WIAW #95: Hotel and New Apt Eats!

Happy [Early] WIAW. Thanks Jen for hosting!wiawphotobutton It’s safe to say that I am out of the hotel life and finally in a new apt. Being in a hotel for a couple of days is nice, but once it passes that and dirty laundry starts piling up, it isn’t fun at all.

Good thing they had unlimited coffee and a continental breakfast everyday so my breakfasts consisted of mochas (using this sugar-free swiss miss), oats and things.We ended up dining out a few times like a Panera. I had a turkey avocado BLT with garden veggie soup. So good!For work and pretty much most of my lunches looked like this but I alternated between chicken and the veggie burger; protein, veggies, almonds, nut butter, Balance dark chocolate crunch bar, protein mocha, Greek yogurt, fruit and oats (if I had an overnight shift).My first mini grocery trip consisted of lots of Greek yogurt and chicken. It’s time to get back into the Body Building swing as I am 110% recovered. Okay lie 99%; must know my limits!Some new dishes and Green Mountain Coffee was in order (not gluten-free!). And a little peach lambic to celebrate. First cooked meal in new apt; garlic hummus stuffed(ish) chicken with broccoli!First dessert; dark chocolate & almond butter mousse.Finally have a steady place with a year lease. It’s going to be a different change because I haven’t had a year lease or commitment since 2007. I’ve been a traveling gnome being in different places every 4-8months.

I am nervous but excited at the same time! It’s not the first choice town I wanted, but I am literally 5-10mins away from everything. Can’t complain there!

Question: How was your weekend? What’s your go to “item” or place when you celebrate events or such?

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WIAW #89: Mama Sweets Visits!

Happy, happy [early] WIAW!

This What I Ate Wednesday is going to show you some delicious eats from when my mom came to visit last week. I hadn’t seen here in over a month, so it was nice of her to visit during her winter break. Thanks Jenn for hosting this awesome food party. Enjoy!wiawphotobuttonBreakfast: I made her my original protein pancake but I was feeling very snacky that morning so I had some Greek yogurt, egg whites, bluberries and such. I think I may add this combo to my week once or twice!Speaking of snacks, I picked up a few things including a new water bottle (32 whole ounce one, whoa!) this garlic and herb Mrs. Dash.

 I am I in love with it!The first night she came, we went to dinner at the Franklin Cafe. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in Gloucester.I always get the burger with Vermont cheddar cheese and green beans. Delish!We also went to a Chinese buffet for lunch one of the days in Salem. I still managed to eat on plan with lots of protein and veggies; just needed to chug extra water but it was done!I munched on this new dark chocolate by Ghiradelli, which let me tell you this is definitely my new favorite chocolate. It tasted like pure dark chocolate and cherry almond goodness. I don’t know I am just hooked! Of course froyo is always in order when my mom visits; I had peanut butter fro yo with raspberries, granola, pecans and a bit of pb drizzle.Question: Any chocolate bar recommendations? What’s your favorite? I love trying new brands and flavors, so hook a girl up ;)

This Is Where I Belong; Thank You!

This week I have been presented with love overload via Facebook and Instagram.

A couple of family members and a friend have come to me and shared how I inspired them. This means the world to me and I know that this is where I belong. These are people I barely talk to or just met and it’s amazing that little ole me inspired them. I am beyond flattered and thankful for all their [and your] support.

1: My Cousin Rosalie: I’m kinda excited….and thought I’d share with you since you’ve inspired me!
Me: Oh yes!!! whats going on?
R: So i went to the mall today and I always go for a large or when i try them on they don’t fit well..come to surprise 3 weeks does make a big difference even though its hard to see but i actually fit in a size medium was so excited!
OH YAY!!! OH MY MY that’s totally awesome I know you must feel pretty good!
R: The last time i got in to a medium was like 4yrs ago.
Me: Sweet, well congrats and you did it all on your own chicky!
R: Well with a little help from you and your story and pictures that motivation
Me: Aww I try and I am always am here if you need anything :)

2: @nutritiouslysweet: My fit inspiration :)

3: Role model: This may come as a shock but @nutritiouslysweet is the best cousin I could have ever asked for. Seeing how far you have come in the last five years is such an inspiration for me and I couldn’t be any prouder to have you as family.

