WIAW #71: Almost Wordless

This is going to be my first almost wordless WIAW. I figured it would be cool… oh who am I kidding? I am so sick with a cold and don’t have the energy, but you can forgive me right? And besides, I rather you look at the beautiful pictures from Sleepy Hollow, NY as oppose to hearing my blabber. Enough said, enjoy!Hearty Morning cereal with hemp, chia, cranberries, banana and almond milk.Sleepy Hollow, NY.Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.Headless Horseman Bridge.Sip.Simple and Peaceful.Chicken, spinach, artichoke and cheese pizza.“Dessert.”Chicken dinner at Uno’s with brown rice pilaf and roasted veggies.Question: Ever been to Sleepy Hollow or are watching the show like my mom? Are you doing and Halloween inspired stuff as of late?

It’s About That Time

Monday, Monday.

This week went by pretty fast, I must say. It seems like between work, school and more work, life is just keeping me busy. I am not complaining at all but I am noticing some changes in my daily life. It’s about that time I talk to you about them;1. I wake up later: There are days that I work overnight and I sleep right after, waking up at one or two in the afternoon. It feels odd but I know my body needs the rest and I am not one of those people who is a “loser” for sleeping til noon. #Ihaveissuesasyoucantell.

2. I don’t think about, take pictures or talk much about food: I realized I haven’t been posting much about food on the blog or Instagram; more about nature and my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still love food, but I feel that for the first time since 2009 (when I started YouTube) it isn’t “consuming” my life, I feel. It’s a totally new feeling and I am just enjoying eating a more whole foods based “diet” and living life.

3. From sweet to savory: I find myself not craving sweets so much anymore. I am going more for savory or “neutral” things plain nuts and nut butters. It’s different to not crave a protein pancake with maple when I awake, but rather one with a little bit of Earth Balance, seeds and nuts. Don’t get me wrong, I still like my occasional truffles.4. I have more guy friends: I find myself having gym dates with buddies of mine and I must say I am loving every minute. Surrounding myself with people who take their health seriously and enjoy life. Not to mention bringing me some goodies at 2:00am at work. XO!
Life just seems to be coming together slowly, but then falling apart all at once. For now, I am enjoying life one day at a time, just taking a simple approach; with food, exercise, school, work and family/ friends. Life isn’t about perfection, it’s all about progress.Question: How was your weekend? I know I always come back to this, but for you 20-something year olds out there (or soon to be) how do you feel about your life? Is it a never ending roller coaster like mine or are you slowly (but surely) getting it together?!

WIAW #69: Never To Early

Happy [EARLY] WIAW brought to you courtesy of Peas and Crayons! This week it’s all about random eats. Getting use to doing some overnights, school and work… it has been a whirlwind. Not to mention still finding time to go to the gym and hang out with friends.Breakfasts have been a bit off since I do work some overnights.

Usually I have “breakfast” at 4:00am and it’s usually a bowl of oats (mixed with 1/2 of this delicious GNU bar!) or a pre-made protein pancake.

Clearly, this pancake was having some issues “keeping it together.”Snacks or post-workout yums have been apples, grapes, nuts/ nut butter and sometimes cheese! My friend went apple picking and we have a multi-tude of apples that are in need of eating. No complaining there!For lunches or dinner there has been lots o’ chicken and salads involved.Only antibiotic and hormone free for this chick!For “dessert” I have been enjoying “truffles” of course.Question: What’s got you busy this week? School, work, kids maybe?! After the 14th of October I can relax a little more. Mid-terms, projects and presentations are coming up. Be prepared for a Sabrina hiatus :(

WIAW #68: Greens Anyone?

Happy WIAW y’all!

Okay, so I clearly couldn’t come up with a more clever title but for today I have a review! I also have a lot of yummy foods and snacks to share with you. Obviously they seem to all have almonds. I think I have a problem, seriously. Any who, for more info on WIAW, head on over to Peas and Crayons!For the review, I will be sharing some Greens with you from It Works. Kendal from It Works contacted me about trying out some Greens and I couldn’t pass it up. These Greens help give you an energy boost, detoxify your system, contain herbs and have 8+ servings of fruits and veggies in them (is not GF though!). That was definitely the kicker for me to try em’.

