The Journey In Between: Day #15

On August 15th, I “restarted” my health journey. And guess what? Today is day 15! Kinda cool right? *Excusesmynerdness*

Where are we at now? Leg progress is on point!

One of the key things I was trying to focus on was building my quads. I have pretty good shoulders and abs, well that area is always a work in progress.But my lower body and back have been my main focus this year and I am happy that surgery didn’t take away too much of my progress. I am back to pre-surgery weight and body. Now it’s a matter of building again. I started a little bit of my body building program this week but I didn’t spin twice this week like I wanted to (only did one session).Picked up some of protein staples for my meals. I also eat/ have ground turkey, protein powder, brown rice, quinoa, oats, peanut butter chia seeds, and veggies just to name a few extras not shown. Lots o’ snacks too. And when I can splurge? Quest bars.Breakfasts are usually a protein bar and berries or oats. Depending on my workout for that day, I will eat more carbs if it’s back or leg day.

For other days I stick to mostly protein sources for breakfast. I find that this works for me on my more intense strength training workout days (which just happen to be back and legs) I make sure to eat extra fuel. If I know I am going to attend a spin session later, I will have a nice bowl of oats for breakfast and maybe some extra brown rice with my lunch.

Lunches and dinners pretty much consist of a protein and veggie, sometimes good carb sometimes none (again, depending on my training day). I am feeling good and learning to take every training day one at a time. If my body isn’t up for it, I won’t train.

I use to think it was the end of the world if I didn’t workout but I learned that in order to be healthy for what life throws at you, you must be able take care of yourself first. Hope everyone has a happy and healthy Labor Day weekend. Any plans? I’ll be hanging out in Rockport tomorrow with the manfriend!

The Journey In Between: Day Three

You’ve heard me countless times say that I am restarting my journey; from moving, injuries and more recent, surgery. Life just happens.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated when you have so much going on, whether it’s by choice or beyond your control. It is important to remember that life is a journey. Just because you set a goal doesn’t mean when you reach that goal, it’s the end.

Life is a process and there will always be ups and downs. You won’t always be progressing. Sometimes you may be at a stand still or maybe even go backwards. It’s easier said then done but you should remember to never give up and keep moving forward!

That being said, let’s check out what I am going to be doing for the next month to restart on my fitness goals. Friday the 15th was the first time I really had a good workout in almost a month. Before surgery, the last time I hit it hard at the gym was July 17th. Crazy to know I didn’t workout for almost a month. I do have restrictions; I can’t do activities such as TRX, Vinyasa Yoga or Insanity like workouts.

I also can’t perform exercises such as  deadlifts, back extensions, deep squats or any core workouts until the end of August. My main focus for the next few week will be back, bi’s and tri’s while working a little shoulders, chest and lower body.

I have my AAAI/ISMA cycling conference in less then a week, so I will be training for that. To keep myself accountable, I am going to be posting my workouts each week and discuss my nutrition, which will change every week or two. I will be playing around with my macros but for this week, they are the following:

  • Calories: 1750-1900
  • Carbs: 180g (190g max)
  • Protein: 130g
  • Fat: 60g (70g max)

I don’t like to focus too much on calories but usually that’s my range, depending on my workouts and day. Post surgery, I gain about 10lbs and right now I lost a solid 6lbs. I am currently around 163lbs and want to get back to my happy zone of 156-158lbs. I know it may sound like an odd range but ever since I started my weight loss journey back in 2008 and have fluctuated here and there, I know that this range is my best and feel my strongest.

When I am strength training and keeping up with my fitness routine, I start getting leaner and look like I’m 135-140lbs. Most people see me and wouldn’t think I was almost 160lbs, which is why at a certain point, it’s not so much about the number on the scale. Right now I only have about 3lbs to get back to pre-surgery weight.

Workouts This Week (August 17th-24th):

  • Sunday: Active Rest Day!
  • Monday: Rest Day
  • Tuesday: Chest & Tri’s + Spin (45mins)
  • Wednesday: Legs + Spin (45mins)
  • Thursday: Back & Bi’s + Cardio (30mins)
  • Friday: AAAI/ISMA Cycling Conference
  • Saturday: Rest Day
  • Sunday: Total Body Workout (30mins)

My exercises this week are going to include at least two spin sessions and three strength training sessions. I am planning to take 2-3 rest days a week since my body is still healing, I don’t want to overwork myself. Active rest days just include 2+ hours of walking. And that’s it! That’s the plan to get back on the fitness wagon.

