Let Me Begin By…

…Apologizing for my crazy venting rant from the other day.

I think we all have those moments of frustration. Especially this time of year. The holidays coming and before that it’s finals and getting work projects/ quota completed. I am happy that that time is almost over. I feel much better tonight.  Plenty of yoga has helped as well. I have one more day of work then I have a little vacation until Sunday.

That’s when my brother comes with me and I am really excited. Maybe the espresso has to do with some of that excitement? Kidding, love you Matt!Oh speaking of exiting things… I tried kombucha for the first time the other day. It wasn’t bad at all and it actually tasted like raspberry beer. I think next time I’ll try it without the chia seeds; strange texture.

And speaking of “strange” things, I had eggs for the first time in a while for breakfast with a banana. The change from the pear, dried fruit and nuts was heartbreaking… but I’m over it.I’ve been trying my Greek yogurt with chia, flax, nut butter and 1/2 of a Kind bar mixed in. It is quite delicious and a great snack post workout or late night when I work.I’m back on my dark chocolate grind. Can’t resist me some Ghirardelli.Question: What are you doing for the holidays? 

Alright time to get back to work! 

WIAW #80: Never Fails!

I don’t know what it is;

But the past couple of days, weeks, whatever, I have been on a coffee overload. No idea why, but it never fails me!

For this WIAW, I bring to you some yummy eats while sticking to my Keeping Healthy Challenge til 2014. Head on over to Peas and Crayons if you are new to the WIAW party. Enjoy!wiawphotobuttonI usually have fruit and nuts for breakfast now. But on occasion, I will have my favorite protein pancake. It seriously never fails.Snacks also may consist of fruit, but I sometimes I have cheese, dried fruit and nuts (and maybe a smidge of le nut butter). Never fails to be delish!Or maybe some Greek yogurt with a mess of goodness?What about the typical protein and veggie combo? #Neverfails.Or even not having time to cook and still grabbing protein and veggies on the go?And the biggest thing that never fails? Coffee… buzz, buzz :)Question: What’s a food/ thing that never fails you? I would have to say almonds and coffee are at my top!

What’s Intense Right Now?

This semester of grad school is by far the most intense. I feel like I am being pulled in so many directions. (See more Art of the Brick at the end of this post)I’m dealing with a lot of clinical nutrition. It’s kicking my butt and I feel like every chance I get, I am reading. I found this salted caramel latte by Bolthouse Farms and boy is it delicious! I mixed in more of my coffee just so it didn’t taste so sweet. Believe it or not, my desire for sweet stuff has reduced and I look for more “salty” things.

Along with the latte, here are some other things that have been bought over the past couple of days. Even though I may not have the ultimate sweet tooth, once in a while I like to make protein “truffles.” So, so good!I’ve been kicking it up a notch at the gym too = intense! #Sweatyface all the way.Oh and always remember to stretch after your workout. Sometimes I forget and regret the feeling in the morning, but it is super important that you stretch to improve flexibility and reduce your chances of injury!Not to mention, fueling your body right, is also quite important.Something I wanted to talk to y’all about is my food allergies (while I show you more from Art of the Brick!). You may be seeing wheat and peanuts now in my food choices. I am actually going to be doing a research project on food allergies/ intolerance and how one may out grow them. Now, I am not saying go eat your allergens!I’ve noticed that all of my allergies got worse except for wheat and peanuts. I’ve always been lactose intolerant but that is something that always changes; some months it’s super intense, some months it’s fine. So for now, I am experimenting and seeing how things go and of course, doing plenty of research! What’s your take on food allergies and outgrowing them?Let’s just see how things go here in New York for a bit, shall we?Question: One more day til Friday! What are y’all doing this weekend? Even been to the Art of the Brick exhibit or NYC’s Discovery Center?

WIAW #59: Snackin’

It seems like I have been snacking these days…

Like I said, it is just to hot for me to stand over the oven. Even though there is AC, I just really don’t want to. The heat makes me lazy, what can I say? For this WIAW, I show you some snack eats. Because well uh, that’s what I am eating!wiawphotobuttonFor breakfast I start with some overnight oats and maybe a half hour later some coffee. This has kind of become my routine. I like to snuggle in a sweater in the air conditioner and pretend like it’s winter. Gosh, I miss winter. Am I the only one?I had to go to my program yesterday and since I know there is A.C in there, I decided to wear a winter scarf over my summer dress. Call me crazy?Before heading out, I made a quick lunch; egg white omelette, black beans and a bit of garlic and herb laughing cow cheese wedge on top. I also had some veggie chips, which are unpictured.Before heading to the school, I stopped at Whole Foods and did a little reading with some more coffee. Today was just one of those days where coffee was needed.A little organic gala apple for munchin’.And behold, a snack platter for dinner; two laughing cow Swiss wedges, hazelnut nut-thins, almonds, and trail mix. I had another one just like this when I got back home. I was still hungry and still to lazy to cook.Question: Ever have those days where you need something all day? Yesterday was a coffee day but most days I always need chocolate and chia seeds. Love me some chia goodness.