Seriously, any time that I feel that I want to give up, eat off plan or not do my workouts, I look to these posts for motivation. All of you that also support the blog or just my journey are my personal inspiration and motivation and I thank you for that!I make sure to stay on track any and everywhere!Even if it’s always snowing and I just want to eat pancakes all day.Hey at least I always get to wear my boots; my fav winter item!Happy weekend my friends and thank you again! Xo.

Work Hard, WorkOUT Harder

I have been kicking it up a million notches this week.

When I first started to restart my journey pre-challenge, I got up to 168lbs in early November. There is just something about the holidays that makes me want to get fit. For the past four years of end of the year holidays, I have lost weight. I tend to gain weight, if I ever do, around March- April. I don’t know why, that is just me.

One thing I wanted to mention [and it may be TMI!] is that I stopped taking my birth control. I haven been taking it since I was 17 due to my horribly irregular periods. I use to get them about twice a month but the pills helps to maintain one a month.

Hence explaining some of my health issues and increased anemia back then. It’s been a week and so far I notice that I have a bit more energy and my breasts are not as “swollen.” I think this means it’s time for a new birth control pill? But any who, I am happy with how this here Sabrina is looking and I am proud of her to the T!My friend/ trainer has been kicking my ass [and teach me a ton], but I love it. For once, someone gets to push me around, instead of me pushing around my clients. Now I know why they “love/hate me” during a session. Pay back right?

Post yoga or before work, I enjoy a cup of espresso or just coffee with soy milk. Seriously this honey latte from Pleasent St. Tea CO. is bomb!Eats have been nice and clean. Mostly for dinner I don’t have a “starchy carb” like rice or red roasted potatoes. I stick to veggies and I honestly never thought I would get to that point where I crave a bowl of veggies. I am quite impressed with myself.

I’ve been making sure to keep up with my meal planning or at least having foods I can go to in the case that I forget to bring something or cook one day.Still eating a ton of figs and protein pancakes. It’s been established; I have a problem.

  • Pre-Challenge SW: 168lbs (11/1)
  • Challenge SW: 164lbs (11/13)
  • CW: 159.8lbs (12/13)

This means I am down 4.2lbs from the challenge and 8.2lbs from my highest this year! #happydance! And no worries… selfie overloads are only on challenge update posts ;)

Question: Favorite kind of coffee flavor and/or style? Or no coffee at all? The honey cinnamon latte is on my top favorites but I love Green Mountain coffee and Starbucks Lattes!

WIAW #79: Protein Goodness!

I really couldn’t think of a title for this WIAW.

But all these meals are protein and healthy deliciousness. Except for the sweets; maybe. If you are new to the WIAW party, head on over to Peas and Crayons for the deets. Enjoy!Even though it’s technically still fall… it doesn’t feel like it. But I love the little brrr in the downtown Gloucester air. And technically eating at 3:00am has to count as breakfast right? I had me some pear Chobani, a string cheese and some almonds. Protein goodness! But on the occasion that I do have a real breakfast, I do the protein pancake with mostly flax seeds. So delicious and filling. I am still obsessed with my chicken and veggies. Sometimes it’s sugar snap peas and sugar snap pears. Or maybe it’s sugar snap peas and roasted red potatoes. Clearly I am not a fan of making changes. But I do use difference herbs and spices so it may not look different but it sure does taste so.I had this delicious honey cinnamon coffee. Oh my gosh, it was to die for! For my cheat days (two), I usually have some sugar-free pecan crowns from Russell Stover. They are so good with some almond butter! Or one of the days, I made a trail mix at Whole Foods and also got a Lake Champlain dark chocolate caramel candy. Man, I was in h-eaven!Or I this day when I had pure fig bliss. I know, I know… I am ADDICTED! I also dyed my hair a smidge lighter this weekend to brighten it up. It probably isn’t too noticeable, but I can tell it brightens up my face and I love having a hint of glowy-ness.Excuse the awkward hand position. Any who question for ya… what’s your favorite brand of chocolates or types of chocolate or do you even LIKE chocolate at all?!