I am definitely feeling good, but I don’t want to push myself because I know its a sign that my body is healing. I don’t want to have to end up hurting myself and needing more recovery time. It’s time to get ready for my Vermont trip with the manfriend. Be sure to check out this week’s WIAW for some Vermont eats.

Happy Sunday!

Two Months of Progress (Nov 13′- Jan 14′)

Happy Sunday and February 2nd!

Can you believe it’s already February? Me neither! I come to you to show you some progress, February goals and share with you some more body building things. And stay tuned for what I ate Wednesday where I will actually show you a whole day of food versus just showing you random eats throughout the week.

Some goals that I have in mind for February?

  • Do yoga at least 2x’s a week.
  • Sauna at least 2x’s a week or one hour total.
  • Increase my cardio sessions by 5 minutes.
  • Get under 155lbs.
  • Reduce my sugar intake and have any form of chocolate “goodies” only 2’s per week.

In mid-November I began to get more serious about training; seeing a personal trainer and gaining my own knowledge for my coaching plan.I have lost several inches around my waist, not to mention a little ab flattening action. My legs and arms are leaning out and my *ehem* chest has gone down. It’s only been two months and I am quite proud even though it’s only been about a 6.2lb loss. Hey I’ll take it, but I got to make sure to work on this back of mine. Here is a day 11 shot of back and legs (I started bodybuilding on January 22). I am proud however of my legs; look at those quads growing!My brother is even joining in on some body building workouts. I am seriously proud of him and he’s even been eating healthier. It’s all about progress not perfection and everything in moderation.I still have my Green Mountain coffee; usually consists of stevia/ raw sugar, cocoa powder and skim or soy milk. Sometimes I will even mix in a tablespoon or two or protein powder if I drink it post workout. So good!Live, laugh and lift <3

Work Hard, WorkOUT Harder

I have been kicking it up a million notches this week.

When I first started to restart my journey pre-challenge, I got up to 168lbs in early November. There is just something about the holidays that makes me want to get fit. For the past four years of end of the year holidays, I have lost weight. I tend to gain weight, if I ever do, around March- April. I don’t know why, that is just me.

One thing I wanted to mention [and it may be TMI!] is that I stopped taking my birth control. I haven been taking it since I was 17 due to my horribly irregular periods. I use to get them about twice a month but the pills helps to maintain one a month.

Hence explaining some of my health issues and increased anemia back then. It’s been a week and so far I notice that I have a bit more energy and my breasts are not as “swollen.” I think this means it’s time for a new birth control pill? But any who, I am happy with how this here Sabrina is looking and I am proud of her to the T!My friend/ trainer has been kicking my ass [and teach me a ton], but I love it. For once, someone gets to push me around, instead of me pushing around my clients. Now I know why they “love/hate me” during a session. Pay back right?

Post yoga or before work, I enjoy a cup of espresso or just coffee with soy milk. Seriously this honey latte from Pleasent St. Tea CO. is bomb!Eats have been nice and clean. Mostly for dinner I don’t have a “starchy carb” like rice or red roasted potatoes. I stick to veggies and I honestly never thought I would get to that point where I crave a bowl of veggies. I am quite impressed with myself.

I’ve been making sure to keep up with my meal planning or at least having foods I can go to in the case that I forget to bring something or cook one day.Still eating a ton of figs and protein pancakes. It’s been established; I have a problem.

  • Pre-Challenge SW: 168lbs (11/1)
  • Challenge SW: 164lbs (11/13)
  • CW: 159.8lbs (12/13)

This means I am down 4.2lbs from the challenge and 8.2lbs from my highest this year! #happydance! And no worries… selfie overloads are only on challenge update posts ;)

Question: Favorite kind of coffee flavor and/or style? Or no coffee at all? The honey cinnamon latte is on my top favorites but I love Green Mountain coffee and Starbucks Lattes!

“Keeping Healthy” til 2014: Week One & Updates!

Hello my friends!

Now, let me give you a quick update of things, shall we? I won’t get into detail of anything but I currently now work at Workout World (aka W.o.W) and the YMCA as a health coach and personal trainer to be (sometime early next year!).I am so excited to embark on this new journey. And also? My brother is going to be starting school here in Massachusetts! Yep, we are going to be roomies, that should be quite interesting ;). [My 25th Birthday].Okay, so I’ve been doing sauna action at least twice a week at my new gym (W.o.W). Love, love, love it! Bod shot: It’s not too bad but slowly the bloated is going down.

