two months you get unlimited access to yours truly, a fitness plan, eating plan as well as tips and tricks throughout the two months. Every person who has the plan, will always get the updated fitness plan in their inbox!

So I need to have some form of goal at the end of all this?! Well to be honest, I haven’t been truthful with y’all. Let’s just say long story short I did choose to gain weight for myself (10lbs) but also I gained weight for a boy. Yes, a boy who said I was too skinny in the 130′s and he said he’d like it better if I had more meat. I was already gaining back 5-10lbs for health reason so I thought why not 5-10lbs more?!

After getting out of that relationship and being truly single for almost a year now, I realized that I wasn’t myself. The real Sabrina knows how to be focused, balance treats, workout 5-6 times a week, cook, bake and listen to Nine Inch Nails. The real Sabrina, I realized hadn’t been around for almost five years and that surprised me. I can’t believe (though I was sick a couple weeks ago) how much more happy and vibrant I am.

People even comment on it; just something I never took the time to realized. Okay, what am I training for besides personal goals and my fitness plan development? Certification.

Summer is that time again where I have to renew my certification but I am thinking of either going one of two routes; level two person training (there are 3 levels and a Master personal trainer certification) or YOGA INSTRUCTOR.

Yes you heard well. I just honestly haven’t decided and who knows I may do neither and go into something else. What do y’all think?! What do YOU see me as?

Have a great week everyone :)


I don’t think hashtags ever get old.

At least for me anyway. I find them to be funny, though my brother hates them. Hastag #CantStopWontStop. Coffee never gets old, clearly. Mostly in latte form.I tried out the Starbucks new vanilla latte packets (also came in cafe mocha). It was pretty good, but tasted more like a vanilla hot chocolate. I also got a new planner finally as I am representing my brother’s school.You know I never get bored of my protein pancakes. Though you can be happy that I made these overnight oats sans the crunch factor plus lots o’ flax. So #delicious.Chocolate never gets old; I found this new “awake” chocolate that has caffeine. I didn’t realize how hyper I would get so  I went to the gym and pumped it out. New pre-workout?!Of course, I got other groceries. Not just chocolate.Tell me those grapes don’t look fabulous? Any who, I am off to gym, relax and then hot power yoga. It’s such an ugly day but its 56 degrees, so I suppose I shall enjoy it. Happy Saturday/ Weekend!

WIAW #82: It’s Been A While

It feels like I haven’t done a WIAW in while.

Maybe, I think it’s because I haven’t. This What I Ate Wednesday is going to show you a few of my eats as well as announce the winner of the giveaway! If you are new to the party, head on over to Peas and Crayons for all the dets. Enjoy!wiawphotobuttonFor  my breakfasts still been keeping to the protein pancakes w/ almond butter & vanilla protein drizzle (mixed with soymilk). Totally delicious! I know I am a creature of habit. Not to worry, I think I am going to eat regular oats now.School started this week and coffee has been my main go to. Especially my favorite honey and cinnamon latte from Pleasant Street Tea Company in downtown Gloucester, MA.And also my truffles have been a quick staple. I made em’ with more flax and mixed chopped almonds inside. Don’t mind the unpolished nails, I fixed em’ up!I even went on a movie date to see Wolf on Wall Street. It was actually quite good, dragged a bit but pretty good. Well done Leo!A sick Sabrina always needs some froyo therapy. #Cantstopwontstop!And the winner is… Diane from Life of Di! Please email me at nutritiouslysweet@gmail.com so I can mail out your package this Friday! And to Cindy for winner the free week of yoga from Excel Yoga in Bronx, NY!Question: How is everyone’s week been? Anyone else taking winter courses?

WIAW #79: Protein Goodness!

I really couldn’t think of a title for this WIAW.

But all these meals are protein and healthy deliciousness. Except for the sweets; maybe. If you are new to the WIAW party, head on over to Peas and Crayons for the deets. Enjoy!Even though it’s technically still fall… it doesn’t feel like it. But I love the little brrr in the downtown Gloucester air. And technically eating at 3:00am has to count as breakfast right? I had me some pear Chobani, a string cheese and some almonds. Protein goodness! But on the occasion that I do have a real breakfast, I do the protein pancake with mostly flax seeds. So delicious and filling. I am still obsessed with my chicken and veggies. Sometimes it’s sugar snap peas and sugar snap pears. Or maybe it’s sugar snap peas and roasted red potatoes. Clearly I am not a fan of making changes. But I do use difference herbs and spices so it may not look different but it sure does taste so.I had this delicious honey cinnamon coffee. Oh my gosh, it was to die for! For my cheat days (two), I usually have some sugar-free pecan crowns from Russell Stover. They are so good with some almond butter! Or one of the days, I made a trail mix at Whole Foods and also got a Lake Champlain dark chocolate caramel candy. Man, I was in h-eaven!Or I this day when I had pure fig bliss. I know, I know… I am ADDICTED! I also dyed my hair a smidge lighter this weekend to brighten it up. It probably isn’t too noticeable, but I can tell it brightens up my face and I love having a hint of glowy-ness.Excuse the awkward hand position. Any who question for ya… what’s your favorite brand of chocolates or types of chocolate or do you even LIKE chocolate at all?!