WIAW#76: Protein & Veggie Lovin’

Literally I feel like my meals have been some protein and veggies. Hey, I am not complaining. For this WIAW, I show you some of my eats from when I went to the NYC to visit the family. But now I am back in the lovely Northshore of MA. And don’t forget to head over to Peas and Crayons for more on this food party. Enjoy! This week I have been focusing on getting my portions right, working out and focus on not eating mindlessly. I was hungry at times, no doubt. But I manage to curb some of those cravings with lots o’ tea.Breakfasts have been the usual oats or protein pancakes. Gosh, gotta love em’.Snacks have been lots of Chobani lovin’ with fruit n’ nut granola and more.Lunch? Well meat and potatoes for this girl, always with some greens on the side.Dinner? Eh, pretty much the same, but it’s what I am in the mood for!And here comes more Chobani for dessert this time; with some dark chocolate on the side.Question: What are you eating this week? How do you control mindless eating?

Family Bonding

My father and brother came to visit me to check on me since I had been in the ER the last week. It was my kidneys again, similar to what happened earlier this year. It is safe to say that I am feeling 99.9% better! Sometimes I wake up sore, but other then that, I am a healthy clam. I feel this time around recovery was better due to taking my greens and Vital-Core from ItWorks (got more stuff to try!). Last time it took me about two weeks to recover and this time…super quick!Any who, my dad so nicely bought me some groceries… Mmmm!This thinkThin fiber bar is probably my favorite flavor yet!Can’t forget some Greek yogurt for that extra protein.After spending the night in MA and getting some breakfast at the hotels and some errands, the next afternoon we went to Outback Steakhouse for lunch.I hadn’t been there since college. We also enjoyed some dessert; carrot cake cake pops and cheesecake with raspberry sauce!Question: How’s your weekend going? What was your favorite restaurant in college?! I’m still a bit on a hiatus, but you bet I’ll pop in randomly for sure!

WIAW# 74: Nothing But Sweet

It’s that time again where we drool over delicious eats.

Oh, boy do I have some awesome ones.  As you can see from my lack of posts, I have been dealing with some personal things, so just bear with me on my little hiatus. Oh and if you are new to the food party, head on over to Peas and Crayons for the deets!Breakfast I’ve been keeping to the apple and nuts combo.Since I am back at the gym nice and early.Enjoying some post workout goodness.A little bit of waffles for brunch.Maybe a little Brazilian for lunch?Walking it off with a sweet view in downtown Newburyport, MA.Having a great dinner with a friend.And froyo with my dad and brother!Question: Every have one of those days where it seems like everything you eat is sweet?!


I for one am glad that the weather is starting to get a bit chilly.

Not enjoying going outside in the cold when I have to wake up for work at 5:00am, but when you have a delicious pumpkin spice latte, it makes every thing so much better.This week I went with one of my friends to visit Breakheart Reservation in Saugus, MA.I don’t know many people that would just want to walk to the woods and chat, but I am glad I have her. It was simply beautiful.We ended out walk at the lake. It reminded me of Vermont. Oh how I do miss Vermont dearly.We then headed for some retail therapy and I snagged this awesome shirt. The sleeves remind me of fall & leaves for some reason. Just love it.Lately, I’ve more been into caramel instead of the pumpkin obsession. It’s a very fall-y flavor to me, amongst things like maple. Question: Have you been a pumpkin fiend this fall? What do you do to relax? I hope y’all have a great rest of your week/weekend. Remeber, take the time to relax, it is VERY important for the mind, body and soul :)

A Bit of the [Topsfield] Fair

Happy Sunday evening my lovelies!

On Friday, I went to the Topsfield fair with my friend, her mom and her boyfriend. I had never been but I heard so many things about it and I was super exited to go.Little creature pumpkins. New England’s largest pumpkin for this year; 1746.5lbs. Local Honey Crisp apple.Keeping it short and sweet for this evening. I am pretty exhausted, but I have some fun workout-related posts and some snack bar reviews for you this week so stay tuned.

Have a good night and week!