Life In Pictures #1: Coffee Much?

Happy Friday y’all!

Or in my case, it’s my Saturday. All my days tend to get mixed together. Any who, hope everyone is doing well. Today we will be doing a blog link up with Lina via Fit, Fed and Happy.

What is “Life in Pictures?”

Well you take random photos throughout the week, put as little text in the post as possible and make your own guesses as to what happened that week. Sometimes I have pictures left over or just don’t know what to say for them. It’s a win, win I think. If you haven’t checked out her blog, please do!August 25th, 10:00am: Last outfit in the NYC.12:30pm: Last view of Van Cortlandt Park in Bronx, NY.August 26th, 5:00am: First day at a new job.August 27th, 1:00pm: Workout done; alittle legs, bi’s and tri’s!4:00pm: Alittle protein snackage.August 28th, 9:00pm: New Target coffee find. Pumpkin spice anyone? 11:45pm: Overnight workflow + more coffee.August 29th: 6:30am: Breakfast or dinner post overnight?11:30am: Brunch with the broski.6:00pm: Time for errands!

And that’s a wrap! Hope everyone enjoyed my random pictures from this week. Don’t forget to check out Linda’s linkup!

I hope everyone has an awesome labor day weekend :)

#TravelingGnome: Part III

I must admit; I love to travel.

Whether it’s one hour or six hours away. I love it all. My brother and I went to New Hampshire Saturday night to pick up the manfriend to go to New York. I had an Uno’s coupon and had the herb rubbed chicken with broccoli and roasted veggies. Also lots of coffee in hand.  Sunday we relaxed in the a.m, had breakfast then my brother, dad and the manfriend went to a Yankee game courtesy of his sister.Pretty nice view.It was a great time with him and the men of the family.The next day we engaged in some “catch and release fishing.”  We went to Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx…And enjoyed a lovely afternoon.A trip is never complete without some froyo!I had a wonderful time in New York with the manfriend and the family.


Later this week I will post a day of eats for you to see what I am currently eating to fit my macrosGet ready for the third update in my “Journey in Between” series. 

Also if you haven’t, check out my YouTube vlog of randomness, a healthy “margherita pizza,” post–surgery stuff and the cycling certification!

I hope everyone is having a great week :)

New York City Tour

This past weekend I went back home to New York. My mom wanted to make sure I was resting and had I stayed in MA, I would have been trying to fix everything post surgery. Mother knows best… 

I enjoyed another few days with the family and delicious burgers from my dad!We also headed to the casino with the manfriend.The manfriend came up Sunday afternoon to take me back to Massachusetts.We enjoyed an afternoon in the city at the American Museum of Natural History.Isn’t he the sweetest?My dad also took us both to visit Yankee Stadium to redeem a ticket voucher and have brunch together. I am back here in New England and resting up til I take over a couple of overnight shifts at my old job again. Good thing about it is I don’t have too much to do for the overnight shifts so I can take it easy.

Happy hump day!


WIAW #103: Happy 26th; Let’s Have Some Cake or Two!

Happy WIAW my friends! 

It’s a special one because this passed Sunday on the 22nd, I celebrated my 26th birthday home in New York. As always, thanks Jenn for hosting.wiawphotobutton I have to say I think this was my best birthday yet. The weather was prefect, my whole family was there and everything just went right. Not to mention grabbing some delicious iced island coconut coffee from a rest stop on my way to New York. I just love Green Mountain coffee. The night before we went to a Michael Jackson tribute show at Lehman College for my cousin since he graduated high school! My mom picked up this delicious chocolate mousse cake and you know I ate it! Can’t pass up a good mousse-cake. Two and six are two of my favorite numbers; duh for June and 22 so I think this year is going to be a kick ass one. I woke up early and got a workout in at the very first gym I went to in NY. It’s where I started my weight loss journey almost five years ago. Then my mom and I went to Zumba with one of the best instructors ever; Sharon from Excel Yoga in the Bronx. Thanks for the awesome class as always Sharon! Post workout, we had smoothies from a place across the street called Juice Me. I created my own and had a spinach, kale, raspberry, grapefruit and almond milk smoothie (plus I added my own protein and flax).My dad and I went to a Yankee versus Baltimore game which was half a present to myself and half a late father’s day gift.We definitely had a blast and it was nice to spend some time with him. Plus my team won, so that’s a plus. Sorry dad!I had a chocolate pear ganache cake from my mommy; happy birthday to me! Presents? Spin shoes, a camera, Starbucks gift card, coffee and also a tattoo from my brother; a tree of life (with my frog in it!). Of course a little alcohol was involved. Instead of getting raspberry lambic, I got the peach one since I felt that was a smidge more summer-y. So delicious.

It hit me this morning that I am 26 and four years away from 30 which is crazy. 25 was not such a great year, but things can only go up from here.
I am excited for the AAAI/ISMA Cape Cod Conference coming up in August. Stay tuned for all that jazz :)


This weekend I decided to unplug myself from social media; that means being on Facebook, checking Instagram, Snapchatting, blog reading and YouTube watching.


Well during yoga last week, the yoga instructor mentioned about disconnecting ourselves from social media and technology. While I couldn’t turn off my phone (for work/ personal purposes) I was logged off of all things and kept myself away.

I honestly can say I felt more relaxed as there are so many things going on, I feel like social media distracts me from my “problems.” I needed to just sit and be with myself and organize my thoughts.I went to New York to visit my family, get some health (which by the way, I feel 99.9% recovered!) things taken care of and switch cars with my dad. My car is basically “dying” so he’s going to try to fix it. My dad is pretty awesome for doing so and eventually when all things are right, I will work on getting a new car by the end of the year/ early next year. Thanks dad! Any who, I enjoyed the little things this weekend liked iced coffee.And lunch with the family.And Froyo with the moms; Peanut butter and praline frozen yogurt w/ blackberries, kiwi, almonds, granola and a peanut butter drizzle. Say what?!Making a smoothie for my mom and I post Zumba…Or maybe mommy taking taking care of me and baking some paleo cookies. So good!Now, it’s time to relax and prepare for next week’s new classes to begin!

Have a good week y’all :)

Holidays at the NYBG

Happy Holidays once more my friends!

I am actually heading back to MA today. It’s bittersweet to go back but my parents are going to be visiting me for New Year’s Eve, which should be fun. I do have to work when the clock strikes twelve, but that is okay with me.I had a mini vacation and got Christmas off (which I was suppose to work). Oh by the way, check out my snazzy coat from my mom. I am in love with it! Thanks mom Xo! I am grateful for all things right now in my life and for my family. As you can see from the nature and train, my mom and I went to the New York Botanical Garden (again) and enjoyed the #trainshow!Above in JFK airport, Belvedere Castle in Central Park!Some buildings of New York City.One of my favorite places in New York; Pelham Bay Manor!And most people know Macy’s downtown in New York City.Time to go to some yoga and then head on the road. I am sure I will be exhausted later tonight. Hope everyone enjoys their last weekend before the New Year!

Kiku: Adventures at NYBG

This weekend I came to visit the family in the lovely New York. On Friday, I went with my mom to the New York Botanical Garden.We went to enjoy a Japanese flower art exhibit called “Kiku,” which means Chrysanthemum in Japanese. We walked around and enjoyed the gardens.Check out that pineapple!And old man summer from the four seasons.Coffee is always in order.Check out this spooky looking house! We took a little trolley tour before enjoying awesome taiko drumming. Such beautiful sounds for a beautiful day.Enjoy your weekend my friends!