Thinking Out Loud #14: Bodybuilding = Motherhood

Good morning beautiful people <3Today is a gorgeous day in New England. It’s cool and sunny. I know it’s not going to last too long before 80 degree weather hits, so I am enjoying the moment.For today, I am sharing some thoughts – Thursday thoughts to be more specific.

The other day I was thinking about how bodybuilding prepared me for motherhood:

1. Bodybuilder’s Sleep = Baby’s Sleep: Both VERY important; one for muscle recovery, the other for brain development.
2. Counting Macros = Breastfeeding: Macros and Breast are best, but sometimes you can’t/ don’t want to anymore for what ever reason.
3. Society on Bodybuilding = Society on Motherhood: People will ALWAYS have something to say, tell you what you SHOULD be doing, how you’re doing it WRONG, etc.
4. 5 Weeks Out = 35 Weeks: Both have 5 Weeks left til the big day!
5. Bodybuilder Body = Post Baby Body: It takes time, work, dedication and most importantly, PATIENCE.

I know, I know, I am strange one but it was on my mind. What do you think fitness mamas?

Speaking of bodybuilding, I am continuing my “stock up” for after baby arrives. I found this organic vanilla Muscle Milk protein powder on sale at Target for $17.24. Not the best price per serving (about $1.44/serving) but I didn’t feel like making a giant order on since they have sweet deals. I do need new tires on my car first. There is always next time, right?

Fear not, I do have a new protein pancake recipe coming at ya next week. Stay tuned :)I don’t think Bun-Bun is not amused that I keep bugging her. She’s just too cute!Oh, in case you missed it, I am loving THIS 20-Min. HIIT workout.

It’s low-med impact (you can nix lunges and deadlifts for a lower impact), gets you heart pumpin’ and 2 rounds = 20mins. If you have more time, try THREE.Dark chocolate is always nice post-workout. ;)I am linking up with Amanda today over at Running With Spoons, go check her out and thanks for hosting.Question: What’s your current favorite of the follow:

Protein powder, protein bar, workout and/or breakfast?!

WIAW #125: Day Off Eats!

Morning there! It’s been almost a month since my last What I Ate Wednesday post.

Why not bring one to you this week on eats on one of my days off? Let’s Go!

Breakfast: Literally 6 out of 7 days a week, I have cereal for breakfast; mix of Fiber One Honey Clusters, Kellogg’s Smart Start, chia seeds and blueberries.. Today I clearly has two breakfasts; this one is Special K Chocolate Almond, Fiber One Honey Clusters and seeds. #NoShame.Mid-Morning Snack: I tried this limited Chobani plum Greek Yogurt. It honestly tasted more like light cherry, but was still delicious.I had a real plum after to compensate for taste ;)Lunch: I really didn’t have lunch, but rather munched on a Quest bar and banana. Dinner: A simple, yet yummy Lean Cuisine Four Cheese pizza with grape tomatoes on the side. I topped with a sprinkle of pepper and reduced-fat Parmesan. Dessert: The fiancé went to get me some pistachio soft served. Couldn’t say no to that one!There you have it, some eats on my day off. I’m linking up with Jenn over at Peas and Crayons!Question: Ever have double breakfast days?

Have you tried Choabni’s limited edition flavors?

MIMM #30: #Cravings

Marvelous is organizing and doing fun DIY projects.Since we finally got our furniture all settled into the new place, it feels more like home.
Now it’s all about putting up fun pictures and decoration. Oh, hello! Maybe just take a cat nap?Marvelous is bagels and Subway. I use to hate Subway until I got pregnant! #Cravings.Still with the cereal cravings. #AllDayEveryDay!And enjoying marvelous drinks, like this one.This week? I am going to rest some more, I am so beat! Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead and thank you Katie, as always for hosting MIMM!

Question: Are you into DIY decorating or do you just get pieces that match and are all set?

MIMM #29: Sunny “Bump” Days

The end of this week was such marvelous weather. I don’t mind rainy weather if I am off from work, but to drive in is just super gross!Marvelous morning for a bump stroll.And coffee <3And… this marvelous slow roasted ham & swiss croissant sandwich from Starbucks. Sorry for the bump overload today but I just can’t believe I have 8 weeks left as of tomorrow. I was actually a little sick this weekend and went to the ER. Baby Samantha is fine and marvelous, it was just me that was very dehydrated and it triggered some contractions. I’ve been ordered to take it easy this week.At least, I get to play and watch this messy Bun-Bun. And organize some marvelous baby loot I picked up at Buy Buy Baby .I’m off to relax and enjoy my day off. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and thanks Katie for hosting MIMM!Question: What do you enjoy doing for relaxation?

Thinking Out Loud #8: Enjoy the Silence

Thursday thoughts?

They are going to be a bit quietLet the pictures do the talking. Nature time. New Hampshire <327 Weeks!ProjectsAnd healthy snacks.
Thanks for hosting “thinking out loud” Amanda!Question: What’s your current favorite “healthy” snack?

What about the “not-so-healthy goodies?

I’ll have to say strawberries, yogurt, pretzels and peanut butter for the healthy and frozen yogurt with TONS of chocolate sprinkles for the “not-so-healthy. All in moderation right?

Thinking Out Loud #8: <3

Today’s thoughts?

Dresses {26Weeks} <3And all the Starbucks in the world!Donuts, can’t forget donuts!Fury friends… And pizza ;)I’ve been spinning more as of the past couple of weeks. I even did a double spin session on Wednesday, so a lot of carbs have been in order. #PostSpinSelfie.Thanks Amanda for hosting Thinking of Loud! Spin and donuts and lattes are on my mind this Thursday.

Question: What’s on yours?

MIMM #24: Good Vibes & Eats!

Good M[IMM]onday morning!This week was absolutely marvelous; Between getting good workouts… Hearing Samantha’s heartbeat, some good eats…And treats! Of course, marvelous snacks both sweet… and salty! Marvelous is kettlebells. Did you miss my Kettlebell Total Body torch workout from this weekend? Click here! Thanks Katie for hosting Marvelous in My MondayI hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :)

Question: What’s something marvelous from your week?

Have you tried any of the Ben & Jerry’s core ice creams?