I had it for a few mornings on am empty stomach mixed with water and a splash of peach juice. I was afraid to try it by the dark green color but I assure you, it just tasted like berry juice with a hint of peach. It was delicious! I found that for the new few days, I was more focused and alert, which obviously showed a boost in energy. I would totally recommend this product, especially to give your body a nutritional boost! Because, let’s be real, you can’t always get your daily servings of fruits and veggies all the time. I know I can’t.

I am going to be looking into their Vita Core supplements, since I have been looking for a good one too take. I also found that I was making more healthy choices throughout the day and wasn’t craving as much carbs as I normally do.Even at snack time, I wasn’t always craving some chocolate.Mostly fruit, some fat and with a truckload hint of almonds.Lunches and dinners looked like this; grilled chicken with greens and pita chips.Or a little bit of chicken with a whole grain rice pilaf and plantains.Question: Do you use any supplements in your daily diet? I would totally recommend you checking out Kendal’s It Works page and looking at the Greens and other amazing products that they have to offer such as body wraps, vitamins and minerals and even dark chocolate raspberry energy bars!

WIAW #64: Grapes, Grapes and More Grapes

Another Wednesday calls for another WIAW! If you are new to the What I Ate Wednesday party, head on over to Peas and Crayons for all the delicious d[EAT]ails.For breakfasts, I have been enjoying the french toast on most occasions. But my favorite has been some oats, honey, chia and flax seeds with cranberreies and peanut butter.For snacks, you know grapes and almonds were involved. My lunches have been pretty small and quick (and times two). One this week was a bit of salad, nuts & seeds, flax crackers, laughing cow and a turkey burger.Since I still had money on my Starbucks gift card, one of my dinners at work this week was this protein bistro box and a soy latte plus extra organic grapes on the side from Trader Joe’s. I don’t know why but the grapes from there are amazing.I’ve been desserting on yogurt lately. I have this massive craving for ice cream and yogurt, plus chia seeds and peanut butter seem to satisfy that craving. Sometimes I throw in cranberries. I know, sugar overload, but I don’t add the granola since it has corn starch.
Or maybe even some chocolate, peanut butter and chia seeds, plus more chocolate. Oh yes!Question: What have you been craving these days and how do you take care of them? Big ones for me this week have been ice cream and sometimes pizza but I have not satisfied that one yet. Boo; note to self… go find pizza asap!

WIAW #58: 600th Couldn’t Be Sweeter!

Happy 600th post to yours truly, Sabrina aka Nutritiously Sweet!

It just so happens to fall on a What I Ate Wednesday (brought to you by Peas and Crayons). It’s my last day in Florida and I have to show you some delicious sweets I had been chowing down. wiawphotobuttonFor breakfasts, its the usual chia/ oats business but on a couple days I had a little bit of this delicious coffee by Godiva. Hands down my favorite flavored coffee out there that isn’t Green Mountain Coffee.Allan took me to both Universal Studios and Downtown Disney. It was a total blast! I even got me a Mickey shirt. #KidAtHeart!First sweet is a Brazilian coconut kiss, which is there version of a truffle. You’ve seen it before and you’ll see if again in the future because they are just so good.Allan cooked lunch, Brazilian style. I literally had this plate twice.Then we went to downtown Disney and walked around. It was super hot outside and we needed to cool off with something delicious. How about a Ghirardelli expresso sundae; dark chocolate sauce, dark chocolate chips, expresso ice cream and dark chocolate square. Enough said.When we were at Universal Studios, we went to a candy shop and got a bunch yums like dark chocolate covered toffee, maple, almonds and such. Allan got some random things too.After our adventures in both downtown Disney and Universal Studios, we went to a Brazilian buffet called Vittorios on IDrive in Orlando. I had this plate three times. Just don’t tell anyone ok?They even had a multitude of desserts; I got the coconut pudding with caramel and rice pudding. The rice pudding was my favorite. It was absolute heaven!After we came home, Allan surprised me with a caramel apple. As if I need more sweets? I only had a little bit of it because the caramel does have corn. None-the-less it was quite delicious.Question: Ever been in a sugar coma? Because… that is totally me right now!