 This week I had to focus on portions, which went it was not easy at all pretty well. Thank goodness for a good ole cup of java. Here’s a front shot for y’all.

This week I am at 162.8lbs! That is a 1.2lb drop, which is awesome considering I only worked out 4 times in the past two weeks. Just haven’t been feeling well [yet again], but I think this time I am back on my a-game. *CrossesFingers*

Question: Boy, that was a bunch of selfies… my bad! Ever have those over-selfie moments? How are you keeping healthy this week? Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY/ Challenge here :)

All Things DAMY

This post has been my most requested. I wanted to make this post about all things DAMY Health. Here are some of the questions most of my readers ask. If you have any more questions, please feel free to post of comment or email me at Enjoy!

How does DAMY Health work?

Damy is a simple online coaching program designed for clean eating, weight loss, toning and more. You first choose the program you want and the rest is easy from there. All programs have a once a week check in where you and Amy discuss your personal health goals and anything you may need help it. You also have access to Amy 24/7 via email and she always responds within the next 24 hours.

My weekly workout plan?

Right now my workout plan is based on my mood. For the most part I still do half of the DAMY workouts and half my own. DAMY workouts consist of about 30-45 minutes of your choice cardio plus weight training. For the most part, the weight training is divided into three categories; lower body, shoulders and chest. There is also ab work that in incorporated and one (or two depending on the program) of the days is a HIIT day {aka high intensity interval training). For that, it usually consists of burpees, jump squats, push ups, and then combining it with weight or strength training. The other half that’s my own, usually consists of walking or yoga.

Can I do the workouts indoors?

Amy does have a few workouts that you can do at home. For example your cardio can be a HIIT, so you can do rounds of push-ups, jumping jacks, burpees and such to get your heart rate going. Also a jump rope is a great way to get that cardio boost.

Do I post a log?

I don’t post a workout log, but if you guys would like to see me post my weekly workouts, I can totally do that!

Can I do the exercises if I am older or need low intensity?

All the exercises can be modified. You just need to ask Amy. I had hip and knee surgery and was able to do most of the workouts. Again, just ask Amy!

Do you have to buy unusual foods?

No, not at all. I mean granted quinoa and edamame aren’t your usual purchases, but you can still buy the basics like eggs, lean meats, brown rice, oats, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, oils, etc. at your everyday supermarket.

Sample week of DAMY?

I don’t have any sample meal plan weeks of DAMY, but I do have a few sample days. I have sample #1, sample #2 and one vegetarian sample. If you’d like more, please feel free to let me know and I’ll do a few more.

Again, if you have any other DAMY Health questions, please feel free to ask. *Live Nutritiously*

WIAW #25: Cleaning Up “House”

My body is my temple and I need to take care of it better. As many of you know I have issues with food allergies and anemia. I haven’t been taking care of myself 100%, but as of Sunday, I’ve been doing an excellent job and I am quite proud of myself. Yay for healthier and happier me!For this WIAW, I will be showing you my eats for one of my “clean” eating days. I did sneak in a banana though (I just had a mean sweet craving and I reached for that as oppose to chocolate cheesecake). If you don’t know what What I Ate Wednesday is, check it out over at Peas and Crayons!Breakfast: DAMY Gingerbread Protein Pancake (minus apple) w/ Almond Butter. So simple, so delicious!Snack: Cheese, Pear & Almonds. Here is where the dairy comes in. On the DAMY fat blaster program, dairy is not allowed (except yogurt) but since I am using it as a guideline to get my eating back in check, you will see it here in my eats.Lunch: Brown Rice, a baked plantain, black beans and sautéed spinach. I forgot how much I love sautéed spinach. A little olive oil, sea salt and minced garlic? Mmm.Snack: Here is the sneaky little banana. It took care of my sweet tooth, which is awesome! Normally I’d be wanting chocolate or ice cream, but I reached for Nature’s candy and felt satisfied!Dinner: Hard-boiled egg white, light string cheese, grapes & spinach/pineapple smoothie (not shown). Since I had school on Tuesday, I know I don’t really get to have a proper meal. I had a spinach and pineapple smoothie before class and the rest of the snacks after. Love it.Eating like this makes me feel so light and energized. I can tell that eating meat definitly weighs me down. Mostly because my digestive system is on the frtiz from all my food allergies. But since I do know how to make my body feel better, why not do it?

“The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.”
~B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga: The Path To Holistic Health