WIAW #107: ILoVermont!

It’s no secret that I LOVE Vermont.

The last time I went to visit the Green Mountain state was in April for my mom’s birthday. This time around, I went with the manfriend to celebrate our one month!You may think that’s a bit crazy. But truth be told, we’ve been really good friends for over a year and met at our former job. Just wasn’t the right time and now everything is just as perfect as it can be and I am happy. For this WIAW, I am going to show you some of our eats from our trip and beyond, enjoy!wiawphotobuttonBefore I get into the eats, I have to share with you the beautiful herbs and tomatoes that the manfriend’s dad gathered from their garden.

Yes, I met the parents and I was nervous. It was the first time I really had met any manfriend’s parents, formally. But he said they loved me, so I think I am in the clear, phew!Back to the goods; I started out my morning with some Green Mountain coffee, obviously.Some sliced up frozen strawberries with organic peanut butter mixed with a bit of vanilla Myofusion for breakfast.Now most of y’all know I’m a snacker; I packed some goodies for our trip. A few thinkThin and Quest bars, trail mix, fruit, Greek yogurt, pretzels and of course some H2-OH!Our first adventure when we got to Burlington was American Flatbread. We had a cheese and herb, buffalo chicken and Vermont maple sausage flatbread. This is my absolute favorite restaurant ever!After dinner, we took a stroll along Lake Champlain.After the lake, we went to bed we were exhausted from a long trip. We woke up the next day to a delicious brunch at Henry’s diner.Also stopped at the Apple Mountain store on Church Street for some local trinkets.Visited the alma matar, University of Vermont.Our last stop? A bit of dessert iced wine from Shelburne Vineyard.Although Burlington was amazing, it’s nice to just sit back and relax at home. Only three more days til the AAAI/ISMA conference! 

WIAW #95: Hotel and New Apt Eats!

Happy [Early] WIAW. Thanks Jen for hosting!wiawphotobutton It’s safe to say that I am out of the hotel life and finally in a new apt. Being in a hotel for a couple of days is nice, but once it passes that and dirty laundry starts piling up, it isn’t fun at all.

Good thing they had unlimited coffee and a continental breakfast everyday so my breakfasts consisted of mochas (using this sugar-free swiss miss), oats and things.We ended up dining out a few times like a Panera. I had a turkey avocado BLT with garden veggie soup. So good!For work and pretty much most of my lunches looked like this but I alternated between chicken and the veggie burger; protein, veggies, almonds, nut butter, Balance dark chocolate crunch bar, protein mocha, Greek yogurt, fruit and oats (if I had an overnight shift).My first mini grocery trip consisted of lots of Greek yogurt and chicken. It’s time to get back into the Body Building swing as I am 110% recovered. Okay lie 99%; must know my limits!Some new dishes and Green Mountain Coffee was in order (not gluten-free!). And a little peach lambic to celebrate. First cooked meal in new apt; garlic hummus stuffed(ish) chicken with broccoli!First dessert; dark chocolate & almond butter mousse.Finally have a steady place with a year lease. It’s going to be a different change because I haven’t had a year lease or commitment since 2007. I’ve been a traveling gnome being in different places every 4-8months.

I am nervous but excited at the same time! It’s not the first choice town I wanted, but I am literally 5-10mins away from everything. Can’t complain there!

Question: How was your weekend? What’s your go to “item” or place when you celebrate events or such?

WIAW # 85: Training, Q&A + Protein Pancakes!

No, no questions and answers? Okay fine, I will answer some that MAY be on your mind any way about my training/ bodybuilding. This WIAW, brought to you by Peas and Crayons is going to have info on training, my food staples, some meals and an update on my protein pancakes. Enjoy!wiawphotobutton

1. What’s your workout schedule? Here is a small breakdown;

  • Mondays:  Chest, Shoulders and Tri’s (w/ 30-45 minutes A.M Cardio)
  • Tuesdays: Lower Body
  • Wednesdays: Abs  (w/ 30-45 minutes A.M Cardio, plus 1 Hour Power Yoga)
  • Thursday: Back and Biceps   (w/ 30-45 minutes A.M Cardio)
  • Friday: Shoulders, Delts & Traps  (w/ 30-45 minutes A.M Cardio or 1 Hour Power Yoga)
  • Saturday: A.M Cardio (30-45 minutes) or Hot Power Yoga (1 Hour)
  • Sunday: Rest Day

2. Are you taking any vitamins and/or supplements? Only a probiotic at the current moment, but I most likely will at some point.