Oh My Monday

It’s Monday!

I have never ever in my life been happier that it’s Monday. Partly because it’s my Sunday which means I finally get to relax. This past week hasn’t been the greatest in terms of rest. I haven’t gotten much sleep. Maybe anywhere from two-five hours.It hasn’t been pretty; my body hasn’t felt good and besides my sleep being off so has my food and eating behaviors. I am glad that I can attempt to get back on track with my body. For breakfast today I had me some overnight oats with dried cherries. I forgot how yummy this oats.My meals have been a lot of these cheese, fruit, crackers, egg and nut platter things. They are just quick and since I have been all go, go, go... this is just easier.But I did manage to make a “pesto style” pizza this past weekend; I used the gluten-free Rustic Crust, a garlic and herb laughing cow, pesto, lots of garlic and greens. So delicious!I managed to go to the store today and get a few items. I am back to eating mostly vegetarian. My digestive system definitely needs it after over doing it on chicken when I was in Orlando.I even got a new item; I decided to try the hazelnut nut-thins as oppose to the almond ones I always get. I like that these taste more like a cracker/ potato chip thing. Definitely my new favorite.I’m even loving the laughing cow wedges more. It’s just really tasy with crackers or wraps and perfect for me now because I don’t wish to cook in this heat!

Question: Do your eating habits change during the summer? I know people do more smoothies and sandwiches in the summer. I personally just like to do platters of random stuff, hehe.

Mini Grain-Free & Paleo Maple Almond Cakes

Well now… I got the idea for these when I wanted to attempt making waffles using this recipe, but then I was craving some form of cake. My friend inspired this recipe since; he loved my protein cakes.

I mean loved. But since he is trying to tone up for the summer he asked if I could make a low carb version of my delicious protein cakes. The result? This lovely little cake that is grain-free, gluten-free, Paleo and microwavable. Y’all know my love affair with the microwave.

I just can’t live without it. You can eat it for breakfast or as a snack and even change up the nut butter. I think cashew butter would go yummy or even adding some cinnamon. Mmmm.374401_10101512678397230_1996607009_nMini Pale Maple Almond Cakes (Makes 2)

  • 1/3 Cup of Almond Flour
  • 1 Large Egg White
  • 2 Tbsps of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
  • 2 tsps of Pure Maple Syrup
  • 1-2 tsps of Coconut Sugar (or your choice!)
  • 1 Tbsp of Almond Butter (I use Justin’s Maple)
  • 1/2 tsp of Baking Powder
  • Dash of Sea Salt

Mix everything well in a small bowl. Divide mixture into two 1/2 cup ramekins or silicone muffin liners or two small bowls. Sometimes if I am eating it for breakfast and I am extra hungry, I’ll just leave the mixture in the small bowl and have both servings.

Place into the microwave for about 1 1/2 – 2 minutes (depending on your microwave). If you want to add a topping like I did above, put it before you microwave. Or you can just top with deliciousness after like I did with the one below. Let it cool for a minute or two and then dig in!Question: What’s your favorite low-carb treat? This and almonds are definitely on top of my list!

Oh My Gee? A Fun Finds Friday!

I have a ton of awesome finds to show you as well as grocery shopping! My mom and my brother took me to supermarkets yesterday (Whole Foods and Fairway) as part of my birthday present. I even dressed up and everything, that’s because we also went to dinner. More on that manana!You know I love food and I can’t resist a trip to the supermarket. Before I get into that, you know I bought stuff for trail mixing; pistachios, cashews, raisins, mulberries, dark chocolate covered almonds and raisins, cashews and dried apricots.

I found another gluten-free version of granola by Nature’s Path; vanilla cranberry. It has coconuts, cranberries, pistachios and coconut flakes. I have to say this is definitely one of my favorite granola by them. They only downside is 140 calories per 1/4 cup. I also got either for a snack or post workout breakfast this protein powder pack from Vega. It’s vegan, gluten-free and has 25g of protein. Oh yeah, I can’t wait to try.Also from Vega? I am in love with these savi seed snacks! My favorite is the karmalized one. I never heard of these seeds but they also have omega 3’s like chia and flax seeds.I found these gluten-free burgers by Sol Cuisine. I’m impressed that they have soy burgers now without wheat. I tried one and it wasn’t too bad but I definitely wouldn’t buy it againNext by Nature dark chocolate dried apricots with only 7g of sugar per serving? Uh, yes! They have so many other delicious ones to try. Oh my I must find them all.Last by not least? More chocolate. I cannot wait to try this dark chocolate and cocoa nibs with sea salt by Madecasse. Go check out these website, they have an awesome about us.Question: Any fun finds on your end? Enjoy your weekend folks. Tomorrow I head out on a nice drive with my mom and grandma to head back to the MA on my 25th birthday!