Vegan/ Acid Reflux Update + Ranting

I just don’t know. This week? Okay, I am going to get open and personal here. This week hasn’t been the greatest. A ton of things happened between dating, over training and me practically breaking myself at work. I feel like I don’t deserve all this annoyance, but I know it happens to best of us, even the nice ones.

I haven’t really took the time to focus on me. I’ve been busy focusing on training myself for the personal training exam, trying to get back in the dating world (which has been a complete an utter f$#%ing disaster) and falling down the stairs, messing up my elbow and burning myself three times a work. Yeah.

And then there is me being acidic, bloated and looking four months pregnant. It’s been embarrassing but I can pinpoint some culprits, which is good. Between cutting out dairy, attempting vegetarianism again and diving into veganism, I am finding what foods are happy for my tummy and which completely suck.

Here are a list of foods that make my tummy happy and unhappy. Now most of these foods are because I eat them, daily/ weekly. I don’t know about other foods, but here is what I know for me:

Happy Tummy Foods:

  • Baked/ Grilled Chicken (despite the fact that I really hate chicken for some reason nowadays)
  • Green/ Red Leaf Lettuce (found on accident, there was no spinach available for my sandwich)
  • Small Handfuls of Cashews
  • Soymilk/ Soy products (sorry iron absorption)
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • White Rice/ Potatoes
  • Pears, Bananas (In moderation, however), Apples and Blackberries

Unhappy Tummy >.<

  • Carbs in EXCESS (especially oats, red potatoes, brown rice/ brown rice products)
  • Beans in EXCESS (especially red and black)
  • Red Meat (not the sausage!!!)
  • Spinach, Broccoli, Kale (accident too, because I ran out for a few days then re-ate it and omg bloat!)
  • Grapes, Blueberries Strawberries, Pineapples, and pretty much all other fruits
  • Pumpkin Seeds and Flax Seeds/Milk
  • Dried Cherries and Blueberries
  • Eggs (I don’t know why?!)
  • Nut Butters in EXCESS (since the fat content is way higher then if I just eat a few nuts)
  • Dark Chocolate in EXCESS (1/2 ounce is okay a day, but more then that I feel bloated and acidic)
  • All cheeses and butter products
  • All DAIRY (even fat-free, which makes me feel worse guess because there is either more sugar or salt to compensate for fat-free taste)

Then it dawned on me… why did I have my flattest stomach almost two years ago? I wasn’t eating much veggies, dairy or brown rice products and you know what? I have read about this, people who have a hard time digesting these things. The less greens I eat in a day, the better the tummy. I was pretty much eating a lot of bananas, apples, oats, chicken and soymilk.

Since I haven’t been feeling well because I am over-trained and broken, I’ve stuck to fresh fruits, nuts/ seeds, beans, mashed potatoes, organic soymilk and oatmeal and my stomach has been pretty much “unbloated.” That is until I devour chocolate r dried cherries or have a green smoothie because I am too lazy to cook.

I can’t do that anymore. I have to pay attention even if it kills me to not eat a vegetable at lunch or dinner. I try to be a good blogger (and health coach) and eat my veggies, but if it’s doing more harm then good, perhaps I shouldn’t over do it? I should go with what is good for my body, especially since my digestive system is super sensitive as ya’ll already know.

I hope this little list I put together helps some of you guys experiencing the same issues.  Right now for lunch I had a little chicken, a little beans and green leaf lettuce and I feel okay. Let’s keep experimenting and I will be sure to keep you posted!

Question: Any foods that your tummy just can’t stand that is not an allergen?