I tried QuestBar’s double chocolate chunk and it wasn’t bad. Definitely not my favorite protein bar but it was good!I also use protein powder from time to time. I recently got a sample of the chocolate and vanilla Tone It Up’s Perfect Fit Protein (+peanut butter bar) and it was delicious! I even made the chocolate version of these protein truffles (sans “caramel sauce”) with it and oh man… tastes ever BETTER!3. Do you take a pre-workout? I normally don’t but on the occasion that I do it’s Cellucor C4 Extreme. I like the Blue Razz flavor.

4. What are some of your food staples? Chicken breasts, broccoli, green beans, spinach, almonds, egg whites, oranges, apples, oats, skim milk/ light soy and Greek yogurt. Ya know, the “Sabrina usuals.”5. Typical cheat meal? It’s gonna be either the occasional Chinese or pizza, froyo or Godiva truffles. Mmmmm!

6. Favorite workout Day? Shoulder day. I naturally have broad shoulder thanks to Papa Sweets, so I love watching them develop!

7. Water Intake? About 4-5L; you must drink at least half of your body weight. Last time I checked I was 159lbs, so at least 80 oz. for me. But most people recommend 3L+.

And now, here is are the updated ingredients for the current version of my protein pancakes. For additional info and such, please visit the original post here! It isn’t as sweet, but is still oh so delicious. Enjoy!Sabrina’s Protein Pancake Obsession*

  • 1/3 Cup of Oats
  • 1/3 Cup Non-Dairy Milk
  • 2 Egg Whites (or flax egg for vegan!)
  • 1-2 Tbsps of Vanila Protein Powder (the Perfect Fit Protein vanilla was delish too!)
  • 2 tsps flax or hemp seeds (or mix!)
  • 1 tsp of Almond Butter (Optional*, but yummy!)
  • Dash of Salt

Question: Have you ever tried QuestBars or the Perfect Fit Protein from Tone It Up?

Have any more questions or comments?! Post them below :)

*Revised from original recipe

Celebrating Spring Break Early!

I celebrated Spring Break early and went to Massachusetts! Like I mentioned earlier this week, I was visiting a friend and staying for a couple of days. It’s nice to break away from the normal routine and unwind. I’ve had way too many exams and assignments, I deserve it!


Allan and I left at around 9:00am on Wednesday for Massachusetts. I even brought a long some road trip goodies (and kept healthy handy), which included yogurt, an apple, almonds, string cheese and Nature’s Path Apple Pie Crunch!Our first stop was Gloucester, M.A. We had been there before for Allan’s birthday. It’s so beautiful and peaceful and it kind of reminds me of City Island here in New York.We ate lunch that we had already packed (again keeping healthy handy people) and then walked around this lovely park for a bit. I honestly don’t know the name of this park.  Runs to look it up. Okay got it! It’s Stage Fort Park. Phew!Allan and I just kind of relaxed until night time. It was a long drive and besides I wanted to unwind. Isn’t that the point of taking a mini vacation? Once nighttime hit, we headed out to Gloucester’s downtown area. It was really cute at night and the trees were full of lights.We weren’t sure what we wanted to eat for dinner. I knew I wanted some type of veggies with potatoes. Don’t ask me why, it was such a random craving. We spotted this place called Catch 22 Pub downtown playing some awesome music.This sign really caught my eye. Being allergic to wheat makes it hard to enjoy a burger sometimes. A lot of restaurants don’t offer gluten-free buns or don’t really have options when it comes to swapping the bread for something else. I totally loved this bunless burger and salad idea. Are you listening restaurants?The atmosphere inside was very relaxing. I never really had been inside a pub before, so I didn’t know what to expect. The D.J played great music and waitress were really friendly too, which made it even better.Alas, dinner was a well-done burger with a caesar salad and stolen fries from Allan. This hit the spot, perfectly; juicy burger, crisp lettuce and hot fries! I definitely want to go back there again. Sometime soon, hopefully.I also had a few sips of this here Bud Light. I don’t drink at all but for some reason, I just felt the burger needed to go with some good beer sippage. Allan, of course, drank the rest! And being Ladies Night, I got a beer on the house. Awesome place I tell ya.


It was a chill Thursday morning. I brought breakfast with me, which was a cinna-crunch “muffin top” with almond butter and banana. This is so my favorite of the “muffin-tops.”

My friend and I hung out at the mall (again more relaxing). I introduced her to the Godiva rewards card. Free chocolate once a month? You can’t go wrong with that. I got my favorite piece, which is the creme brûlée truffle. Mmm!It was then time to head back to New York. It was nice to catch up with my friend. I hadn’t seen here since October of last year! I love Massachusetts and New England for that matter. The atmosphere there just cannot be explained. It’s a great place and if you haven’t been, you must check it out!

Question: What’s one place that you’ve visited that just makes you feel at peace?

For me? Definitely Vermont and Massachusetts. I also very much enjoyed Alaska and I really want to go there again!